What To Sell On The Internet To Earn Money Quickly?

What To Sell On The Internet To Earn Money Quickly

I receive many emails asking me what to sell on the internet to earn money quickly and, if possible, without risking too much .

The answer is simple and thanks to the internet it is possible to earn money quickly. In this article I show you how to do it without cheating or cardboard.

The Pillars Of A One-Person Online Business

Before talking to you about what to sell on the internet to earn money quickly, let’s do an analysis above of the situation in which solopreneurs or solo entrepreneurs find themselves.

We are men and women band, that is to say that we cover practically all the areas of our businesses .

This means that we have 2 special features that stand out from the rest:

  • We must be very productive, because we do almost everything.
  • We do not have much margin for error, because it costs us time, effort and/or money, which is difficult to recover.

A one-person online business must have 5 pillars on which everything is based:

  1. The Entrepreneur. Logical. If there is no one behind who thinks and acts, there is nothing.
  2. A blog. I speak of a blog and not a web page. Why? Well, because if you follow the steps to create a blog , you will have a more dynamic and technically easy-to-manage asset. It allows you to communicate with the world and also present your offer.
  3. An audience. It is built little by little and it is the thermometer that indicates the interest that your proposal arouses.
  4. A list of subscribers. It is one more step in communication with your audience. A list of subscribers facilitates one-on-one communication with someone who has shown interest in what you do, and therefore you can sell more easily.
  5. A product or service. If you don’t have something to sell online to make money, then there is nothing to do.

Your entire digital ecosystem should be aimed at making your job easier.

One Thing To Sell Online To Make Money Fast

I will not beat around the bush.

If you want to make money fast, it is best to sell services.

Yes, I know you’ve heard of affiliate business, passive income, selling info products , but that’s not for you right now.

You see, if you think that the affiliate business is something to sell on the internet to earn quick money, you are wrong.

First of all, for this you should have a good audience and a list of important subscribers and, above all, who trust you. And earning their trust takes time.

In addition, your income depends on a third party. In other words, if the owner of the product you are promoting decides to lower the percentage of commissions or directly charges the affiliate program, you are lost.

I’m not even talking about passive income. Until then, your business has to be more consolidated and if you are looking for what to sell on the internet to earn money fast, it is because you are not in that phase.

Producing and selling digital info products is a good business model, but it is not from today to tomorrow and making mistakes can be expensive.

So the best thing to start is to sell professional services :

  • Minimal or no investment.
  • Its production cost is low.
  • They are charged in advance.
  • If it doesn’t sell, you can design another service.

You can productize services to make them more profitable, among many other advantages, with what you already know what to sell on the internet to earn money very quickly.

The 5 Keys To Generate Income Immediately

Once I have already answered the question about what to sell on the internet to earn money , you will want to know how to do it.

Well, these are the  5 key success factors to design your own services and make them profitable as soon as possible.

Skills Vs. Services

Normally, when you ask someone what they do, they answer you with a degree or a skill.

I mean “I’m an Industrial Engineer”  or something like “I’m good at Photoshop, HTML5 and CSS3” .

I used to introduce myself like that when I started freelancing, but I realized that doesn’t say anything about us.

Solving problems is what will give you the key to know what to sell on the internet to earn money.

Turn your skills into services.

For example, instead of “I’m good at Photoshop, HTML5 and CSS3” you could introduce yourself like this: “I can help you by designing a website with the most modern programming languages ​​so that your visitors can follow you from any mobile device and increase your chances sell 40%” .

Much better, right?

Well, then, start thinking about designing your value proposition .

For Whom

Knowing what to sell online to make money is important, but it doesn’t make sense if you don’t know who to sell it to .

It is essential that you prototype your ideal client .

That is, you have already transformed your skills into a service (blog design), so now define who you are going to do it for .

How about website design for lawyers sound ?

Demand And Delivery

A very important key when it comes to not wasting time selling something that is going to be a failure is to evaluate the demand and delivery of the service.

I will explain myself better.

In every service there are 2 components: the client and the provider.

The client must be receptive to the service, that is, it must solve a real problem for which they are willing to pay.

The provider must be able to provide said service, that is, have the knowledge, experience, motivation and resources to deliver it in a timely manner.

Continuing with the previous example:

  • Would a lawyer want and be able to pay to have a website with a design adapted to mobile devices? Possibly yes.
  • Do you have the necessary resources to provide the service? In theory, yes.


You are going to sell services and their sales cycle is very long.

To be profitable you have to prospect a lot, which translates into reaching as many potential customers as possible so that you always have a constant flow of incoming customers and your commercial activity is more effective.

You can’t go wrong and if you do it, make it quick so you can get on with something else.

Once you are clear about what to sell on the internet to earn money immediately, my recommendation is that you look for a lever .

I explain.

If you go visiting lawyers one by one, all your time is going to go into business, but if you go to the Bar Association, you offer them an exclusive gift if they subscribe to your list and then you make them an offer (which they can see on your blog), maybe it’s easier.

At the beginning, look for a prescriber, someone who will give you leverage and allow you to multiply the scope of your commercial activity.

It can be another professional who has a blog whose audience matches your target, which is already consolidated and to whom you can offer a commission for promoting your service.

Once you make 3 sales or more, you can establish this service as part of your offer.

Later you can systematize the provision of the service, which will allow you to delegate , subcontract to other professionals to have more free time, and thus be able to dedicate it to growing your business and even creating digital products.

You Already Know What To Sell On The Internet To Earn Money. Well, Sell It!

It’s time to take action.

Go out and sell.

Find new prescribers and sell.

Write on your blog and sell.

Increase your list of subscribers and sell.

Now you know what to sell on the internet to earn money, who to sell it to and some keys to speed up the process. And if you have any questions, I will gladly answer them in the comments.


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