Thrivecart: The Application To Boost And Enhance Your Online Sales


I am going to tell you about Thrivecart , a very powerful solution to optimize your online sales. If you have an online business, you will have already seen many applications to sell online.

You’ve heard of Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, e-junkie, Gumroad, and I’ve even told you about SendOwl.

SendOwl , in fact, is still perfect for those who are starting out in the sale of digital products. If this is your case, it will help you sell your first info products, since it has very good functions and an unbeatable price.

But if yours is a 100% native digital business and you are looking for how to do things better and take a leap in your sales platform, today’s article interests you.

I am going to tell you about Thrivecart , a very powerful solution to optimize your online sales .

And specifically, I propose you to take a tour of this application,  specially designed for digital businesses and to facilitate the sale of services or infoproducts.

Why You Are Interested In Thrivecart Right Now

Thrivecart is not new and it is very possible that this name already rings a bell.

What is special about this application and why am I talking about it now?

There is a reason.

The guys at Thrivecart launched a one time payment offer (lifetime) while they had the beta option . The condition to get access for a single payment and take advantage of the offer was to do so in exchange for giving them feedback to improve the tool. And the fact is that Thrivecart has already announced that they will soon have this update ready and will launch the “official” application at its normal market price.

Why does this interest you?

Because they still have the pilot program running and you can still take advantage of the single payment offer (I’ll tell you more about it at the end of the post).


Once you access the Thrivecart page, you will see 2 license options:

  • Single User License – A license for a single user. Easy to understand and without mysteries. 😉
  • Client License: For an additional $95, you can share the license with 5 other users. This is the license that I have and, honestly, it has not finished convincing me. So unless you are clear that you want to share the license, I recommend the single user option.

Special Features That Make Thrivecart Your Ally To Sell Online

As I was saying, if you already have a 100% online business , you will be familiar with tools like Samcart or Clickfunnels . Well, Thrivecart offers solutions along these lines.

What solutions am I referring to? What do these tools allow you to do that the others don’t?

Fundamentally, two, which are very interesting if you have not yet implemented them in your sales platform.


The Bump offer or Bump Offer is presented as an extra to add to the cart on the checkout page, just before clicking on the payment button. With just one click, you already have this extra added to the cart.

It is a very interesting option because psychologically it has been shown to be a very effective way of increasing the average purchase receipt of a customer (and therefore, your income).

Those featured boxes are bump deals.

If you notice, before finishing the purchase, the customer receives a way to complete his purchase with an extra that is completely aligned with the solution he is buying and that will be interesting for him . By simply checking the box, which is usually highlighted with an animated arrow, it is added to the cart.

What can you offer in a bump offer?

It all depends on the type of business you have. Here are some possible ideas:

  • A fast shipping option.
  • A consulting session.
  • A different version of what you sell (for example, if you sell a book, add the audio book).
  • A pack with more quantity.

Normally it is usually a great offer at a price not exceeding €100 .

Let’s take an example from the offline world. Imagine you go to McDonalds. When you order your menu, which is medium by default, they immediately ask you: “Do you want to make it big? Shall we add bacon?

That’s a bump offer.

That is, you choose a product and before paying they offer you something that completes your purchase. The trick is to offer something super specific and relevant.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to do so because it converts very well and great leaders in online marketing and digital businesses are using it with very good results.


Even by the name you do not identify this “upsell” (which sounds like an American marketer word), but surely it has happened to you more than once and you have experienced it in the first person.

You buy something, you pay, and instead of going to the thank you page, all of a sudden you’re like, “Wait! Now you have the opportunity to…”

You have been redirected to an upsell or “One Time Offer” page.

Again you are offered an upgrade to the product you have purchased, but this time there is less of a limit to the price at which you can sell this product. In fact, upsells are usually more expensive than the purchased product itself .

For example, if you sell an application to create sales pages for €97, you can upsell a pack with 100 additional templates for €197. Or if you sell template-based web design, you can sell a custom-designed extension for a higher price.

If we return to the example of McDonalds, when you have ordered your menu, they can offer you to add an ice cream, a salad or add 9 nuggets.

They have sold you an upsell! 😉

Again, the trick to being successful with an upsell offer is to offer something super relevant with the purchase the customer is making. That is to say:

 It is not about trying to sell something unrelated to the interest of your client, but something super specific and very relevant at a very specific moment .

Well, you can do the same thing that McDonals does in your online business, offering solutions aligned with the interests of your client.


Let’s go back to McDonald’s. You order your hamburger, they have also sold you the salad and now they ask you: “Do you want deluxe fries?”. You answer no and they say: “normal potatoes?”.

Those “normal potatoes” are a downsell.

That is, a downsell is an offer of a product related to the main purchase, but whose price is lower than the upsell offers.

As you can see, both upsells and bump offers and downsells aim to complete your offer (and increase your income in the same purchase transaction). Sounds interesting?

Well, with Thrivecart you can get it in a very simple way.

But it is not the only thing you can do, so let’s now see in detail everything that this tool allows us.

Virtual Tour Inside Thrivecart

One of the great advantages of Thrivecart is that it presents a fairly simple and intuitive menu.

However, I suggest you take a tour to tell you what you can do, what you will find in it and what options it allows. In this way, you can decide if you are interested or not.

Create And Manage Your Products

The first thing we will have to do to take advantage of Thrivecart’s checkout options is to create our products from the “Product” section.

Create product in Thrivecart

In addition to creating the name, you can add tags and create the cart URL. And you can decide how to display it: in “test” mode (to see how it works), activated for your customers to buy (“life” mode) or “disabled”, so that no one can buy.

In my case, since I have a multi-user license, the option to add more users and choose the owner of the product also appears. If you buy the single user version, you won’t have this field.

Once we have these first fields filled in, click on “next” and choose the payment method .

Payment method in Thrivecart

As you can see, we can use Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay or . In this step, we also select the currency in which we will sell our product and add the different price options that we want to offer our customers: a single payment or payment in installments .

If you include installment payment, when a customer is on the checkout page to finalize their purchase, they can choose which option they prefer out of the 2. And all without complicating your life with impossible configurations that drive you crazy! 😀

Once this is done, we click next and add the support email of our business that we want to use with Thrivecart.

business email with Thrivecart

In this section, we also decide whether to access a URL (thank you page), a download URL (from our Dropbox account, for example), or a membership site (I’ll tell you in more detail about the possible integrations later). allows Thrivecart, because they are noteworthy).

Well, we complete the information in the fields and indicate how long the URL will last.

What is this for? For example, if we give access to a download, we will have to limit the time and thus avoid, as far as possible, a user sharing the URL with third parties who have not gone through our checkout.

We keep going and then Thrivecart asks us about the taxes we want to apply.

Define taxes in Thrivecart

Right now, Thrivecart only incorporates taxes for digital products, but with the big update to come in the out-of-beta launch, they are going to incorporate taxes for other types of sales, such as services .

Thrivecart Checkout

We go to the part of configuring the checkout , where we see that we have several options:

  • One step checkout
  • in 2 steps
  • Insert the checkout in our own website
  • Checkout in pop up format on the web

Set up checkout in Thrivecart

The good news is that we choose the option we choose, we can customize our checkout as we want and in a very simple way . 🙂

Allows us:

  • change header
  • Add a countdown
  • Insert image or video
  • Show additional fields
  • Edit the text of the buy button
  • Submit guarantee seals
  • choose colors
  • Include product benefits to appear in the cart
  • post testimonials
  • change the background

Once our checkout is configured, we can preview the cart by clicking on the pop-up window to see how it is looking.

Thrivecart Integrations

Without a doubt, integrations are a strong point of Thrivecart, since it allows us to create a lot of rules:

  • Automatically include the customer in a list in Active Campaign (Mailchimp or the email marketing provider you use).
  • Add it to a Demio webinar .
  • Put labels.
  • Receive a message via Slack when someone buys.
  • Etc.

Thrivecart Integrations

To give you an idea of ​​what Thrivecart allows, here’s a taster:

  • Payment methods: Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay or
  • Autoresponder: Active Campaign, Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Ontraport…
  • Membership applications: Memberpress, Membermouse, Teacheable, Digital Access or Whislits, for example.
  • Webinar Platforms: Right now Thrivecart only has Demio integration, although Webinarjam integration is already requested and it looks like it will be available when they release the version with the massive update.
  • Communication tools: Slack.

Also, in the upcoming update, they will include shipping and storage options , so if you sell physical products, you may find it very interesting to work with Thrivcart.

And, to top it off, you can connect Thrivecart with other platforms, like Zappier, so the options for rules and integrations skyrocket.

Tracking And Control Of Thrivecart Operations

Thrivecart also includes a very powerful tracking functionality , so we can add the Google Analytics pixel , the Facebook pixel or any other pixel from another application that we use.

Tracking in Thrivecart

As you will see, it allows you to customize the tracking options as much as possible to have good control of all the information .

Affiliate Program

Lastly, with Thrivecart we can also set up an affiliate program for our products .

Thrivecart affiliate program

What exactly does it allow us? Set the tracking cookie, define the duration, if you win the first or the last, if it is manually approved or not, if it is paid automatically by Paypal, which URLs the affiliates can promote and the commission for them.

When we have everything ready, we hit save and Thrivecart creates the URL that we can share so that they buy our products from me through our affiliate program.


Thrivecart also allows you to create special discount coupons to sell our products or services and decide how long each coupon will be active and if it is valid for all products or only for a specific one.

In addition, you can create rules, so the options multiply. 😉


In the Thrivecart transactions section, we find the reports related to the purchases and here we see who has bought from us, see the details of the purchases, manage the orders, etc.

Get Your Thrivecart Lifetime License Now

We have come to the end of this Thrivecart tour. As you can see, it is a very powerful tool that allows us to have great control, optimize our sales system and complete our funnels.

Taking into account that there is a large community of people working on the constant improvements of the application and that the support is extraordinary , I consider that it is a resource for the future that you can take great advantage of in your online business .

And since the official version will be released imminently and will no longer be a beta tool, it is a good time to take advantage of the offer, buy it and try it.

How much does Thrivecart cost?

Everything indicates that the price for “the general public” will be 97 dollars per month . But now you can get the one-time license for just $595 .

It is a good investment, since it will allow you to  multiply your sales and compared to what it will cost monthly, when you buy the single payment license in just 6 months you will have amortized the payment .

And for your safety and peace of mind, let me tell you 2 more things:

  • Thrivecart offers a 30-day guarantee: you can try it and if you are not convinced, get your money back without problems.
  • You can sell your license: another option is to test it and if, in the future, you see that you don’t take advantage of it, you can always sell your lifetime license to another person, so you don’t lose money. 😉

Do you want to try Thrivecart?

I’ve already talked a lot. Your turn. Did you know Thrivecart? You’ve tried? How do you think you will take advantage of this tool? Do you have any doubt? I wait for you in the comments!


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