How To Perform Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is a fundamental part of optimizing your website and should be part of any content marketing strategy.

The fundamental objective of keyword analysis is to know exactly what words your audience is using to refer to those topics that concern them.

The Importance Of Keyword Analysis For Your Strategy

Once you perform your keyword analysis, you will discover the terms that your audience is using.

The reason why this preliminary step in your positioning strategy is so important is because in this way  you will be able to write about these topics and offer them a solution  using the same language as your audience and thus connecting with their concerns.

In addition, if you do a good keyword analysis, the traffic your website receives will be qualified and constant, so you will improve the positioning of your business in search engines.

Items To Consider

As I just told you, with keyword analysis you can identify which keywords are being used the most, however this is not the only factor you should take into account.

The competition is the other fundamental factor that you must consider . A high volume of searches usually means a high level of competition.

With keyword analysis, your intention is to find words with a high search level and low competition . This is not easy to achieve, but without a doubt, with a little time and with the appropriate tools, you can achieve it.

Another element related to the potential to generate traffic for a keyword is its evolution in recent months .

A keyword with consistent growth in the past few months is likely to continue to grow in the following months , therefore it is a keyword worth considering.

However, a keyword with a negative evolution is better not to take it into account unless, despite having lost searches in recent months, it continues to be a very popular word.

Keyword Analysis And Purchase Intent

When we search for a keyword, we must not only look at its ability to attract traffic to our website, but on many occasions we must also take into account its ability to generate sales .

There are keywords whose purchase intention is higher than others and obviously, as a business, those keywords are the ones that interest us.

The best way to tell if a keyword has buying intent is to see how much other businesses are paying to buy traffic for that keyword . The more they are paying (higher CPC) the higher the purchase intention.

If, on the other hand, a keyword with a good level of traffic does not have any sponsored ads on the first page of Google, people searching for that word may not have the intention to buy .

Tools To Analyze Keywords

The most common way to do keyword analysis is by using the Google Adwords keyword tool .

By suggesting a few initial words, Adwords will provide you with a significant number of keywords indicating search volume, competition, trend and CPC. With Google Trends you can see in more detail what has been the evolution of searches for a certain keyword.

If you use this technique, I recommend that you install a plugin for Chrome or Mozilla Firefox called  SEOquake and check if the results of the first page of Google for your keyword are very competitive , since it seems to me a better indicator of competition than the one that you offers the Adwords keyword tool.

However, despite the fact that it is crucial to carry it out, it is true that  doing all this research manually requires a lot of time , and more if you are not very familiar with this type of analysis.

By using a premium keyword search tool you can save yourself all that work and usually get better results.

One of these tools is Wordtracker .

Wordtracker suggests a much higher number of keywords than the Google Adwords keyword tool . It also informs you of search volume, competition, trends and CPC.

But what really makes this tool worthwhile is that it is capable of analyzing all this data and giving you a value (KEI – Keyword Effectiveness Index) if it is worth ranking for a certain keyword or not.

Another tool that can be useful for this task is  Market Samurai , especially in order to position yourself in long-tail keywords .

I hope this article will help you to perform keyword analysis effectively as it is a crucial element for the success of your content marketing strategy.


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