10 Ideas To Earn Money Online From Home

Earn Money Online

To earn money online from home it is not necessary to make heavy investments. It is enough to have an ability, desire to exploit it and enough time to be able to work.

At this point in the article, you will ask yourself: but what can I do to earn money? If you want to know the answer, keep reading because I am going to show you 10 of the many professions that you can develop without leaving your home .

Earn Money Online From Home Is Within Your Reach

It is possible that you are one of those professionals who find themselves in the situation of being very qualified, and yet not finding any professional opportunity. Maybe you are over 40 years old and no one loves you for it. Or maybe you’re an almost full-time mom…

The fact is that in any of these cases we can find people with great potential , with ideas, knowledge, experience and skills to develop a product or service that solves a problem or a need .

Before, all this would be much more complicated, but now the internet allows startup costs to be very close to zero and also reach anywhere in the world.

Here I list some of the ideas that occur to me to earn money online from home.

1 Transcribe Audio And/Or Videos

If you have a good typing speed, or time to dedicate to it, you can work transcribing audio or videos . You do not need to have any special knowledge, or even know what you are writing, you just have to capture on your screen (or paper if requested) the content of the support received.

Of course, if you have a good training, better than better because this activity will be more profitable for you at higher transcription speed.

2 Sell Your Own Products And Services

If when you have read the word skill something has come to your mind, you already have something with which to start earning money online from home.

Any product or service has potential if you know how to reach the right customers . Crafts, advisory services, manufacturing, online training, language classes, seafood, etc. What comes to mind!

In this case, good prior training is essential to know how to start a business of this type .

3 Translate Texts

People who know more than one language can earn money online from home offering their translation services.

There are a large number of clients in the network, and in the distance, willing to pay for this service. They can request to translate web content, books, documents, official documents, letters, company dossiers and many other texts . Your client portfolio will increase as time goes by and they also tend to repeat.

4 Community Manager

If you like social networks and have great management skills , you can develop your career as a community manager.

I recommend that you do not settle for creating some content, gaining some followers and seeing how the pages grow little by little. Learn how social networks work, get the right tools, learn to measure the return on investment, don’t settle for being one of the crowd.

VERY IMPORTANT: Look for good training before launching yourself, because in this sector there is a lot of competition.

5 Website Design

Currently, having an online presence is key for companies and professionals, which is why it is expected that web design services will continue to be requested , both from companies that want to create their own website and from others that need to redesign or improve.

What is clear is that web design is a profession with a future for people who want to earn money online from home, and that is why it is worth spending time learning to make web pages. When you have enough notions to make web pages you can start looking for your first clients.

6 Freelance For Customer Service

Many experts agree that customer service is essential for business, but many companies do not have enough time to serve all their customers or do it in a professional way .

For this reason, they hire people who are in charge of customer service by phone, email or any other means. The person who wants to work in customer service must have a pleasant voice, friendliness, patience, tolerance for frustration and some other skills that allow them to treat customers well. It is recommended to practice the “telephone smile”. It works!

7 Virtual Assistant

Successful entrepreneurs and others who are on their way to becoming successful, end up realizing that sometimes it is necessary to delegate certain functions in order to better develop the functions of their business or simply to have a little more free time.

Virtual assistants sell their time, so if you have time this may be the way you can earn money online from home. A virtual assistant is not only a person who is in charge of customer service or answering emails, nor is he in charge of serving coffee, he is someone who takes care of many functions (sometimes simple to perform and others less, but that require time) ordered by the person who hires you.

8 Minijobs

Minijobs exist not only in Germany and other countries, but also on the Internet. Therefore, more and more sites are proliferating where you can sell (and buy) small services for small amounts of money.

On sites like Fiverr , and many other clones that have come out of them, you can offer your professional services for a price that goes from 5 euros and up. You decide what you want to do for that amount of money. Customers come by themselves through those marketplaces .

9 Ad Manager

If you already know how to get the most out of Adwords campaigns, Facebook Ads or other advertising systems , you can offer this service to other companies or professionals.

You just have to do something that you know perfectly in exchange for money. The client, despite paying you, will save a lot of money, and you will earn money for something you know how to do. If you have not become familiar with advertising campaigns but you think you will be good at it, because you have good analytical skills, you can start by training yourself and taking advantage of one of the Adwords coupons that are given away.

10 Freelance Copywriter

Every day new online businesses, websites, blogs, pages on social networks, magazines, newspapers and other written media are born that need writing services, but do not need to hire a person continuously for these functions .

These services are also contracted by already developed media that see the need to create content to inform their users or make themselves known. If you have writing skills, reading agility, the ability to develop different topics and the desire to do better every day,  being a freelance copywriter or editor may be your path . Find your first customers and earn a reputation.

It is a good option for journalists looking for a job, for example.

If what you have read in this article interests you and you don’t know where to start, I recommend the people of VirtualiaNet. They are dedicated precisely to training people like you so that they can earn money online from home. If you click on the banner below you can see what I’m talking about.

There are many ways to earn money online from home. You just have to find your own way, be constant and have a lot of patience. Luck!



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