Recommended Best ID Card Making Applications

Recommended Best ID Card Making Applications

ID Card is an important and necessary object, especially for office workers. Along with the development of technology, there are many applications for making ID cards that can be used. Not only from paper, but users can create according to their needs.

The benefits of using the ID card itself are quite diverse. For example as a personal branding medium, a means of exchanging contact information, and much more. Check out some recommended applications that can be used to make ID cards, including:

1. Business Card Maker & Creator

This ID card creation application allows users more flexibility in designing digital business cards. Not just choosing a card template, but also being able to determine the color, typeface, and insert logos and symbols.

With complete design features, this is quite rare in similar applications. Therefore, users will really like this application because they can be creative as they wish. To explore the full features, this application also offers a premium version to choose from.

2. iBusiness Card

For those who want to make ID cards but don’t have much time to design, then this application is perfect for use. Users only need to choose the available templates and fill in the identity fields. In addition, specify the correct typeface.

This application provides 2 card-making processes, namely simple cards and logo cards. The use of this application is in accordance with the preferences desired by the user. But unfortunately, the number of templates available is limited.

3. Good

This ID card creation application allows users to automatically generate identification cards and then share them with friends on the Benbo application. Uniquely, users can search for relationships according to sectors, skills, cities, and companies.

Not only that, users can also send business cards or ID cards if they have entered the user’s contact with the desired target. To take advantage of the various features and tools available, users can download this application for free.

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4. Card Maker

The next recommendation that can be used to make ID cards is Card Maker. Inside there are dozens of card templates that can be used to make ID cards. If it’s still not enough, users can download additional packages available in the application.

In addition, there are also several template packages that users can download. Each package has a range of 42 templates to choose from and use to produce cool ID cards.

In addition to business card templates, this application also provides wedding invitation templates. Users can create designs that are suitable and in accordance with the theme of the event that will be carried to make it more harmonious and in tune.

5. Inigo

This ID card creation application is no less interesting and cool than the previously mentioned applications. Inside there are various unique features. Users can create ID cards online and then share them with friends in the form of a link.

To make it fairly easy where users only need to upload the files they need. Later the ID card will automatically be ready and can be directly shared. If you want to see it, users simply click “Sve” in the top corner.

6. Alpha Card

This application is here to make it easier for users to make ID cards online. In it there are many templates and tools that can be used. Not only that, but various interesting features are also offered to provide more attractive identification card results.

Users can download this application for free to use it. Enjoy the experience of making ID cards freely because the design itself is tailored to your tastes and desires. Users can also add text, change colors, and so on.

7. Adobe Photoshop

Not only for computers and laptops, but this application is also available in a mobile version. As it is known that this application is very popular for editing images. But even so, it can be an alternative to making an attractive ID card.

Many of the features of this application are very sophisticated and useful, of course. In addition, each user can combine several ID cards into one according to their needs. This application can be obtained for free if you want to use it.

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8. Canva

This application is also very popular and easy to use by various groups. Not only that, users can connect to the web version by logging in first. There are various ID card templates available with attractive and unique designs.

Users can be creative by utilizing various advanced features and tools in this application. The resulting ID card is also nice and clean so it gives a professional impression.

That’s a recommendation for an ID card making application that you can try. In addition to saving time, making ID cards using the above applications is also considered to save budget because you don’t have to prepare a budget to use the services of an ID card designer.


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