How to convert a PDF file to JPG format

How to convert a PDF file to JPG format

Do you want to know how to convert a PDF file into JPG format? If so, don’t miss this article!

When we talk about converting to PDF files, we generally talk about converting any image format, a Word text file, or a PowerPoint presentation to this format . But although it is not usual, it is also possible to carry out the reverse process.

That is, we can convert a PDF into different file formats according to our specific needs. In this particular article, we are going to focus on how to convert a PDF file to JPG image format. 

What formats are we talking about?

  • The PDF format is a universal container of information that allows us to save in the same file, text, photos, graphics and other elements in a document that has the advantage that it will be viewed in the same way on any device, such as a computer. or a smartphone . Regardless of your operating system and without the need for specific tools beyond a simple PDF reader.

In addition, they are integrated today with modern browsers. So in practice it is possible to open a PDF document on almost any electronic device that supports the format.

  • Regarding JPG files, we are talking about a format that has become the standard when it comes to handling images both in any document or project that we are using and when publishing them on the Internet through social networks or any other application. different.

Among its advantages is its universal nature, which allows you to display these files comfortably on any device. As well as a format that includes a certain compression capacity that hardly causes loss of quality of the corresponding images. Something fundamental in times like the present, in which the resolution of some files can mean that their size is really high.

What is the use of converting a PDF file to JPG format?

The conversion between these two formats is very interesting for different uses. For example, we have a brochure with several pages in PDF format and we want to publish it on our social networks.

Since we cannot do this with the PDF format, once we have converted it we will obtain several JPG images. Which are easy to upload to our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or any other social network.

Something similar would happen with the titles of many online courses, which are generally sent in PDF format. Although it is possible to print them from this format, we also have the alternative of converting them into JPG format to edit them later and obtain a higher print quality.

This conversion is also useful when we have to upload content to a platform where PDF files are not accepted but JPG files are. It is true that this is not usual today, since the PDF format is an accepted standard in practically any online management platform that we can find. But if that is the case, this move to JPG can be the solution to our problem.


How to convert a PDF file to JPG

Once we know what type of files we are talking about and what applications have this procedure, it is time to go through the PDF to JPG conversion knowing how to execute it. To proceed we have two different options.

The first is to resort to an online PDF to JPG converter such as the one offered by Adobe itself. In its converter, it is enough to upload the PDF file that we want to process, choose JPG as the output format (it is also possible to convert it to PNG and TIFF) and press the conversion button. In a few seconds, we will have the file ready for download.

It is important to know that we will have as many JPG images to download as there are pages in the original PDF document. In addition, these images will preserve the original layout of the PDF document. Thus, you will not notice any difference between the converted images and the base file.

As an alternative, in case you do not want to upload the file to the network, it is also possible to carry out this transformation from your PC. However, in this case you must have the Adobe Acrobat program installed on your computer. To proceed with the conversion, we will start by opening the PDF document that we want to transform.

The next step will be to click on the Export PDF option located in the right panel of the application. In the corresponding box we will choose the image format and then JPG. As in the online option that we have mentioned above, we also have the possibility of exporting the document in TIFF or PNG format.

Once we have selected the appropriate options, we will click on the Export button and the dialog box to save the file will appear. We will write the name of the output document or documents and the folder in which we want to save it. Click on the Save button and at the moment we will have our files ready to be used.

We have reached the end of this article. We hope this content has been useful to you. Tell us if you already knew how to convert a PDF file to JPG format or recommend other tools to achieve it!

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