How to find a person’s IP address

find a person's IP address

How to find a person’s IP address. Of course, you have heard that you can find out who is on the other side of the screen by IP address, so you can identify people on the network. This is (almost) correct.

However, before creating false hopes and unnecessary intimidation, it seems necessary for me to clarify: Although the IP address that identifies a particular user on the network can be found, the latter does not allow the user’s accurate identity to be tracked. At least not “ordinary” users, provide only provider connected network of the judiciary can use to track the IP address at a particular time to a natural person (the holder of the subscription or reference telephone line).

However, it can be helpful to find information about your account, such as your geographic origin and ISP.

How to find a person’s IP address step by step

As originally expected, before explaining how to find a person’s IP address, I want to explain in detail what we are talking about, in case you certainly don’t know.

IP is a unique address. The address consists of a set of four numbers. These numbers are between 0 and 255, separated by periods (for example, ), used to identify the network that can connect to the local network and the Internet PC and other equipment.

In short, it is a license plate number, which is essential for configuring networks and firewalls and identifying specific users.

IP addresses can be the type of dynamic (ie, each connection will change) or type of static (ie fixed, never change).

IP addresses must also distinguish between types of public (identifies the devices to Internet) and writes the IP address of the local (home or office network various devices within the modem / router assigned to identify).

Based on what has been said, in this tutorial, what we think is useful for identifying online users is easy-to-understand dynamic and static public IP addresses.

Find a person’s IP address

Now that you have the clearest understanding of what an IP address is, what I want to say is that we can finally understand the real situation by figuring out how to identify the identity of a particular person on the network.

Next, you will find an explanation here, and you can use these techniques to find the IP address you need. Another person , and how to find yourself (always helpful!).


If you want to find the IP address of other people, it may be annoying to send you unsolicited emails, or users have left suspicious comments on your blog, you can resort to the use of programs/network services attached Mail function. You use (or in the second case) the hosting platform you use for the website.

Regarding e-mails, the sender’s IP address can be obtained through consultation e-mails. Title The message received. If you don’t know, the title is a report that contains all the technical details of the email that arrived in the inbox.

Therefore, to find someone’s address in an email, you have to open the email and follow the instructions below according to the web program/service that you usually use to manage emails.

In Outlook Express – Select Properties from the menu file to details in the window that opens, and click the button of the original message .

Apple Mail – Reference e-mail, select the item vision from the menu bar to move the cursor up information and then click on the item source format .

Mozilla Thunderbird – Select a message source from the menu prospects .

The Gmail – Click with arrows located (in a message box) top right, then select the displayed picture appears from the menu that appears.

E-mail sender’s IP address will be the IP address that you found in the string received: from the report.

However, keep in mind that although the system in question may be effective, it may not always function properly. For senders using Webmail, this IP is replaced by the IP of the mail service server, so it no longer corresponds to the real IP address.

On the other hand, if you want to determine the IP address of a user who has left one or more comments on your website, the steps to follow are definitely less troublesome than the lookup steps in the email above.

In fact, you only need to “see” the information related to your comment, more precisely your name/nickname (I mean platform WordPress ).

Online tools: how to find a person’s IP address

In addition to being able to find the IP address of other people, you can obviously find your own IP address. This operation is useful for modems/ routers , firewalls, and so on.

To track your IP address, you can use the online service What is my IP address? This allows you to obtain very detailed information about it.

Connect to the home page of the service and wait a moment for the service to load. Later in this section of its IPv4 address is: will show your public IP address and a map, the map indicates the location of the connection is being used where the telephone exchange is located. For more detailed information, click the button. Give me more information about my IP .

If you are playing on a mobile device, you can also use some special applications. On Android , you can download the IP tool from the Play Store : Network Utility . It is a free application (in the basic version, the professional version can be unlocked through in-app purchases and contains other features) that allows you to find your public (and local) IP address and provide various information about your ISP, DNS server and other parameters of the connection being used.

The app also integrates a series of useful tools to ping the connection (ie check the delay time), learn more about IP addresses through the Whois system, view data about sent and received and much more.

To use the app after downloading and installing it on your device, launch it, and…that’s it! Your IP address information will automatically be displayed directly on the main screen. The public P is what is written in capital letters at the top. But can access other tools that you are talking about from the displayed menu by pressing the three horizontal lines on the left, always at the top.

If you are using a device iOS , the iPhone Or the iPad’s , which means you can use the application network analyzer Lite . It is a free resource (but may provide a paid version that can provide more features), can be downloaded from the App Store, the application can display public IP addresses on one screen (both ADSL/fiber connection and 3G/LTE connection), and your local address. The application also integrates tools to test the connection used and understand data related to other devices connected to the network.

To use the application after downloading and installing it on your device, launch it and it will immediately provide you with information about the connection. At the entrance to the external IP you will find the public IP address of the connected network. If it does not show, please stop in the redaction of the NA and the message immediately.

To take advantage of the other features of the app (I introduced you a few lines), just press the button at the bottom of the screen.

For the sake of completeness, I want to point out that if you want to find a private IP address instead of a public IP address, or if you want to find the private IP address of a device connected to a connected network, the steps you need to follow are different from those described in this step .

More tools for learning about IP addresses

Following the instructions I completed in the first few lines, you can find someone’s IP address and hope to get better information about the latter, or better yet, information about the area (city, state, region, etc.) you want to connect to . ), time zone and your provider.

Then, you can trust one of these services, also known as IP search , you can find it below, and of course you can also use it to get more detailed information about the IP address.

It can be from the PC can also be operated from a PC phones and tablets without having to download or install anything on the device being used, everything can be completed online!

IP address – To use it, connect to the service home page, enter the IP address of the referrer field in the middle of the page, then click the button to use IP Locator searches . After a while, you can view all information related to P in the corresponding box at the bottom and through the geographic map. – To use it, connect to the home page of the service, and then enter the IP address in the field referral center of the screen next to the project IP: press the button search operation . On the subsequent page, you can see all the above information related to the previously entered IP address.

IP fingerprints – to be used to connect to the IP address of the home, enter the desired IP address in the appropriate field in the lower left corner, and then click the button to find the next one is who? You will find IP reference information and location map at the top of the page.

Telaxier – To connect to the home page of the Web site, enter the IP address of referral in the field to enter a domain , IP, e-mail or Web site stops and keyboard . At the bottom of the page, you can see all the details related to the reference IP.


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