What is Guest Post? How it Works and Benefits for Your Business

What is Guest Post? How it Works and Benefits for Your Business

What is Guest Post?

Guest posting is the activity of writing content for other websites, they usually call it “Guest Posts”. Guest posting is a valuable tool for reputation marketing. Using this method makes your brand rank in search query results in search engines. But most people use it to embed backlinks. This means that if you enter a URL on another blog that is a guest post. Readers think that the recommended URL is the right read for them to visit. This serves to spread the word, as well as get backlinks to personal sites.

Difference between Guest post and Private Blog Network

Since it is basically used to post links back, many people often equate it with a Private Blog Network.

However, there are clear differences between the two, for example:


  • Using expired domains that are used for link building techniques. 
  • Requires quality articles to maintain the naturalness of the website/blog.
  • Large maintenance costs.
  • Expired domain prices are more expensive than new domains.

B. Guest Post

  • Linking domains to sites that are still active to be used as backlinks.
  • No maintenance costs required.
  • Free at no charge.
  • Only add branding keywords in one article.

Important Things about Guest Posts You Need to Know

When you want to guest post, the content must be well written, and free from plagiarism. Search engines are getting picky, you can’t just fool them. The content must be in line with what topic the reader is looking for. People must be willing to read it to get maximum value. 

In addition, how content can be shared on social media simultaneously. By sharing it can increase the number of audience. This is where you will get useful and relevant outbound links to just one article. Also don’t post on sites that obviously post a lot of guest content because the links are pretty useless.

How to Start a Guest Post?

1. Create a Spreadsheet

The first step seems to be that you need to create an excel spreadsheet table that contains:

  • Website name.
  • URL.
  • Moz Domain Authority ( DA ).
  • Topics to be discussed.
  • Guest post article ideas.
  • Name of editor/author.
  • Email Contact
  • Issue date
  • Date accepted/rejected
  • Date sent
  • Guest post link

This serves to be able to choose which sites are suitable for guest posting. A high amount of DA must also be a top priority.

2. Research using tools

Look for websites that fit your niche.

Then contact them one by one, don’t forget to research the amount of DA/PA, backlinks, and domain age.

Just use a free tool like Ubersuggest, you just enter the URL of the competitor’s website and get a list of all the websites that have linked back to them.

3. Start searching for article topics

Some people assume that the topics they are passionate about are the best topics that the audience is looking for.

In fact when guest posting, it’s not about your likes, it’s about the blog owner. Or rather, it’s about the audience of the blog owner. 

Use the trick below when searching for guest post article topics such as:

  • What’s the topic?
  • What is the title style?
  •  What is the style of introduction?
  • How much did he say?

4. Send an offer

Following the instructions on how to make a guest post offer to a blog owner is the right step for the first success. Editors from major publications receive hundreds of offers every week, so if you send a guest post promotion send an offer right away.

Here is a good offer template:

Hello, I’m [First name], I’m a new reader of your blog, and I’m contacting you because I want to contribute a guest post on [Name of website of directed client] .

Since you publish content about [topic A] and [topic B] , I think your readers might enjoy one of the following articles:

– [Article Niche/Enter Title]

– [Idea 2]

Here are three sample guest posts I’ve written before:

– [Link to guest post 1]

– [Link to guest post 2]

– [Link to guest post 3]

Please tell me how it goes. Thank you!

5. Write the first guest post

If the offer is successful then it’s time to write your first guest post! Here are the steps:

• Follow the guidelines: The writing guidelines are on the partner’s website page, or the editor may send a copy. So follow along!

• Write something unique: Offer a unique and different point of view, but stay on top of the guest post blog topic.

• Include internal links: Don’t forget to include an internal link to the guest post blog, it shows that you are a trustworthy professional writer.

• Check grammar spelling: Do not do keyword stuffing, even typo. One sentence alone can be self-defeating, even the Audience will not want to read what has been written.

• Include pictures: Editors may not use images in every article, but when you offer content that is most useful to readers. 

Include images that have value and of course in accordance with the contents of the written content.

• Include a link to your site: Make sure that the links you include are relevant to the topic of the guest post.

Avoid linking URLs to your homepage, sales page, affiliate links, or other pages that offer no value to readers.


Thus complete information about guest posts. We hope this article will be the best recommendation for readers.


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