How to get SEO Freelance work in Australia?

SEO freelancer work is quite popular in Australia as there are many local clients who need SEO freelancer work done for them. You can easily find clients who need SEO work done and offer it to them.
Frequent Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

SEO freelance work is quite popular in Australia as there are many local clients who need SEO freelancer work done for them. You can easily find clients who need SEO work done and offer it to them.

  • Research Australian-based companies who are looking for SEO content.
  • Find local companies that need help with social media marketing.
  • Create social media campaigns for the clients that you land.
  • Send out at least 2 proposals per week to get more work.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity when writing your proposal.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your websites to make them appear high on Google’s search engine results pages. This is done through various methods including link building, keyword research, content writing, site speed optimization, etc. This can be done by an individual or a freelancer working on behalf of a company or a client. SEO is a part of digital marketing. SEO freelancers do this work online by connecting with clients.

SEO is a great source of income for anyone who has the skills. If you’re not sure whether you have the required skills or not, you can always find out by taking our free SEO quiz and see if you qualify. If you don’t know the basics of SEO, you should definitely read our SEO tutorial and learn the basics first.

How to get SEO Freelance Work in Australia?

There are many different freelance jobs available in Australia. You can choose any of them depending upon your skills and experience. If you’re a beginner, you can start with SEO work because it’s very easy to get started. There are thousands of companies hiring SEO Experts in Australia. You only need to sign up and you can start working right away.

There are plenty of different types of jobs available. Most of them have a clear title, description and pay rate. These are usually listed on the job boards or websites that offer these services. You can also find out about the jobs by searching for keywords related to the job. For example, if you want to find out about SEO work, you can search for the term “SEO work”.

When it comes to finding SEO work, you don’t need to be a native English speaker. The thing is, the better your English, the easier it is for you to complete the work. In fact, if you know English well enough, it’s possible that you can even bid higher than people with less English knowledge.

The number of projects you complete should also determine how much you earn. Some projects may be more time consuming than others, so you need to be careful with the amount of time you spend on each project.

If you want to make money online, it doesn’t really matter whether you decide to work for yourself or a company. In either case, you need to learn how to find SEO work and how to complete it.

20 Freelance Job Site to Follow

  1. Upwork
  2. Designhill
  3. Toptal
  4. LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder
  5. We Work Remotely
  6. Behance
  7. SimplyHired
  8. Dribbble
  9. Fiverr
  10. PeoplePerHour
  11. Guru
  12. Freelancer
  13. AngelList Talent
  14. DesignCrowd
  15. 99designs
  16. Working Not Working
  17. Webflow Experts
  18. YunoJuno
  19. Authentic Jobs
  20. TaskRabbit

Freelancer Vs Full Time SEO Jobs?

Everyone wants to work in a job that pays well, that provides good benefits, that is interesting, and that will make him/her live a comfortable life. Nowadays, we have numerous freelancing platforms that allow us to make money without working hard. But is it really?

It is always a big question for all the people whether it is good to go for freelancing or not. I mean if you are a regular person, then it is quite tough to manage your work and income. In the same way, it is quite tough to make money by freelancing. In short, there is no doubt that freelancing is a tough job, but what if we talk about freelancers who are SEO experts? Let’s see the difference between freelancing and full-time SEO jobs.

What is the difference between freelancing and full-time SEO Jobs?

In general, freelancing is a part time work that involves some extra income and it is usually done online. Whereas, full-time SEO Jobs are the one where you can choose your work timings and your earnings are fixed.

Advantages of full-time SEO Freelance work

If you are searching for the advantages of full-time SEO jobs then it is easy to identify that it is a lucrative job. As you know that SEO is a trending term and that means you will get paid for every click you make. Moreover, the number of websites is increasing day by day. So, if you want to make money and earn a good amount of income, then full-time SEO jobs are the best option for you.

Disadvantages of Freelance SEO work

The most common disadvantage of freelancing is that you are not getting any health insurance and you need to pay for your own health care. It is not the case with full-time SEO jobs. So, it is quite clear that if you are planning to start a career as an SEO expert, then it is better to go for full-time SEO jobs.


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