Long Tail Keywords: To Boost Your Web Positioning

long tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords: The Magic Words To Boost Your Natural Web Positioning: 

Improving natural web positioning is the most sustainable traffic generation strategy for a blogger , both in terms of cost and quality of the visits that land on the blog.

If you would like to know how to optimize natural web positioning, stay with me and discover those magic words that will make you climb in the rankings.

What Magic Words Are Going To Improve Your Natural Web Positioning?

They are called long tail keywords . I am going to tell you what they are, what their benefits are and a simple and free method to build your list of keywords.

These types of words constitute a digital asset that will bring you qualified visits constantly and passively. Hence, the natural web positioning of your blog is progressively triggered.

What Are Long Tail Keywords

They are keywords that generally contain at least 2 or 3 terms in their composition. They are also characterized by the following :

  1. They generate little traffic (about 10 visits per month or a little more).
  2. They are less competitive (short keywords generate more results and, therefore, greater competition for natural web positioning).
  3. They convert better (someone searching for “train dog” is not the same as someone searching for “train German shepherd dog in Madrid”).

It is clear that in order for these magic words to help you improve your natural web positioning, you need  to reach number 1 in Google results beforehand due to its low competition .

But surely you have noticed the small detail that they generate few visits, right? And you may be wondering why you are interested in working on a keyword that generates little traffic.

What Are The Benefits Of Natural Web Positioning

First of all, natural SEO is cool because it doesn’t cost you money. For any entrepreneur who bases their business on a blog, mastering these strategies is pure gold .

Every day there are more websites and more keywords published, so things get more difficult. If you decide to compete for generic keywords, you better prepare a good budget to invest in paid ads and a good SEO consultant.

But if we follow the laws of combinatorics and apply them to natural web positioning, a greater combination of keywords gives us endless results .

As I have told you before, it is easy to position yourself with these keywords because they have less competition, and also the traffic generated is of higher quality. But it is scarce.

Therefore, the biggest benefit of long tail keywords is that their union makes their strength . In other words, if you create a list of long tail keywords for your articles, you will have a lot of visits month after month that will increase and trigger the natural web positioning of your blog.

For example, imagine this case:

  • A list of 120 long tail keywords.
  • A publication frequency of 3 weekly articles.
  • An average of 15 monthly visits for each keyword in the list.

In 40 weeks, if you do your homework well and develop good strategies to write on your blog , with good content and others, you will have a cumulative 1,800 monthly visits from that moment on, which will increase as you publish new articles new words long-tail key .

A Simple, Free Method And Its Basics

Have you noticed that when you enter a search on Google, a series of suggestions appear while you type? This functionality is called Google Instant and it is the basis of the method that I am going to teach you.

Google Instant gives you popular search suggestions; that is to say that other people have already searched for those related terms . It is as if the tool told you:  “Hey, since you are doing a search on dog training , you may be interested in the term dog training in Madrid or German shepherd dog training “.

Being long tail keywords, they will not be very competitive, but from the suggestion it is deduced that there are people who search for them. So if you want your natural web positioning to rise progressively, make a list of keywords with this method or use it every time you write an article .


If you’re serious about your blog, I recommend professional keyword analysis tools such as  Market Samurai . They are more complicated, but if you want to maximize your results, they are the tools you must have and learn to use.

In any case, the important thing is to get going and become familiar with the concepts of long tail keywords and with the method that I have explained to you , and once you are reaping results, you start to acquire some of the tools that I have given you. above.

This method is great if you’re just starting out, so you’ll be able to see how your blog’s natural SEO evolves, understand how it works, and take advantage of its full potential to grow your audience.


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