10 Ways to Make Your Blog Appear on the Top of Google

10 Ways to Make Your Blog Appear on the Top of Google

Currently, not a few bloggers are still curious about how to make blogs appear on Google . This method is certainly very important, because if it manages to appear on Google, then your blog can have the potential to make money. Curious about how to display your blog on Google search engine? come on! see the following explanation.

10 Ways to Make Your Blog Appear on Google

The way for a blog to appear on Google generally consists of 10 steps that must be done sequentially. Immediately, here are 10 ways you can do so that your blog can appear on Google:

1. Connect with Google Tools (Google Search Console)

Can blogs make money ? The answer is yes. The initial way you can do to bring up your blog on Google is to connect your blog with Google Search Console (GSC). Here’s step-by-step you can do to add a blog to GSC:

  • Register for Google Search Console first via https://search.Google.com/search-console/about by entering your email address and verifying.
  • Later there are 2 options “Domain” and “URL prefix”. Enter the blog URL or domain name then click “Continue”.
  • After that there will be a verify ownership stage, please download and post the file listed in the menu. if so, please type “Verify”. The process of adding a blog to GSC is complete, you can now enter the GSC page.
  1. Make sure the page speed is in the best condition

The following way so that your blog can appear in Google searches is, make sure that the blog’s page speed is in the best condition. So that the blog has a good access speed, you can use Google PageSpeed ​​Tools.

2. Mobile Friendly – ​​Use AMP

The way to make your blog appear on Google is that the blog you develop must be mobile friendly. In this case, the blog must be accessible easily and quickly via a smartphone. Informative blogs that are easy and fast to access make users happy to visit, so the number of viewers increases.

So that your blog can be more mobile friendly, then you can use AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is a software technology developed by Google to increase the speed of access to a web via a smartphone. By using AMP, your blog page can be loaded in less than 1 second from Google Search.

3. Ensure Keyword Research for Pages & Blog Content

In order for a blog to appear on Google, you must do keyword research for blog pages and content. With keyword research, you have to know the theme of the blog and what things users are often looking for, according to the theme of the blog. When applying this method, you can find the right keywords by typing the word in the Google search field.

4. Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is included as one way to make your blog appear on Google that should not be missed. Keyword optimization is an SEO technique, this technique is done by maximizing the function of keywords on web pages or blogs. By optimizing keywords, the ranking of your website or blog on Google can increase.

You can apply this method by entering keywords in several important parts, such as headings, beginning of content, and body. In addition, you can also enter keywords in the sub headings, meta descriptions, alt images, and others. If done optimally, then the level of your blog on Google can increase and appear on the first page of Google.

5. Connect 1 Content with Other Content

In addition to optimizing the use of keywords, you can increase your blog’s ranking on Google by linking each piece of content. The trick, in 1 content, you can include an internal link or invite viewers to visit your other content.

So that it doesn’t look stiff, when you include links to other content, you can discuss a little about the topic of other content. Of course, the things discussed must still have something to do with the main content.

Next, do link building efforts in every content you post on the blog. Link building is considered to be the most effective way to increase blog rankings in the Google search column. In link building, you have to get backlinks from external websites that point to your website or blog.

7. Share Content on Other Platforms

When you create a blog, of course you have already created some initial content that is posted on the blog. So that your blog can grow, you can share the content on other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. By sharing content, your blog can be recognized by many people and attract many viewers to visit.

8. Create Multiple Contents on the Same Topic

After sharing content on other platforms, it does not mean you are stuck in place, waiting for the content to be visited by many. You must continue to create content on the same topic as your niche blog consistently. The more quality content you upload, the better viewers will rate your blog. Therefore, keep writing.

9. Image Optimization

In addition to keywords, you must also maximize the use of images in every article posted on the blog. In image optimization, usually the image to be posted will be reduced in size so that the speed of the blog when accessed can increase.

In image optimization, of course, image quality is maintained so that it is pleasing to the eye. How to make your blog appear on Google can be applied by compressing images or choosing the right image format. Apart from that, you can also use an image optimization plugin (if the website is built with a CMS).

How to Find Your Blog in Google Search?

After applying 10 ways to make your blog appear on Google consistently, then your blog can be found on Google. so that the blog can be found by others, then you have to reset the privacy settings in blogger.

Please login to Blogger, select the “Settings” menu, in the “privacy” menu, activate the “Search Engine Accessible” option. After enabling these privacy settings, people can find your blog by including the blog’s address in the Google search field.

The final word

How to make your blog appear on Google is one way that you can apply to increase the number of viewers . If the number of viewers increases, then it is not impossible if your blog can make money. Hopefully this information is useful and can help you to develop a blog.


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