How To Take Advantage Of Linkedin Ads

How To Take Advantage Of Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads is the platform to manage the ads of the LinkedIn social network . Its interface is very similar to that of other social networks, such as Facebook Ads , allowing you to choose the type of advertising and the payment method. In this article we are going to see what this platform is like and what advantages it has. How To Take Advantage Of Linkedin Ads:

What is LinkedIn Ads

It is the platform that manages the ads that are made from the LinkedIn social network. These ads are aimed at a very specific type of user, based on their work and professional data.

Through LinkedIn Ads you can create ads for certain professions , such as: writer, graphic designer, managers, or any other type of professional profile. We can even segment by the studies of each user.

Ads can also be filtered based on location; facilitating, on the one hand, the search for professionals and, on the other,  generating favorable results for companies, since it gives you the opportunity to get more qualified leads.

How does it work

When you create an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, you can choose the type of ad based on the goals you want to achieve. An example might be  brand awareness or collecting contact information from potential customers.

You can also target who your ad is targeting based on characteristics such as: location, job title or function, academic disciplines, or years of experience. Once the target audience is defined,  we must determine how much we are going to invest in the campaign.

Ad Types

LinkedIn  offers several types of ads, depending on the goals we want to achieve:

Sponsored Content

These are the promoted posts that appear in the activity feed of LinkedIn users. They can include an image or video, text, as well as website links to generate leads.

Sponsored content can be identified by terms such as  Promoted above the post, in the upper left corner, below your company name. It can appear on any type of device: mobile phones, computers or tablets.

When running this type of campaign, it’s important to have a clear conversion goal. In addition, it is a good option to launch a brand display campaign, although it is not cheap and not all companies can afford it. Having conversion goals also lets you know if the campaign is going well .

It is important to nurture  leads , since they need to receive impacts so that they end up buying our product or service. It is not enough that they fill out a form, but we must continue capturing the client.

Sponsored content ads are a great ally to increase leads. So we must take it into account when creating a digital marketing plan .

Finally, we must make sure that the sponsored content ads are attractive, since we are in a professional social network and the level of demand is higher.

text ads

Text ads are those that appear on the right side, or in the top banner of Linkedin. These ads can be text-only or have an image, like a company logo. Clicking on the text ad will take you to the website.

Like sponsored ads, text ads can appear on any type of device and are quite effective at capturing potential customers.

Sponsored InMails

InMail messages   are those that are sent within the platform between LinkedIn members. They are characterized by the fact that the term  Sponsored is placed in the subject . They are a bit invasive but to compensate they are the cheapest we can do on Linkedin.

dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are personalized resources, which adapt according to the type of member . These ads use the user’s profile picture, job function, and name to create personalized ads for each member of the social network.

Dynamic ads are related to companies or titles that may be relevant, or to professional content that is of interest to us.


Banner ads are based on images that appear on the right side of LinkedIn pages. However,  you can enable  the LinkedIn Audience Network , and ads may appear on third-party websites.

Advantages of LinkedIn Ads

One of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn advertising is the targeting option.  Ads on LinkedIn allow you to target by job title, job function, industry, or company size, to name just a few.

In addition to targeting, LinkedIn Ads has the following advantages:

  • It is one of the social media with a large number of members.
  • It is a social medium focused on professionals from all areas, seeking and providing services
  • It allows you to create ads by position, market, company size and others.
  • Possibility of regional action
  • Strategic product segmentation

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with nearly 300 million users in more than 200 countries . According to studies, LinkedIn Ads are 277% more effective than Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads.

Unlike Google Ads , which is targeted by keywords,  LinkedIn Advertising shows ads based on your members’ profile settings , meaning you can see ads only for people who hold a job or job title. segment that we have previously defined.


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