4 technologies exhibited at the Mobile World Congress 2022

4 technologies exhibited at the Mobile World Congress 2022

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) came back to Barcelona yesterday with several technological announcements that have left more than one with their mouths open. Since its inception in 2006, the event has been growing and there are more and more products that companies decide to present there.

Despite what its name implies that it is a world mobile congress, the truth is that the technology presented at the Fira goes beyond smartphones. The products that have been known at the MWC range from cars with 5G, to technology applied to medicine, through phones or robots for the hospitality industry .

Vehicles with 5G

5G arrived a few years ago to revolutionize the digital world and this year’s Mobile World Congress is witnessing it. In the case of the automotive sector, it seems that they are betting on implementing it in cars .

Through this connection, vehicles offer greater safety to drivers. In addition, this technology will allow the development of more autonomous and ecological cars.

Another advantage that the application of 5G to cars could bring would be the possibility of making payments without a card without raising the window or getting up from the seat.

For its part, the Orange company has explained that 5G would be useful for controlling a vehicle even 400 km away. In this case it would not be a car, but a submarine that is in the Valencia Oceanographic, inside the ‘Oceans’ aquarium.

Medicine with 5G

The medical sector has also taken notice of 5G technology. Through this type of connection, experts will have more facilities to innovate in some medical methods and increase the effectiveness of some processes.

It is necessary to remember that the Hospital Clinic advanced its pilot test at MWC 2019 in which it applied 5G to perform an operation remotely.

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Robots in hospitality

Although there is still a long way to go before all establishments include robots as ’employees’, more and more people choose to use them. Telefónica knows this and, for this reason, it has presented its robotic barman Kime.

According to the mobile phone company, the robot is capable of conversing with customers in up to 3 languages ​​to order the drink they want . In this way, consumers will not need to touch Kime at any time.

Roll-up mobiles

Many brands are betting on folding smartphones and it seems that this bet is not a passing fad. The TCL company has presented its Fold ‘n Roll model, a mobile phone with a flexible third screen that can be easily rolled up and unrolled.


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