8 Curious Places Where You Can Not Use The Mobile

8 Curious Places Where You Can Not Use The Mobile

The majority of the population spends quite a few hours watching social networks and consulting applications . Mobile phones have become an essential tool to communicate, search for information, take pictures and make calls.

We could say that we have developed a certain digital dependency, for this reason, from 20Bits we want to make you a list of eight places where the phone cannot be used at all -it may seem strange, but it is true-.


The first site is pretty obvious. When we get on a plane, it is best to turn off the mobile although we can also activate the ‘Airplane mode’. The use of the Internet  is quite limited because mobile data cannot be used , however, if you are lucky enough, you will be able to connect to the WiFi network offered by the airline.

Digital detox resorts

Its own name says it, in case you want to disconnect from the technological world that surrounds us, the digital detoxification spaces will force you to leave your mobile at the entrance so as not to use it during your stay.

In French restaurants

In Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert (a small town in France ) there is the Petit Jarden restaurant, an establishment where cell phones are prohibited . If the waiters see a customer with the phone, the staff will give him a yellow card while blowing a whistle so that other users can see the situation. In the event that the action is repeated, the ‘affected’ will receive a red card and an escort will kick you out of the restaurant .

Caribbean beaches

Elite Islands Resorts have prohibited the use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops on their beaches because they want to promote relaxation.

Yala National Park (Sri Lanka)

In 2015, cell phones were banned in this nature reserve because guides used these devices to call each other when they saw an interesting animal. The frequency and the sound of the telephones disturbed the fauna , therefore, the visitors are asked to remain silent when they are enjoying the visit.

American desert

The US government has yet to install mobile phone towers in large swaths of the American desert, considering that it is impossible to contact anyone and you cannot  read the news on social networks . In the areas around Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City, no device can be used.

National Radio Quiet Zone (United States)

It is strictly forbidden to use a phone within a radius of 34,000 km. The area is located in the Allegheny mountains (United States) and the ‘Green Bank’ refracting telescope is specialized in the search for extrasolar planets and requires that citizens do not make any type of interference .

North Korea

In North Korea you can only use the phone if the model has been approved , and you need to get a SIM card from the country.


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