Techniques to increase the conversion of your online store

Techniques to increase the conversion of your online store

One of the main characteristics to take into account when you have an e-commerce is how to improve the conversion rate . This measurement tool not only helps us to know how our business is doing, but also helps to determine if our marketing strategies are working.

If you want to make your site take off and get better sales, here are some techniques to increase the conversion of your online store .

What is the conversion rate?

To know what the conversion rate is, we must first be very clear about the very concept of “conversion” . In digital marketing, when the term “conversion” is referred to, it refers to any type of action that we want users who visit our website to carry out.

These actions can be: play a video, fill out a form, subscribe to a newsletter, hire a service, buy a product, etc.

Although in an e-commerce the greatest conversion is to achieve a sale , each of the previous examples are also very important.

In short, conversion happens when a user who visits our website responds to a certain “call to action” and goes on to “convert” into a potential customer.


Now, what is the conversion rate and why is it so important?

The conversion rate is the measure used to determine how successful , or reach, our campaign or marketing strategy is having . This metric helps us determine the relationship between the number of users who visit our website and the number of users who convert .

The importance of this indicator is vital, since it is a way that allows to measure the result and the effectiveness of the marketing strategies of an e-commerce in a precise way. It also helps to understand where we are failing and where it is possible to improve.

How is the conversion rate calculated?

To calculate the conversion rate, you only need to know two things: the exact number of visitors to the site and the sales or conversions that have been achieved . Both data in the same period of time, either a week or a month.

Having this data, what we do is divide the conversions by the number of visitors . Then multiply that result by one hundred . In this way we obtain the exact percentage of conversions made in that certain period of time.


3 conversions / 100 visitors = 0.03

0,03 x 100 = 3

Conversion rate = 3%

Techniques to increase the conversion rate of your online store

Knowing all of the above, it is time to know how to increase that conversion rate in order to achieve more and better sales, and grow our business. Here are some tips and techniques to increase conversions in your e-commerce.

Provide a satisfying shopping experience

Techniques to increase the conversion of your online store

Every consumer likes to know that they are taking advantage of extra benefits with any purchase or subscription . That, in addition to boosting the purchase, will make your customers buy again with great pleasure.

A good way to apply this technique is, for example, offering discounts on first purchases , giving gifts, incorporating a points accumulation system, etc.

Any type of incentive that provides a feeling of extra benefit to the customer is a good way to provide a satisfactory shopping experience and, of course, improve your conversion rate.

have a blog

A good way to generate quality traffic to your online store is by offering relevant content that is of interest to the customer. You can achieve this perfectly with the help of a blog.

On the internet there is too much information and, consequently, competition. Make sure you stand out to capture the attention of leds and increase conversions with interesting content.

You can use SEO tools to optimize such content, and employ the use of keywords that are relevant to your business.

Make your site navigation easy

In order to attract more customers by calling their attention, a recommendation is to simplify navigation through your website as much as possible . A complicated website saturated with information on its home page usually overwhelms and bores customers in a matter of seconds.

Do not have anything on your website that is not completely relevant to your business . The easier and faster it is to navigate through your e-commerce, the better.

Simplify the purchase process

As in the previous example, here the design of your page plays a very important role. The purchase process must be visible and, of course, very easy to use . Many potential customers abandon a purchase because of the difficulty of the process.

If you don’t want this to happen in your e-commerce, try to simplify the purchase process as much as possible to make this task easier for your customers.

Add as many payment methods as possible, provide financing options, offer a checkout with the minimum number of steps, etc.

Have communication with users

Techniques to increase the conversion of your online storeBoth pre-sale and post-sale service are of the utmost importance to provide a quality user experience.

A good way to optimize these services is to have good communication with users and customers.

A good option for this is to have a chat service for customer service where they can clarify all their doubts.

FAQ section or “frequently asked questions” is also a good option to clarify the main doubts of users.

Provides confidence and security

Many people do not feel safe giving their personal and bank details to any web page. For this you must generate trust and offer security.

A good way to make your customers trust you is by placing the contact number visible on each page of your website. You can also choose to place the logos of the security validations of your website. Which would be a point in your favor to build confidence.

Many e-commerce use this technique by placing the logos of the different payment methods in the footer of the web.

Use reviews and comments to your advantage

Techniques to increase the conversion of your online storeFeedback from other customers helps build credibility and attract future new buyers. Take advantage of that factor and use it to your advantage.

Display comments about the products you sell on your home page, and if possible, include the photo and name of the customer who made the comment to increase credibility.

Studies show that showing this type of ratings and comments of the product or service that is offered increases the conversion rate by up to 35%.

Offer an affiliate program

This technique is specially thought and designed for customer loyalty . That is, by having a customer subscribed or affiliated with your program, and having their data, you will be able to send them information about your new products, offers, promotions, suggestions, etc.

In this way you can ensure that any customer who has already made a purchase from you, or is interested in doing so, is interested in one of your products again.

Although these are not all the existing techniques to increase the conversion rate of your online store, applying them properly can be very effective.


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