What are the programming languages used for blockchain development?

blockchain development | What are the programming languages used for blockchain development? | programming languages used for blockchain

In 2021 everyone has become familiar with the term blockchain technology and its potential to reshape the existing technical world. Since its launch, it has disrupted traditional industrial practices by providing innovative opportunities across industrial sectors. Blockchain is making every tech enthusiast learn more about this technology. Hence there is an increase in interest among youngsters to learn the programming languages that blockchain developers use.

So without any delay, let us explore the best blockchain programming languages that you can learn through blockchain course available on the web.

Table of contents

  • Solidity
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • GO
  • Closing Thoughts
  1. Solidity

It is one of the significant programming languages that every blockchain developer learns. Hence to start your journey in the space of blockchain learning, solidity is a necessity. Moreover, you will notice that solidity has a remarkable similarity to prominent programming languages like PowerShell, JavaScript, C++ in its concept. In fact, If you want to build decentralized applications or want to take part in the ICO development area, then solidity should be your first language to learn. Further, it is interesting that the creator of ethereum: Vitalik Buterin is the solidity blockchain programming language developer.

Furthermore, you will get the following benefits from learning this language:

  • It is a developer-friendly language.
  • It offers accessibility to Infrastructures of JavaScript, debuggers, and many other tools.
  • It has a statistical programming infrastructure.
  • It provides the probability of inheritance properties in smart contracts.
  • Provides precise accuracy.

If you want to become a blockchain developer in the future, you will be working with the solidity programming language for most projects, especially if you choose to work on Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Java

Developers prefer Java for backend development, as well as it is the official programming language for creating mobile applications for Android phones. Moreover, it is equally helpful in the arena of blockchain development. It comes among the top blockchain programming languages that learners must gain expertise on to make it into the blockchain developing world.

Java is derived from C-syntax and is one of the top choices of blockchain developers other than solidity for formulating smart contracts and decentralized applications. Some of the best examples of Java applications in developing blockchain solutions are NEO, NEM, Hyperledger Fabric, IOAT.

Here are some of the properties that make a blockchain developer prefer Java:

  • It offers strong support for object-oriented programming techniques.
  • Users can easily clean its memory.
  • It offers plenty of libraries, giving you multiple alternatives to make use of its potential.
  1. Python

Blockchain coding in the Python programming language is not only thriving in the area of development of applications, network servers, and IoT applications but also becoming an asset for blockchain-based services.

The language has been in existence since 1991 and has been in use to create smart contracts and decentralized applications due to its robust features. Experts say that Python in blockchain programming has potential to bring valuable changes in DLT infrastructures.

Some of its best features for blockchain coding include:

  • Python makes learning blockchain programming much more effortless.
  • It offers access to dynamic frameworks.
  • The language is suitable for both scripting and base approaches.
  • You get open-source support.
  • Blockchain coding using Python is ideal for designing prototypes.

Some of the infamous Python-based blockchain projects are Hyperlegder Fabric, Steem, and NEO.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript has been serving as a functional programming language in the development of games and applications. In fact, when you will be taking blockchain training, your instructor will include JavaScript programming language in your course work as a Priority.

The language brings multiple benefits for developers such as:

  • Using Javascript for blockchain programming enables developers to enter the market earlier and easier.
  • One of the best advantages of using JavaScript for blockchain is it enhances the scalability of the blockchain framework.
  • It gives you access to numerous blockchain JavaScript systems.
  • There is no issue of integration of resources.
  1. C++

It has been an excellent programming language for developing cryptocurrency frameworks. Also, it is one of the oldest programming languages serving developers since 1985. Furthermore, the language works over object-oriented programming methodology. Currently, it is highly in use for the development of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Stellar, and EOS. here are some of the functionalities of C++ that makes it best for blockchain development:

  • It enables efficient management and control over CPU and memory.
  • Developers can efficiently run non-parallel and parallel threads.
  • You can copy data easily as it provides an option to transfer semantics.
  • You will experience high-quality performance due to polymorphism of compile time.
  • Moreover, you get the option of code isolation for various data structures.
  1. Go

Go programming language is also a considerable coding dialect that can benefit blockchain infrastructure. But, the language is not easy to learn hence we don’t prefer it to complete beginners. However, it offers some of the best features of prominent languages like Python and JavaScript. Some of them are flexibility, user-friendliness, speed, and scalability. Further, these qualities make it the perfect choice to formulate blockchain solutions.

Currently, there are two efficient blockchain solutions that have Go as their base language: Hyperledger Fabric and Go-Ethereum.

Closing Thoughts

So if you want to enter the blockchain world, you can consider the programming languages mentioned above and grab the best opportunities for yourself in this space. Moreover, learning these languages will also be beneficial for you in other tech-related areas other than blockchain. Due to their amazing and vast potential, developers are heavily relying upon these languages. Take a blockchain course to polish your expertise in blockchain that teaches building blockchain solutions with Go, Python, solidity, and others.

If you want to learn more about blockchain technology, its concept, and its infrastructure, enroll in the BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL. The platform offers multiple blockchain-based training programs under the guidance of experts in the field. Hence, you can easily solidify your blockchain knowledge and expertise within a few months.


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