How To Create A Website From Scratch

How To Create A Website From Scratch

Are you thinking of taking the leap, or starting a new activity online, or in the cloud as some say.

If you want to be a new Ant in the Cloud you will need a website that meets the objective you want (sell more, of course, but how?) and serves your business .

And if you are one of those who like to do things by yourself, and you don’t know where to start to create a website from scratch , you are going to need help with web design .

Or to make it for you, or to make it yourself .

You may think that creating your own website can be very complicated, or only within the reach of people with high technological knowledge.

Do not be afraid! Do not let not being able to contract this service or believing that you cannot do it yourself frustrate your project on the Internet.

It is true that it will take longer to start your business, or that it is likely that you will spend a lot of time, which you would save if you could make the investment, but having this knowledge is also good, to know what to hire.

How To Create A Website From Scratch

Today’s pages are based on CMS ( content managers ), which are installed with a few clicks, do not require programming knowledge except for advanced tasks.

They are used to create all kinds of pages or websites that you can think of: Blogs, directories, ad pages, corporate websites, and any possibility. These platforms are usually free, such as Joomla! or .

You only pay for premium extensions or themes , but we can get you started for a really low cost . And of course for having your own domain and server, you already know that using free platforms is for hobbies, not for business.

You Do Not Need A Custom Design. Do It Yourself.

If you have an idea that you want to carry out, or you run a small business, or you work alone, it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money on a custom design.

With the mentioned CMS you can spend about €200 and set it up yourself, whatever you need including domain, hosting and some extension or premium template.

Advantages of doing it yourself:

  • Taking off costs, and in this way you will save money.
  • You have control of your website. You know what it costs to do it, the time it takes, and what technical aspects must be covered. When you then seek maintenance help , you’ll know you’re hiring.

If, in addition, what you set up is a blog (I recommend it 100%, although it is not always what you need ), this is a living entity that needs to be updated and that you are going to have to use every day, so at the end of anyway you will learn or you must learn.

Okay, let’s get started. This is what you need.

  • Domain : It is your Internet address. Mine is Buying a .com domain costs less than €10 per year at Namecheap .
  • Web Hosting : It is the server where your page is hosted or saved and from where it is served. Its cost may vary. But it can start from around €79 per year. My #1 recommendation is Raiola
  • CMS : It is the software that you will use to create your Web. There are several, and in the blog I will talk about it is free and my #1 choice.
  • premium theme . There are many free alternatives . If you want a more professional image, the ideal is to buy a Premium Theme. It can cost from €90 if you choose the famous Genesis Framework and a Child Theme .

As you can see, for less than €200 per year we already have everything we need to create a complete Web that our imagination can visualize.

Now we just need time to keep learning and creating .

Start Creating Your Website From Scratch!

Buy A Domain

As we have said, a domain is an Internet address. It’s your name in the cloud.

The domain of this website is . If you use the domain you also get here. In my case, I bought several domains, all pointing to the main one (the .com).

You can buy your domain for around $10 a year at NameCheap or for a similar price at GoDaddy . Both companies are recognized worldwide and of great quality. I do not advise you to buy them from other providers unless you do so from the Webempresa itself.

All my domains are in Namecheap, although I understand that for those who start, the one in English can be confusing. What I don’t like about Godaddy is that he has very aggressive offers the first year, but then he’s not so cheap. That yes, it has its version in Spanish.

For simplicity, perhaps it is best to contract the domain when you start with Webempresa, together with the hosting. The first year will be free, and after that it’s only about €11 a year. Little more than in the others and you simplify your management.

Once purchased you will need to point this domain to your hosting . That is done with the DNS.

Or it is not necessary if you buy the hosting and the domain in the same company.

Buy the domain for two years or more if you are serious , Google likes the commitment.

Hire Hosting For Your Website

Hosting is the server where your page is stored and placed on the Internet . You can set up a server at home (only for testing), or contract a hosting plan in one of the providers that exist.

It is an important choice because a bad choice will make you migrate your entire website, or give you headaches.

If you want to work with quality and in Spanish, I recommend Raiola , a solid company that is demonstrating good work, and based in Spain.

You can hire a specialized WordPress plan with them, or buy one of their Optimized VPS, if you plan to host several projects.

With these same providers you can hire the domain. Although the point is not to put all the eggs in the same basket, but as I have told you, it may be the easiest thing to start with.

I leave you a step by step  on how to start with them  (this step by step is with Webempresa, another highly recommended option, and contracting with Raiola are exactly the same steps).

Install WordPress.Org

The easiest to use and with multiple possibilities in the form of plugins.

Others like Prestashop, Magento, etc… are themed, they are only good for what they are made for, and others like Drupal are the most powerful out there, but less affordable for the standard user.

To get started you can install WordPress with Raiola’s own installer in a couple of clicks.

And Now?

That’s it! Congratulations, you have what it takes for a professional website.

But do not get distracted by technical issues, do not want the best now. Create a website compatible with your minimum viable product, and that meets the objective you set for it.

Focus on getting visits, and reach a minimum of 100 visits per day, in order to start selling your product or service.

And if you want to improve that newly built website, why not sign up right below to download the “Instant WordPress Expert” eBook?


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