Games Generation: Everything You Need to Know

Games Generation

On crowded trains and station platforms, you can see people playing on their smart phones on their way to work. If adults are addicted to games, then the situation with children is much more serious. The first study on “play sickness” showed that 19% of young people between 10 and 35 years old spend three hours or more playing games a day. The more time a person spends playing, the stronger the addiction and the more difficult it is to break away, which manifests itself in the inability to lead a normal life and has its effect on health.

About half of the respondents started playing online games at preschool or primary school age. Even if many adults cannot tear themselves away from their smart phones for a long time, then we cannot expect a high ability for self-control from children, and it is the task of adults to protect them from addiction.

Physical Related Activities:

The overall assessment of physical strength, compiled on the basis of a number of tests, decreased among students in junior and middle grades. The decrease in this indicator is especially noticeable in boys, of whom this indicator was the lowest in primary school students since the beginning of such studies in 2008.

The sports agency cites an increase in the number of obese children, an increase in the number of children who do not eat breakfast, an increase in the duration of “screen time” that they spend watching TVs, games, smart phones, etc. as reasons for the decline. Children were also asked about the duration time spent in front of the screen on weekdays.

A key of success is a Accessibility & Simplicity:

The popularity of games for smart phones is supported by the arrival of more and more high-profile hits. To date, more than three hundred thousand games have already been released for the iPhone. All imaginable genres and categories are represented among them – role-playing games, racing, action games, puzzles, and more and more new names continue to appear literally every day. At the same time, the capabilities of smart phones themselves are growing. For example, the computing power of the iPhone is on par with Sony Computer Entertainment’s Play station 3 game console.

Craze of buying game products:

In order to play home electronic games, it was necessary to go to the store or otherwise purchase a game console, spending several tens of thousands and then also buy the games themselves, each worth more than thousand. A smart phone user, having become interested in a particular game, can immediately download it to his device and immediately start playing. In addition, the duration of a game on a smart phone is usually about ten minutes, and therefore you can easily play it anywhere – for example, in transport on the way to work or study.

Most importantly, however, most smart phone games that are very easy to download are basically free to play. The source of income for companies producing and distributing such games is the sale of special items of the game world, which participants are offered to purchase during the game, or receiving payment for certain services for the characters in the game. However, in fact, the majority of users play for free. Usually, on one day or another, less than five percent of the total number of its users spends money in the game.

But even on such conditions, the companies-owners of games can provide themselves with high incomes. The fact is that the subject of the game world is nothing more than a set of data, and the production costs for its creation are practically zero.


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