Free Fire is a very loved game in Latin America

Free Fire is a very loved game in Latin America

What does Free fire offer that other mobile games don’t?

The main and most important thing is that it can be played perfectly on most mobile devices and even if the mobile being used is of poor quality, the game works perfectly.

In addition, free Fire has opted for a very fast and dynamic game system, with which players will quickly be facing each other. Thanks to them you can play several games in a few hours and enjoy the game 100%.

The game that is available for most platforms, whether Android or iOS, there are players who go and play from their computers thanks to Android emulators. It is probably a very interesting advantage for the player who is using it since, unlike the mobile device, you can control the player with a joystick or mouse.

But the most positive point is that it is a totally free game, this means that anyone of any age can download the game and try it, if you do not like it perfectly, you can uninstall it without any problem.

Constant updates

One of the basic problems that most Play Store games have is that their updates are made very occasionally, at this point Free Fire takes the cake since it knows what users want and asks for, with it is building a 100% game for players. When an event like Christmas approaches, they take out exclusive skins for that event and it is also in the game so that the player feels more comfortable.

Variety of weapons and targets

Players enjoy the game more every day due to the large number of weapons that exist within the free fire, the variation is very large and because it is a mobile game it is very innovative.

Garena, who is the developer of the game, is very aware of the players and offers exclusive events in which players must do missions.


The Batte Royale revaluation of the PlayStore

The game has come out perfectly to adapt to what the players needed, to play a game or two in a short time and with the adrenaline to the maximum, but as if that were not enough the mobile device allows you to play anywhere and at any time.

In Latin America this game is causing a lot of furies, many players give an incredible incredible score in the Google store and that is due to the aspects that we have discussed.

The game must be set on an island and 50 players fight to survive, the most important thing is the last one left alive, he may already be the best in the world but if they finish you the game is over, therefore it is a game in the That skill counts a lot but intelligence is also important in the same way.

Tournaments dedicated to Free Fire

As if all this were not enough, weekly tournaments are created where thousands of simultaneous players participate, in order to win the victory within the game.

There are even Free Fire tournaments that move big money. The player who dominates this game can win a lot of money if you know how to play the style of play that a tournament of such magnitude requires.

Tips to improve in Free Fire

In the game there is a great possibility of winning the games, everything will depend on the player’s ability and how he faces the objective in each game that in each game there are 50 players in which only the last battalion that remains alive will win.

Many players use very aggressive strategies, in which you can leave the opponent totally stunned if they don’t and they get to read the play well. There are also other players who are a little more defensive who prefer to stay sheltered within the circle and destroy the enemies little by little. The good thing about these players is that they can aim more slowly and therefore more precisely.

Downloading the game on pc

Many of the players, as we have already mentioned, choose to install the game on their computer, this gives them an incredible advantage since they can use the keyboard and mouse, which most players cannot since they are using a mobile device.

Also, another very characteristic point that playing on a computer offers is the large screen, thanks to a fairly large monitor you can see the enemy players much more easily and therefore you can guide one strategy or another depending on your skill level.

The secret used by professionals

There really are professional players who play Free Fire on a daily basis, these professional players train non-stop from 6 to 8 hours a day and they also have a team that promotes and supports them.

When these players play in a squad they are quite aggressive since they are interested in eliminating the maximum number of enemies as quickly as possible, on the other hand, when they play alone what they seek is to improve their skills, in this case, they always try to improve their aim along with their positioning. , because what really marks the victory will be the time that the players are surviving, the longer the higher the score.


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