11 hacks to increase your web conversions simply and quickly

increase your web conversions

Remember that word “experience” because it is the one that will guide you to offer your customers a better digital experience.

And that experience should be similar to what they find in your physical store. Think of your website as a showcase in the digital world to allow and encourage people’s purchase decision.

Here are ideas for testing modifications throughout the different moments of your customers’ journey. Test, evaluate the results and optimize.

Mobile experience: add a sticky search bar

This will help users find the product or service they are looking for in just a few clicks and is the best way for them not to leave your website because they cannot find what they are looking for. You need to make your site not only have a design that you love but also a very easy interface to navigate.

Try different colors and layouts in calls to action

You can also try colors that generate high contrast. Highlight your most important calls to action to maximize click generation:

  • Combine colors that reflect your brand identity.
  • Change the location of the elements to know which location generates more chances to bring clicks.
  • Determine the best way to attract leads by configuring different forms and options: contact by phone, email, etc.
  • Use bright and contrasting colors so that your Call to Action (CTA) quickly capture the user’s attention.

Pop-ups and special offers for big sales seasons

Surely you already know which are the most important dates on which users turn massively to shopping: Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, among others, depending on the country. That means a lot of traffic.

Take advantage of this opportunity to offer special offers to those who visit your website. And make sure they show up on the mobile version of your website too!

Add a store locator

This will make it easier for users to find you in the place closest to where they are, just by entering your website. It is a great way to increase web conversions.

The website is not only a place for sales, but also a space to learn more about your brand, its history, its mission and, of course, what you sell. On many occasions, consumers prefer to go in person to try or see the products. Make it easy for them to find you and this will encourage their purchase decision.

Returning visitors? Customize actions for them and increase your web conversions!

One of the keys to maximizing your conversions is knowing the different profiles of your avatars and being able to offer them exactly what they are looking for.

Investigate the preferences of your consumers, their tastes and needs, so that visits to your site are not just views. Give them incentives to start filling the cart.

Increase your web conversions by adding different images of the same product

The visual experience is very important in online shopping. When the product cannot be touched, a lot of information is needed to understand the actual size, length, volume, texture, etc. For it:

  • Make sure product images are displayed correctly.
  • Never leave outdated photos.
  • Provides different angles for all features to be viewed.
  • Take general photos and an extreme close-up that shows how the product is made.

Vary the images by including people using the products and determine which ones generate the most clicks.

Add information that explains if a product is available in the store to increase your web conversions

Take a hybrid approach to your sales: consumers may start researching a product online, but want to make their purchase in physical stores. Use your website to indicate if you have availability of a product and in which varieties to encourage them to make the purchase by the means they prefer.

Drive social proof with messages from those who have already bought from you

There is nothing better for the purchase decision than a consumer making a recommendation about a product that they know and have tried. Social proof can help push them to the top of the purchase funnel. You can do it in many ways, such as:

  • Messages from other buyers.
  • Indicating the number of times a unit was sold on that day.
  • Add the number of times the product was viewed.

Add the button: “Buy Now”

Note that this CTA does not interfere with the product information. There are purchases that require long-term decisions, such as beds, televisions or cars. But it is important that you encourage people to make a decision. Find the best placement for this element and measure if it increases clicks.

Strategically use registration forms to increase your web conversions

If you want to increase your contact list, guarantee your customers that subscribing to your newsletters will give them advantages and they will obtain the best information on the products of their interest.

Loyalty to your consumers is the best way you have to ensure your conversions in the low sales season. For example, send them alerts with relevant messages so that they return to your website when the product they want is available.

Implement a clear call to action for payments

The worst thing you can do is have a payment interface that raises doubts. It is a crucial moment in the purchase and consumers need clarity.

Test different colors, shapes, and messages to find out which combinations generate the most trust in the checkout process.

In short, you have to try, try and try. Modify, add, remove or relocate the elements of your website to understand how it is easier and more efficient for your customers.


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