11 Answers To How To Sell For Free Online

how to sell for free online

Perhaps you have ever wondered how to sell for free online, especially at the beginning and if you do not have a budget that allows you to do it in another way.

But before this, you must structure a series of concepts so that you do not take any false steps, because although the Internet makes everything easier, it also penalizes planning errors.

Before Thinking About How To Sell For Free Online

If when you ask yourself how to sell for free online you mean not having to invest even in the product or service itself , I understand that either it is a product that you already have in your possession, or it is a service based on your knowledge, talent, passion , experience… That is to say, that you can develop yourself.

In any case, I recommend you to productize or package services so that you can sell at a fixed price, since otherwise you will not have to waste time making budgets.

Therefore, we start from the basis of not depending on a third party to produce for us . Either we have the product, or we produce it.

It is very important that, when assessing where you are going to sell, you look at the characteristics of your target audience and take into account if the site where you put your offers is the site where they would go to look .

11 Places To Sell For Free

Once we are clear that production does not cost us money, the next step in answering how to sell for free online will be to think about where we can sell .

I am going to suggest 2 types of sites to sell for free: some that will not cost you anything, and others that will charge you a variable based on sales. In any case, if you don’t sell, you don’t pay.

 1) EBAY

eBay is a site where you can sell, buy and auction products and services.

The registration will not cost you anything and they charge you a small percentage of the sale , in the event that it occurs. In fact, for the first 75 ads per calendar month in auction format or the first 25 ads per calendar month in Buy It Now! (or fixed price), you pay no ad serving fee.

It is a website with a lot of traffic (increases the chances of sale) and with the attractiveness of the auction format .


Vibbo.com  is a free classifieds portal for individuals.

The good thing about this portal is that placing an ad costs you nothing, and since the transactions are made outside the portal, they do not charge you commissions for the sales made .

It is a site intended more for selling offline products.


Fiverr is a great site if you are considering how to sell for free online.

The idea is to buy and sell for $5 (hence the name of the site), although you can put a higher price (10, 15, 20…), and these are very closed microservices. I mean, don’t sell consultancy around here. Take a look and you will see that for $5 they design a logo for you, they sell you an ebook, they write an SEO-optimized article for you, they make you an intro for a video.

Take a walk and get ideas.

Again, the registration will not cost you anything, it is a site with a lot of traffic and they only charge you for sales .


I’m not going to go too long with Workana , because it’s the Spanish version of Elance (they’re not the same, but they work similarly).

It is yet another answer to how to sell for free online that stands out for looking for professionals or publishing projects.


Special freelancers, in English and for more elaborate services than fiverr and Geniuzz.

UpWork  is a marketplace for buying and selling services. The remarkable thing is that professionals advertise, but also clients put their offers .

You can take a walk looking for job offers that are related to your experience and knowledge, and present yourself as a candidate. Registration is free and they only charge a percentage of sales.


Blogger is Google’s free blogging service. If your business is a knowledge-based business, a blog is the ideal platform , and in this case free.

Its use is very simple and there are thousands of free online tutorials that will help you become a master of Blogger.


WordPress.com is the alternative to Blogger.

They are similar, although from a certain point of time or if you are an advanced user, you will feel that they have certain limitations . That is why I usually recommend starting from scratch with a blog with private hosting, which although it involves a small investment (domain and hosting at hand), in the long run you avoid headaches and have all the power of a professional blog from the beginning.

If you are afraid of not knowing how to manage a professional blog, there are some courses that solve this for you , and even teach you how to get your first 100 daily visits.


Another alternative to how to sell for free online could be social networks, although in this case these types of platforms are more social than commercial .

Above all, think about your target audience and the social networks in which it moves, although I already told you that I do not consider social networks to be a good place to sell . Rather to build reputation and sell elsewhere.


Another site with many possibilities is Youtube . Now you can make your own ad and post it on a site that reaches millions of people.

That yes, that the product or service is good, that the video is not a chestnut and you will also have to learn to position it so that whoever searches for what you sell finds you .

Of course, free if you set it up on your own.


Google Sites is more of a wiki, an intranet, or something like that.

Anyway, you can configure it for free as an online showcase where you can show your products and services, prices and conditions .

There are also thousands of tutorials out there for you to learn how to use this tool.


Google Places works very well for local businesses, because in one go it allows you to advertise the location of your business on the internet, a brief description of it, hours, telephone numbers, prices, etc.

It is a free service, and it can help you get a client if you position it well.

Final Recommendations

Open a PayPal account to receive payments from your customers. It is a very comfortable way to do it, both for you and for them. They charge a small fee for certain services, but it’s really worth it.

As soon as you have a little cash, I recommend that you move your business to a blog, and set up your own on WordPress.org  or seek professional help to set it up for you .

If you want to have a good business online, it is best that you control it.

Do you know more alternatives that help other readers learn how to sell for free online? I wait for you in the comments.


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