The Best Guide to Combination Boilers Installation

Combi Boiler Installation London
Combi Boiler Installation London

Guide to Combination Boilers

Combi boilers are compact boilers. Mostly used for providing hot water to single units or properties which require a low or average supply of hot water. They are called combination boilers because they supply hot water to your central heating system as well as for hygiene purposes. They are very simple units, often wall mounted, and require very little space. Read on to learn about different types of combination Boiler Installation Acton.

Types of combination boilers

Combination boilers can be distinguished based on the fuel they use. These include:

Gas fuelled:

These use natural gas from the national grid. They are most common across the UK and have the lowest energy cost. They are also more heat efficient than other combi boilers.

Oil fuelled:

For areas where there is no supply of natural gas, households have to opt for combi boilers which use alternative fuels. One of these is the oil fuelled combi boiler. These boilers require that you store oil for which you will require additional space. You will also have to keep a check on the oil level regularly.

LPG combination boiler:

These combi boilers use LPG, a relatively convenient option for oil-based boilers. It is an alternative option for areas with no supply of natural gas.

Electric combination boilers: These run on electricity. Although they have high thermal efficiency and do not waste electricity they are not preferred over gas boilers. They are however highly suitable as an alternative if there is no supply of natural gas.

Advantages of combination boilers

High efficiency

Combination boilers only use energy when you switch them on. They have an efficiency that goes beyond 92 %, i.e a heat loss of only 8 %. Lower heat loss translates into savings. So you will be saving quite a sum annually.

Instant supply of hot water

As a combination boiler draws directly from the main water supply, you get hot water whenever you require it. You don’t have to wait for the water to heat up, or refill the water reservoir before taking a shower.

Combi Boiler Installation London
Combi Boiler Installation London

Combi Boiler Installation London requires little space

Combi boilers are small and compact units, you can even store them inside your cupboard. They can be installed anywhere and require little installation space. It is very easy to install them and takes little time.

The lifespan of combination boilers

Combination boilers are very sturdy and highly resilient. They can provide an uninterrupted supply of water to your home for over 15 years. Many manufacturers offer warranties that last over 10 years, so your investment in a combi boiler is quite safe.

Important things to remember

There are countless benefits of a combination boiler. However, you should know a few things before you procure one for your home.

  • Combi boilers cannot provide a large supply of hot water. They are only suitable for small homes or single units such as a single bathroom. Before you decide which Boiler Installation Acton you should go for, you should estimate your hot water requirement.
  • Your hot water requirement depends on the number of radiators in your central heating system, the number of toilets, kitchen water requirement, etc. You should read about conventional boilers and system boilers to learn which is more suitable for your water requirement. Both can supply high volumes of hot water, with conventional ones supplying more than system boilers but also requiring a much larger installation space. System boilers require relatively less space than conventional boilers and can supply water to medium to large size homes without any difficulty.
  • Highly unsuitable for areas with low water pressure. The boiler cannot improve your water supply and you might need to install a pump to maintain adequate pressure.
  • If your existing boiler is a conventional one and you are changing it with a combi boiler, you might also have to change your pipework as modern combi boilers are not compatible with old piping.
  • Always get combi boilers which are covered by a good warranty.
  • Combi Boiler Installation London should always be carried out by gas-safe registered engineers for ensuring a safe and perfect installation.
  • Make sure that your gas safe engineer provides you with a completion certificate after the installation.
  • Your gas combi boilers should always have CO detectors and an alarm system for safety.

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