10 Reasons Businesses Should Switch to Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

It’s no secret that a decent server hosting has become an essential element for businesses, especially the online ones. Which is why it’s suggested to invest enough time and choose a plan that accommodates your requirements.

Ensure the option you select offers availability, security and performance. These factors will help you proceed with ease. As a reliable online business venture, you may need a hosting that exceeds requirements, such as performance and security.

When talking about server hosting, it’s nearly impossible not to discuss shared hosting. Although it’s quite popular, it can’t top the reliability, security and uptime that a dedicated server offers.

But there’s more that make the dedicated servers beneficial for businesses. Do you want to know? Continue reading this post!

1)     Exclusive Server Resources

Dedicated server hosting enables you to control resources, keeping your worries regarding limited bandwidth usage and slow server at bay.

With a Dedicated Server Hosting to your website solely, you can decide which apps, programs, or scripts to run on your server. This factors largely contributes to better security for your online business.

2)     Customizability

Another reason to opt for a dedicated plan is the advantage of server configuration in terms of,

  • Disk space
  • Software
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Platform

While shared server plans restrict users to continue with the available server environment, reducing the chances of customizability.

3)     Distinct IP Address

A unique and separate IP address is beneficial in numerous ways. With a dedicated server, you’ll get an opportunity to get a distinct IP address. It means their actions will not influence your business or reputation.

Remember, an IP shared with a site that engages in spamming can put your reputation at risk and influence your search engine rankings adversely.

4)     Expansion and Scalability

Expect your business and website to grow over time. When this will happen, one of the biggest issues, you’ll face is the limited capacity of your server.

In the scenario where businesses are yet to establish their presence, shared hosting server can do the job. However, when your website starts to receive more traffic than usual, you’ll realize the shared plan can’t deal with it anymore.

On the flipside, a Dedicated Server Hosting can be life-savers in such a case with elevated storage, RAM, CPU swaps and drive replacements. And benefits like CPU upgrades or hotswapping drives allow scalability as required.

5)     Exceptional Security

When it comes to security, Cheap VPS Singapore and shared hosting can’t match the level of a best dedicated server. Which is why it makes a great investment for businesses. More importantly, it keeps the worries related to spammers or malicious websites at bay.

The top-tier security level is particularly useful for companies that handle and manage confidential information. Businesses that accept credit card payments need PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standard) and other hosting options, such as shared hosting aren’t PCI DSS compliant.

Dedicated server, on the other hand, is known to provide next-level security against malware and adware.

6)     Reliable Bandwidth

It comes with a bandwidth dedicated entirely to your website. Remember, the apps, websites and other program you use require a stable bandwidth to run without a hassle. This factor also influences user experience and can force them to turn away, in case the web pages take too long to load.

The bandwidth that a dedicated plan offers is reliable, as it hosts only your website on the server. When you need additional bandwidth, contact customer support and request an upgrade – it’s that simple.

7)     Reliability and Performance

You can access the resources, on the server without any restrictions. There’s no need to worry over server downtimes, as it won’t be a regular thing. And both factors will contribute to the elevated website availability.

More importantly, businesses that invest in a managed dedicated server, don’t manage their servers, as the hosting provider manages everything for them.

When it comes to hosting performance, it also makes a great option for websites that receive tons of traffic without crash or other problems.

8)     Value for Money

Although an expensive option, a dedicated server plan is a cost-effective. As your venture move towards success, you’ll start to see it a beneficial option for your overall requirements. So, it’s safe to call it a plan that brings value for money.

A cloud-based server, on the other hand, is a considerable option with a series of benefits. But its customizability doesn’t match the level of a dedicated plan. Dedicated servers can provide possible benefits of cloud server too, without you having to manage it yourself.

9)     No Equipment Purchase and Maintenance

Building and maintaining server equipment will be the responsibility of the service provider. This factor will affect the overhead for server space purchase and improve return on investment.

No doubt, dedicated plans are on the pricier side. But the dedicated hosting can become the right choice, if your website receives massive traffic, requires customization, and security.

10) Keep Up with the Competition

Market competition is fierce and you can’t deny it. Just a few years ago only a handful of companies used to invest in the dedicated servers and were ahead of rest of the market. Today, businesses require a dedicated server to simply cope with the ever-increasing traffic.

Also, the configurations have become common, and as a result, even small-scale companies have acquired distinct IP addresses. The benefits of a dedicated server aren’t only essential to maintain your place in the competitive market, but it includes focusing on your unique selling point.

Take Away

If your future plan includes generating revenue through building presence online, it’s time for you to switch to a dedicated server.

With a dedicated server, you’ll get the opportunity to control important factors related to your online business management.

Be it control over the allocation of resources or server configuration, a dedicated server provides you with an option to customize your server environment according to your requirements.


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