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While there is much different oncology EHRs available, iKnowMed is the most well-known electronic medical record (EHR) solution. It is a comprehensive system that allows you to store and access patient information from anywhere, at anytime. iKnowMed EHR reduces the need for handwritten notes and minimizes misinterpretations by detecting possible medication conflicts. iKnowMed also helps practices stay on top of their billing, calculating billable units, charge codes, and drug waste.

iKnowMed is an oncology-specific electronic health record

iKnowMed is an oncological-specific electronic health record (EHR) that has been implemented in more than 200 cancer care practices nationwide. The solution features extensive cancer regimen libraries, detailed cancer diagnosis, and a decision-support module. The system also includes dictation, lab results, and a comprehensive library of cancer treatments. The iKnowMed system allows cancer care providers to access patient charts and reports around the clock.

The iKnowMed system was developed by oncologists to address the needs of community-based cancer practices. This Web-based EHR is constantly updated to meet changing oncology needs. iKnowMed’s advanced features include treatment decision-support tools, patient-specific terminology, and a customizable user experience. It also features a graphical interface and an intuitive interface.

iKnowMed was developed by US Oncology, Inc., a leading United States oncology support organization. It aims to provide centralized access to comprehensive patient information, which allows doctors to tailor treatments to individual patients’ needs. The EHR software also contains a separate nursing documentation log, which can help physicians document patient encounters and ensure accurate documentation of patients’ symptoms.

The iKnowMed EHR supports the CMS’s three practice-reported categories of quality measures and also provides performance monitoring and direct data submission to the CMS. It also supports practice-reported clinical data from more than 3700 oncologists. The system also includes a data-management solution, Practice InsightsSM, which provides continuous monitoring and actionable insight on patient care.

The iKnowMed EHR is the only oncology-specific EHR in the Black Book Rankings. It has been ranked number one in several areas, including overall performance, innovation, training, and customer support. In the Black Book rankings, iKnowMed was recognized for its superior focus on community-based oncology practices.This award is particularly impressive because the product scored the highest in two areas specifically related to oncology.

Integration with Lynx Mobile inventory management

Iknowmed’s new integrated software solution makes it easier to manage the inventory of medications, supplies, and equipment. It can suggest items used by your practice and automatically submit orders prior to a patient’s appointment. This Cloud-Based EHR solution helps practices avoid the expense of excess inventory and ensures that they always have what they need. To learn more, download our free ebook today. Here are some of the main benefits you can expect from this integration.

Both iKnowMed and Lynx Mobile have robust capabilities, and both provide customizable options and note templates. Both software solutions have speech recognition and Natural Language Processing, which recognizes key clinical concepts and populates patient information. Both systems have improved speeds and ease of use, and are compatible with mobile devices. IknowMed’s innovative technology also helps you communicate more effectively with your team and other healthcare providers.

Iknowmed’s new integrated system works seamlessly with Lynx Mobile inventory management software. Designed specifically for oncologists, Lynx is an effective solution for managing patient medications and inventory. It provides clinical workflow support, decision support, flexibility, and ease of use. You can save time and money by integrating iKnowMed with Lynx Mobile. It also integrates with Lynx Mobile’s inventory management and charges capture applications.

In the independent Eyes Wide Open report, KLAS (Knowledge, Advisory, and Standards of Practice) evaluated iKnowMed as the #1 medical oncology EHR. The report also commended iKnowMed’s integration with complementary technologies and praised its top-ranked performance in chemotherapy automation. Its pharmacy integration with Lynx Mobile inventory management allows you to access patient information from any web-enabled device and allows for easy sharing of patient data across oncology specialties.

Offers a free demo

iKnowMed is an oncology EHR system that is built for doctors. It has many advanced features, including a patient portal that improves engagement and convenience. It allows patients and loved ones to view their health records, review the progress of a loved one’s medical condition, and more. All it takes is a password and a patient account. The platform is also equipped with educational content and video modules to help physicians and other healthcare providers understand the disease better.

Practices of all sizes

IknowMed is a powerful EHR that can help oncologists improve patient care. It has numerous features that can help you improve your practice, including clinical documentation improvement, charge capture audits, E/M chart reviews, contract variance analysis, and ICD-10 documentation reviews. It also simplifies billing and administrative duties by giving patients access to their personal health records. You can use iKnowMed to track patient costs and improve your revenue cycle.

IKnowMed is an EHR designed for practices of all sizes. It offers core EHR and EMR capabilities, including patient management, chart management, clinical charting, drug and allergy alerts, and E&M coding. It also features electronic prescribing, lab and medication management, appointment scheduling, document management, remote access, and a wealth of other features. And, with so many features, you won’t have to make a tough choice between features and cost.

iKnowMed is an oncology-specific EHR that streamlines daily tasks. It has an impressive array of customizable features and a user-friendly interface. It also offers a dedicated nursing documentation log, which is highly useful in oncology practices. It’s suitable for practices of all sizes. And it’s affordable, too. But before deciding on a particular EHR system, it’s important to know what you’ll need it to do.

iKnowMed Generation 2 offers an integrated platform of advanced EHR capabilities and healthcare technology modules. Clear Value PlusSM provides comprehensive clinical quality and regimen support, while My Care PlusSM offers secure, online access to a patient’s health record. Other modules in iKnowMed include Lynx Mobile inventory management, buying management, and revenue cycle reporting.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management refers to the administrative and clinical functions of a healthcare organization. These processes include submitting claims to insurance companies, coding procedures, and diagnoses, determining patient balances, and collecting payments. Other processes in revenue cycle management include preregistration, registration, and meeting various regulatory requirements. In addition, they include third-party follow-up and applying for payments. Revenue cycle management helps healthcare organizations increase their profitability by ensuring that all processes are efficient and compliant.

To achieve these goals, healthcare organizations invest in revenue cycle management systems. These systems store patient billing records and reduce the time between service and payment. They also interact with health information technology systems, such as EHRs. They improve clinical effectiveness and provide better insights. Here are a few of the benefits of revenue cycle management. Let us look at some of these systems.

Revenue cycle management systems help healthcare organizations track patient care episodes and ensure payment compliance. Revenue cycle management systems combine administrative data with clinical data. By integrating administrative data with clinical data, these systems are helpful for transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care reimbursement. The process of revenue cycle management is similar in both large and small healthcare organizations. With the right technology, revenue cycle management will ensure that healthcare organizations maximize their financial results.

iKnowMed’s innovative platform seamlessly integrates with McKesson’s technology solutions. Its Clear Value PlusSM and Clinical Quality and Regimen Support modules help practices safely deliver high-quality patient care. It also offers integrated inventory management, practice-specific patient portals, and revenue cycle reporting. With these solutions, practices can better manage patient care and improve the efficiency of revenue-generating operations. You’ll never be short of revenue-generating patients again!



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