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We don’t know who thought it was ideal to have a distinct glass for every drink, but glasses can cost a lot for the DIY mixologist.

To avoid spending your hard-earned money to buy booze, you’ll probably will require the most reliable and versatile glasses to serve exquisitely crafted drinks. If you’re serving your favourite drink with the service, delivery service or cooking up your own recipes each cocktail needs a gorgeous drinking glass. Here are the top types of glasses to serve cocktails for home mixologists.


Before we begin looking at the various types of glasses for cocktails, be sure you have the proper equipment to prepare your classic cocktail at home.

Do you own an Hawthorne strainer or a Boston shaker? Before you invest any money on glassware for cocktails it is essential to have the appropriate mixology equipment. Take a look at the top mixers for home mixologists.


Prior to that, before we go over the various bar glasses you should keep in your kitchen, it’s vital that we return to the basic. If you’re having a normal evening, you may enjoy an alcoholic glass of red wine or beer after dinner. It’s an excellent idea to invest in a good white wine, red champagne, wine, and set of beer glasses to decorate your home. Keep in mind that the red wine glass and white wine glass have different shapes, so you should get minimum six glasses of them to begin. If you enjoy entertaining, be sure to have a wine, beer and champagne glass set that is compatible so you can have a cohesive design for your dining room dinner table.

Once you’ve got your beer glass, wine glass, champagne flute sets It’s time to upgrade to include the most vital glass for cocktails.


The cocktail glass, appropriately named is a bit like martini glasses. The primary difference is that the glass for cocktails is slightly more round. They typically weigh between three to six ounces (with occasionally a 10-ounce glass) It is the one to use for serving drinks that are stirred and shaken. The stemmed glass for different types of wine is fragile, so make certain to take care when handling it.


The highball glass can be described as a tall straight-sided and narrow bar glass. The sturdy glass, usually full of ice is utilized to serve long drinks such as one called a Cape Codder, or a Bloody Mary. The bar glasses typically weigh between 8 and 10 pounds with a higher 12 – to 14-ounce variant known as the chimney.


The traditional glass is considered to be the most famous whiskey glass. Sometimes referred to as the rock glass or a tumbler. The 4 – to 8-ounce glass is small tall, slender and straight-sided. It typically has a sturdy glass bottom to hold up to the pressure of. It is ideal for mixed drinks served with ice, such as one of the Old Fashion.


The double-old-fashion glass is a 12 – to 16-ounce glass, which is usually used to serve large lowballs and double-shot cocktails with mixers on the ice.


This glass, which is strong and durable, usually holds 1.5 ounces when it is full. Some versions are taller and narrow and can accommodate between 2 to 4 ounces. These are best for Soju, the famous Korean drink.
They could also be used in place of jiggers in measurement in the event that you do not have the Jigger. But seriously. Get a jigger.


When you’re looking into purchasing glasses for your cocktails make sure you are honest about yourself. If you’ve never drunk the Moscow Mule but you think that the glass is cool, you should get copper mugs. This is the perfect mug for your living space. While the nora glass snifter glass, tiki mug and cordial glass might appear nice within your home, the chances are very high that they’ll never get removed from the shelf. When you’re deciding on the proper glass for drinking, you must be pragmatic, yet you desire it to look stylish inside your home. Copper mugs, old glass that is fashioned as well as a martini glasses are the most common items to include in any bar cart.

Do you think that you’ll ever see mixing experts using anything other than mixing glasses in order to mix beverages? No. But will anyone be concerned in your home when you have an red Solo cup? It’s probably not. In the event that they are, then more drinks are on the menu.

Don’t forget to take a moment to buy dishwasher-safe glasses. After a evening of mixing classic cocktails the last thing anybody would like to do is wash dishes. When you wake up the next day you’re not going to need to wash dishes as well. You can just grab a glass to place in the dishwasher, and go on with your day.


Are you unsure what drink to make? Let your glassware decide for you! If you have these different types of wine glasses you’ll have glasses (or an equivalent) you need for virtually every cocktail. If you host parties or host a party for one, you’re only one step from being a becoming a master mixologist at home.

A significant part of mixology is showing. Every glass or cup performs the task of holding a drink. If you have these glasses you’ll be able to create a more appealing visual experience to those who mix with you.

If you’re looking for mixing inspiration, take a look at our extensive selection of cocktails created by the mixologists you love. With our exclusive twist bottle design, you can be sure that your drink will always be tasty and fresh.




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