You have made the decision to move. Behind are the disputes and the choice of a new place to live, and now you are faced with the task of moving your belongings to a new home. You can use the services of Calgary professional movers who will help you pack your belongings, or simply transfer the boxes to transport and help with unpacking at a new location. As a rule, such companies insure transported items for a specified amount, and it is customary to leave a tip for workers: 5-10% of the amount that you pay for transportation. If you can’t afford hiring movers, you can pack your things yourself and move them with the help of friends and family – but in this case, do not forget to thank them with dinner.

Preparing to move

It is best to plan moving with a margin of time of at least a month. During this time, you need to do the following:

  • cancel subscriptions to local deliveries and other services that you used;
  • pay all debts for utilities and the Internet;
  • take the documents from your child’s school;
  • make sure that you have all the necessary documents on hand;
  • to pack.

The last step is very laborious and can take a long time. There are many collection techniques and tips that make moving easier.

How to pack for a move

One of the first pieces of advice you can get when packing things is: get rid of junk and things that are easy to buy in a new place.

If you somehow waited for the moment you could fix the broken chair for a long time, then now is the time to take it out and forget about it. You can put your clothes you don’t need anymore in a garage sale or online auctions, another choice is donating clothes to a charity.

Also make sure that you don’t have to transport perishable foods – use them in recipes for the next few weeks, or give them to the food bank.

In order to transport your belongings, you will need to purchase boxes of different sizes, sticker paper, tape, twine, plastic film and bubble wrap. You can also get moving blankets for your appliances. You can look for places which can give you boxes for free – perhaps some of your neighbors are going to get rid of their boxes after moving, or you can get them in a store nearby. Instead of bubble wrap, you can wrap fragile items with towels.

Packing rules

First of all, it is worth collecting those things that you will not need too much before moving – paintings from the walls, books, decor items and clothes for the season. It is best to fill the boxes tightly and to the top so you are sure that nothing will move during transportation. Put heavy items at the bottom of the boxes, lighter items at the top; for reliability, you can fasten the bottom of the box with tape.

Do you have suitcases? It is convenient to put heavy and bulky items in them, for example, books, or serving dishes. You can even leave clothes where they are: just fold them tightly and fasten the drawers or the locker doors with twine so that they do not open during transportation.

Small houseplants can be put in separate open boxes, large ones just wrapped with foil. Also make sure that fragile items are securely fastened in a container or box – you can fill the free space with wrapping paper.

Closer to moving date

Once again, make sure that you have collected everything you need. Check if you left your house keys, alarm password and other things that remain in the old place. Make sure that you have mobile devices and chargers for them, wipes, wet wipes at hand. Prepare snacks so that you can have a snack on the day of the move, or order delivery right away to a new place. Double check if there are any important documents or things that you don’t want to part with in the house. Follow these tips so your move will go smoothly and feel free to adhere them to your own situation.


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