7+ Most Visited Blog Topics with High CPC

7+ Most Visited Blog Topics with High CPC

Are you a blog owner? Or are you just starting out? Sounds like you have some doubts, If Yes, most bloggers find it difficult to find topics / niches from their blogs. You probably have a million ideas swirling in your head. Or, you may have trouble finding just one. When you decide on a blog topic, you need a clear understanding of who your target audience will be. But that doesn’t mean it gets a smooth road, many of them choose the wrong topic, until they finally stop blogging.

So, what is the lesson from all this?

Instead of writing for whoever your readers are, we need to provide a specific picture of the ideal audience. So instead, we will provide blog topics for you. 

Here are the most visited blog topics:

1. Blog Review

Review blogs are one of the most profitable types of blogs. Some blog reviewers make millions every month from their blogs. If you are interested maybe you can start a review blog to become an authority on the main subject. But we’re going to give you a little bit of how to get started:

  • Select the product you want to review.
  • Understand review sections such as: single, thorough reviews, product alternatives, and good endings.
  • Set up the best domain and hosting.

2. Business

The topic of a business blog is a specialized area focused on a wider market. Creating this niche is especially important for small business owners looking to create a more stable income stream. They can also build a loyal audience, and create a more focused business. Business owners must create quality content with the needs their audience is looking for in order to solve their problems. As its main purpose, a business blog is dedicated to making introductions about the products/services being sold.

3. Gaming

Next you can try niche gaming as the main topic of your blog. the game as a game that stands out to a small group of fans, but is also very loyal. This concept has no drawbacks in terms of loyalty, but because players are naturally drawn to the game itself. When you start writing popular games, that’s where you get the immediate attention of your loyal fans. You don’t need to use any marketing to market your gaming blog, it can naturally attract readers.

4. Tech Support

Technology blogs are a protected area for developers and use of promising technology through experimentation, data and writing. If you publish your posts regularly, then it gets good traction for review. Don’t be afraid of the millions of other tech blogs out there, because there’s no competition for quality. This niche blog has a high click CPC at 0.7 to 1 dollar for one person who clicks on your article.

5. Recipe

The Recipes blog creates content to teach people about making food/drinks and help them find recipes they love. Food bloggers make money through multiple revenue streams such as adsense, sponsorship, affiliates, and content placement.

When creating content, recipes are actually designed to answer questions people ask on search engines. We could make it more complicated, but in essence, that’s the solution. You can even sell food online on a personal blog, with some guidelines, if they sell the product as a digital product, the profit margin is up to 100%.

6. Lifestyle & Beauty

Lifestyle blogs are online journal entries covering people’s daily lives and interests. The contents can vary from beauty tutorials, fashion, hairstyles, home decorations, entertainment, parenting, and others.

Running a blog on this topic can also be a very profitable venture, whether you do it as a hobby or plan to make it your main source of income. The best lifestyle blogs will have a unique selling point that appeals to their target audience, and that attracts interest. You should have no trouble finding a relevant niche once you give your readers what they need.

7. Anime & Manga

This blog aims to provide entertainment for anime fans around the world. Usually this blog contains updated information, reviews, to anime and manga novels for fans. Like any other topic, this requires more special focus. However, you need to review the latest anime watched. CPC anime and manga blogs range from 1K to 4K. So you can create quality posts to attract visitors.

8. Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the most visited blog topics. Compared to other topics, this topic can bring tens of thousands of visitors. This blog contains discussions or information about movies, tv shows, what’s going viral, the latest songs, to celebrity conflicts.

Proper strategic planning is required for the establishment of an entertainment blog. If you are a beginner and want to create a blog on this topic, we provide a few tricks on how to build it:

First :

Choose a name for your business. You must register your entertainment business as a legal entity. Business licenses and permits are required to start an entertainment company.

Second :

Prepare domain and hosting, writers, journalists. If the budget is limited, then you need to prepare the writer and the website.

Third :

Make your site SEO friendly , and of course contain quality content with valid data.


Choosing a blog topic is indeed not easy to turn the palm of the hand, especially the most visited topic. That’s the information we can provide, hopefully it can help!



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