Kasol: An Explorer’s Home

Parvati Kund BanBanjara

Encircled by thick snow capped backwoods and stunning perspectives on the Himalayas, alongside the idiosyncratic and vivid energies of the nearby culture, the valley is a sheer pleasure for all senses. Here is a helpful Kasol trip guide for an extreme mountain excursion.


The mountain village sits in the lovely Parvati Valley, on the banks of the Parvati River. It is a little slope town in the Kullu area of Himachal Pradesh settled among Bhuntar and Manikaran. The most elevated direct ascents toward 5180 feet. The Kasol Bridge partitions the town into Old and New Kasol. The town is otherwise called Little Israel for a critical number of Israeli pioneers, which has additionally impacted the nearby culture.

Best Time to Visit Kasol

Being on the northern piece of Himachal, the climate is commonplace of any high-elevation Himalayan region. The mid-year months, from April to June are radiant and wonderful, making it an ideal opportunity to visit Kasol. For treks and open air sports, the months from March to May are ideal when the climate is warm however cool also. Assuming you need to encounter snow and cold winters, then, at that point, October to February is the best season to visit Kasol. There might be intermittent snow in December or potentially January which could be the greatest month to visit assuming you need a snow-clad scene.

The most effective method to Reach Kasol

Via Train

There is no immediate railroad availability. You can take a train to Joginder Nagar from Chandigarh or Jalandhar and from that point you can employ a taxi in Jalandhar to take you to your destination.

By Road

There are two different ways you can go by street t

By taxi – The most ideal way of coming to my street is to lease a vehicle from Kullu, Manali, Bhuntar, or straight from Delhi. The excursion from Delhi is very picturesque as you enter the stunning valleys of Himachal. The separation from Delhi is around 500 km and requires around 12 hours for the excursion. One can book a taxi in Kasol whenever with Savaari.

By Flight

Kasol doesn’t have any flight availability. Delhi, Chandigarh and Kullu are the main air terminals close by where you can travel to. Be that as it may, the closest runway is Kullu-Manali Airport at Bhuntar, around 11 km from Kullu and 33 km from Kasol. From any of these air terminals, you should book a taxi. One can book a Cab from Manali whenever they arrive at their destination.

Spots to Visit in Kasol

With green knolls, elevated woodlands, frigid streams, and the incomparable Himalayan tops, there are a lot of visiting places.

Here are the absolute best places to go for an extraordinary get-away –

Kasol Parvati Valley – a valley settlement by the Parvati River, speckled with woodlands, towns, and glades. The stream slices through the valley, from the Man Talai glacial mass up north, and finishes into the Beas River close to Kullu.

Manikaran – a journey objective with three normal underground aquifers. Situated at simply 15 minutes’ drive from Kasol, Manikaran Gurudwara sits on the Parvati River and is a holy site for Sikhs and Hindus.

Nature Park – a public nursery and park inside a characteristic nook. One of the most lovely man-made spots to visit, sitting on the banks of the Parvati River and encompassed by thick pine forests and woodland of fir and deodar.

The Nature Park is additionally an optimal spot to walk and run under the shelter of approaching pine trees. As the spot is near numerous famous bistros, guests can likewise enjoy some fascinating foods to finish strong.

What should be done in Kasol

The town and its adjoining regions offer a large group of choices for experience exercises. Here are the absolute best activities in Kasol

Trek to Kheerganga. The Kasol Kheerganga top lies at the opposite finish of the Parvati Valley and is a well known objective for trekkers. Trek through the Pin-Parvati pass, with all encompassing perspectives and thick backwoods. There’s a Shiva sanctuary with a boiling water spring at the pinnacle.

Likewise do a Chalal Trek. A 30-minute trek away from Kasol town is the sluggish little town of Chalal, sitting at 5300 feet. The town is well known for its old-world mountain natural appeal and undisturbed perspectives on snow-covered mountains.

Trek to the antiquated town of Malana. It’s 22 km from Kasol, lined by Parvati Valley and disregarding the Chandrakhani and Deo Tibba pinnacles and houses a one of a kind verifiable local area, shadowed from the advanced world.

You can likewise do a Manikaran trek. It is a well known trek course that begins from Kasol market and requires around 45 minutes (3 km) to arrive at the natural aquifer and sanctuary in Manikaran.

Appreciate setting up camp under the open sky, on the banks of the Parvati River. You can likewise incorporate other fun exercises like huge fire, fishing, trekking and mountaineering from your setting up camp grounds.

Experience the renowned nightlife. The town is speckled with lounges, bars, neighborhood music clubs, where you can party and loosen up the entire night inside a beautiful local area of local people and outsiders.

Go to the Hype Music Festival – perhaps the most famous live concert of Kasol, or the Parvati Shangri-La Festival. The last occasion hosts become very well known among gathering darlings from home and abroad. The yearly celebration highlights hallucinogenic daze exhibitions by popular DJs, and different specialists.


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