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The visa for India

Are you travelling to India? Then you need a Indian Visa Information. Tourists and business travellers can use the electronic visa in PDF format. Applying is easily done through this website, and it costs £39.95 per person

Attention: currently it is not possible for travellers with UK nationality to use the online application form on this website.

Since 15 November 2021, holidays to India are possible again. Since 14 February 2022, post-arrival quarantine is no longer required in India. Read all about Indian Visa FAQ coronavirus rules.

How to apply for the e-visa India

1. Apply for Visa

Indian visa applicationSubmit your application via the online application form.

2. Pay online

Pay onlineSafely pay for the visa cost with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

3. Official visa

Visa by e-mailPrint the visa which you receive by e-mail, and take it with you to India.

Explanation Indian visa

Do I need a visa for my trip to India? All tourists and business travellers with British or Irish nationality must apply for an Indian visa before departure. The same applies to travellers with the nationality of another European country, such as France or Switzerland. Children need their own visas as well. For some years now, going to the consulate or embassy is no longer required for a visa application. The application can be made entirely online, and will be sent by e-mail after granting. You only need to print it out and take it with you on your trip.

Which visa type do I need? If you are travelling to India for a holiday or business trip, you can make use of the electronic visa. This so-called “e-visa India” has the lowest cost and fastest processing time. Tourists can use the “e-Tourist” variant, while business travellers can use the “e-Business” variant. Both electronic visas can be applied for with the same online application form. You can submit an Indian visa application here.

Do you want to stay in India longer than the validity period of the e-visa? Or do you not meet the requirements? Then you need to apply for a physical visa, which will be inserted into your passport by a consular employee. This comes with higher costs and longer delivery times.

Explanation validity visa

Indian visa validity:
The e-visa for India that you can apply for using the online application form on this website allows you to stay in India for 30 consecutive days.

Your visa is valid immediately from the moment your application is approved. You must arrive in India within 30 days. You can apply for your visa as early as you like. To ensure that the validity of your visa has not expired when you arrive in India, your application is automatically processed exactly 3 weeks before departure, if you applied before that.

After you have received your visa, you can still decide to arrive in India three weeks earlier or one week later than the date stated in the form. You can always stay in the country for 30 days, regardless of when you arrive in India.

Requirements for the Indian visa

Are you travelling to India for a holiday or business trip? Then you must abide by the rules and requirements imposed by the immigration authorities on the use of a tourist or business visa. For most travellers, this will not be a problem. However, it is important to check whether you also meet the following requirements:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six more months on arrival in India, and contain two empty pages
  • You must follow the coronavirus rules in India, check them again before travelling
  • You must have already booked a return or transit ticket before the trip to India
  • You must prove that you have sufficient financial means to pay for the entire trip
  • Were you in a country with yellow fever in the six days before your arrival? Then you must be vaccinated against that.
  • Arriving by plane is only allowed at the airports of: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Port Blair, Pune, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum, Varanasi and Vishakhapatnam.
  • Arriving by boat or cruise ship is only allowed at the ports of: Cochin, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai
  • You may also leave India at other locations, for a full list see the visa requirements page
  • You cannot visit certain protected regions in the north-eastern point of India, to the north and east of Bangladesh. These are Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim. Do you want to travel to these areas? Then you need a special permit.

Online Indian visa application

Submitting an Indian visa application is easily done with the online application form. Filling in the online form usually takes no more than fifteen minutes. After filling it in, you pay the visa fee of £39.95 per person. This can be paid for safely and reliably through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. Finally, you must provide a photograph and a passport scan for all travellers in the Indian visa application. These documents can be easily uploaded online, almost all file formats are accepted.

Your visa application is manually checked for errors. First, a visa specialist will check the filled in form for commonly made mistakes. Next, it is checked whether the documents you provided meet the requirements, and match the details filled in on the application form. Do we find an error? Then you are cotacted right away, so that the application can be corrected and processed in time. Is everything correct? Then your visa application is sent to the Indian immigration service for processing.

Your Indian visa is on average granted in a week, urgent cases usually within 24 hours. This is counted from the moment you submit all documents in good order. Are you in urgent need of an Indian visa? Then you can check the option “urgent delivery” in the application form. Urgent applications are checked faster for errors, even outside office hours. A surcharge of £17.50 per visa applies. Urgent applications are also dependant on how busy it is at the immigration service. On average, urgent applications are approved in 24 hours.

Receive the e-visa by e-mail, print it and take it with you on your trip. Keep it in your hand luggage, so that you can show it during your trip. You can view an example e-visa here. Do you still have questions? Please check the frequently asked questions about the Indian e-visa.


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