How to watch ping in Fortnite

How to watch ping in Fortnite

How to watch ping in Fortnite: During the Fortnite game, something unexpected happened. A second before the opponent was in front of you, he suddenly appeared on the other side of the map. A moment’s delay ruined the most epic game in history. Do you want to know how to view ping in Fortnite to see if this problem is due to the network?

Good idea, in fact, if you want, I can help you reach your goal quickly. I assure you, you don’t have to worry. You can quickly check the ping you want to delete on your PC, mobile phone, tablet, or video game console.
In short, no matter which platform you use to play this famous video game, to check the ping, you only need to carefully follow a few simple steps, as shown below.

That being said, if you are not in a hurry to take action and solve the problem seriously, I suggest you sit comfortably, spend a few minutes of free time, and read the following procedures carefully.
How to view ping in Fortnite. The key concept.

What is ping?

If you experience lag when playing Fortnite, probably due to high ping. Therefore, before explaining to you how to view the ping in Fortnite I should give you a brief introduction to explain what ping is and note its optimum value.

Ping is the acronym for Internet Groper ( Group Internet Groper) is a system for measuring the data transmission time from point A to point B (in this case, the data transmission time from device to point B) Fortnite Server ).

It is expressed in milliseconds (ms) and is one of the main indicators to measure the quality of the Internet connection. The optimum value should be a maximum of 80 msec. Above this value, it is considered that the ping is insufficient, and this may cause data transmission delay, which may actually cause a delay problem.

In this tutorial, I will not discuss how to reduce the technical advantages of ping. In this case, if you need more explanation in this regard, I suggest you read my guide specifically for this topic, which explains in detail how to test ping and how to reduce ping.

View ping in Fortnite on PC

If you want to view the ping Fortnite on PC, please start the previously downloaded and installed on the PC game client. Then double-click the icon Fortnite. Select the same icon to the Quick Launch macOS (if you have a Mac ), or start again emitter epic game, then on the main screen, press the start you find anything in Fortnite.

After the start of the game, select the game mode you are interested in (such as the Royal Battle ), the method is its menu items. Press the button and wait for the game to load the ESC, to see the lobby.

At this point, if you want to view the ping in Fortnite, you must start the game (because the options required to activate the game are only visible in the game). After that, press the button game or game (you can see in the screenshot in the lobby ). Wait for the match to find the game to be assigned to you. After the start of the game, click the button ESC on the keyboard, so you can see a team box containing detailed information at the top.

In the menu that appears, click the symbol gear you’ll see in the upper-right gear at the top of the menu bar. Click the tab Interface.

In this case, the screen is set to ensure that goods’ actual error statistics are to right. If not, use to activate the appropriate lever, and press Enter operation request. Then return to the game screen.

As you can see, by activating this menu item, you can find information about PING in the upper left corner of the screen. Please check its value and the instructions provided in the previous chapter to see if there is a higher ping.

From mobile phones and tablets

Even if you Android O iOS (only mode platform Battle Royale ).

To continue, press the icon on the device home screen or drawer (part of all lists) to start the game. Apps and installed games). Waiting for the main screen to load, please refer to the lobby.

Now, a new game starts, so you can activate this option to enable you to view the pings in the game. Then press the button the game is located in the lower right corner. After the game starts, tap the symbol ( ☰ ), you can see it in the upper right corner. In the context menu, click on the gear.

At this point, you will find the settings screen. Press symbol gear you can see in the top menu bar. Click the tag interfaces. Finally, make sure the rumor’s actual debugging statistics are set to, if not, move the lever to activate it.
To confirm the operation, press the button to apply and then return, return to the game screen and view the ping and their relative value.

From the console.

You are playing Fortnite from the console, and want to know if it has a high ping ability to understand if the latency issue is caused by your Internet connection? Don’t worry, this is very simple; follow the instructions in the following lines carefully.

To view the ping in Fortnite from the console, start the game by selecting its icon on the main screen or listing the icons of all installed apps and games. Then, select the game mode you are interested in controller royal battle o save the world. Wait name the main screen to load the lobby and select the button to start new gameplay (in PS4 press the button triangle button on the One the Xbox the Y- ).

Debugging information, and statistics related to the activation option can only be activated using the menu in the game settings. So once you start pressing the button menu in the controller (are options on the PS4 and with the symbol ☰ on Xbox One), so you can view the team information section above.

Now, a symbol selecting gears using the buttons on the controller is displayed on the screen (e.g., on a press PS4 R2 ). Go to the interface located below the display menu.

Finally, make sure that the menu item is active the actual debugging statistics or up lever is in, and confirm the operation. Return to the game screen to display the ping value in the upper left corner.
So far, how to view ping entries in Fortnite.


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