How To Take Advantage Of Dead Times And Revive It

Take Advantage Of Dead Times

How To Take Advantage Of Dead Times And Revive It: Taking advantage of downtime at work can become the cornerstone of your business .

I never tire of saying that productivity and time management are the most important skills to master if you want to make your business scalable.

Still don’t know why? Here are some of my most exclusive tips on it!

You Have The Record In Lost Hours

Stop for a moment to think and remember the routine in your day to day. You get up, you wash yourself…

You begin to lose hours and time in activities that do not bring you any financial benefit: public transport to go to work, mail and message management, administrative tasks, etc.

And what’s the worst thing you can do?

Continue as if nothing happened, while profitability and profit slip through your fingers.

Take Advantage Of Dead Times And Revive Them, Now!

Starting to think about daily productivity can seem like a challenge at first.

Many times and for the most chaotic, implementing a routine based on taking advantage of downtime can seem impossible. And never further from reality!

Today’s life full of stress, tasks, work, family… In short, it forces you to organize your time as if it were a Tetris game.

And it is there, in that key of organization, where the difference between good and bad professionals; those who achieve success and those who stay at their doors.

The 5 Situations In Which You Can Take Advantage Of Downtime

Many times we have to travel long distances to the workplace or simply to pick up the children from school. There are also times when we have to wait for someone, for example before an interview or meeting.

What to do with all that time left in the trunk of memories…?

Here are some of my more time management tips ! Take out a pencil and paper and take notes.

1. In Transportation (When You Don’t Drive)

Do you use public transport to move around your city? Do you travel to other cities by train or other means of transport in which you do not drive?

The moments you spend in train stations, bus, departure lounges, etc. They are situations that make you lose hours and hours, throughout a day or in your professional trips.

In those moments, you can read a good book that deals with topics about your sector of activity, or a novel that you cannot read at another time , and take advantage of the downtime to increase your training and your literary culture.

In my case, I usually accompany it with a small pencil that allows me to underline or make small notes in the margin.

If it’s more comfortable for you, you can also try taking an ebook with you and use the electronic format to travel with your favorite texts.

2. Put Technology At Your Service

There are those who prefer to spend those minutes during a trip to reflect or even contemplate the landscape.

Or maybe you prefer to take advantage of downtime, because you know that every second taken advantage of is hours ahead of your competition .

Keep in mind that audiobooks allow you to listen to content in a pleasant and entertaining way without realizing it. Little by little you assimilate ideas and acquire knowledge of taking advantage of a situation that would otherwise be impossible .

3. The Wonder Of Hands-Free

I don’t know if it happens to you, but it does happen to me that I have to move from one place to another in the same day.

They are short trips that apparently cannot be used, but you can make your pending calls through the hands-free and thus you do not have to take time away from other tasks .

A trick to take advantage of downtime without leaving anything in the pipeline: if you want not to forget anything of the conversation that you have been able to have, tell your interlocutor to send you an email as a reminder.

4. Long Journeys And “Poor” Time

In short, don’t you think it’s a nuisance to have to spend 2 hours locked up on the train or on the plane, seeing how productivity escapes you?

Here you have the possibility to put together everything you have learned before and take advantage of it at length to organize appointments, train yourself, attend back calls and even make an initial outline of your next info product .

5. The Wait Before A Meeting Can Be Endless…

They make an appointment for an hour, and they show up 30 minutes later. Should you resign yourself to all that time being wasted?

I do not think so.

Answering all the late emails can be one of the best ways to take advantage of downtime in those spaces of boredom.

If you have a smartphone, it will be easier for you to open your inbox and start with the 1,500 emails pending to be answered.

Do you still leave your productivity in the hands of luck or are you going to start taking advantage of downtime?


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