How to open JNLP files. A few days ago, the boss asked him to analyze some files with the help of a specific program previously loaded into the computer. USB storage. However, after connecting the device to a PC, you notice that the format is associated with applications Kuomintang, which you’ve never seen before expansion, and therefore can not manage.

In order to avoid convening a good meeting and complete the work assigned to him as soon as possible, he immediately opened up Google to find information about how to open a JNLP file to the end of this guide. Well, I want to tell you right away, you have come to the right place, this couldn’t be better! However, before proceeding, let me provide you with more information on this topic. JNLP extension identifies a specific type of file, which is designed to start the software with the following language: the Java’s, its code is in the network.

This type of application program is nothing more than downloading the code of the program to be executed to the PC, starting immediately after executing the first valid instruction. In other words, the JNLP file is nothing more than the “launcher” of the So Java program. To start it correctly, you must first install the Java environment on your work PC. In the next few lines, I will describe how to do this in Windows and macOS. I promise to follow the instructions I will provide you.

How to open JNLP files in Windows

As I have already mentioned in the introductory line of this tutorial, the file KMT is using the “Launcher” Web applications written in the language Java. They contain information about the Internet address where the executable file of the real program is located, and the initial class to be called (that is, the first useful “instruction” to start the execution flow of the Java application). problem)

In other words, the JNLP file is nothing more than the launcher of programs written in Java, and it resides somewhere on the Internet. Therefore, to open such files (and the programs associated with them) correctly, you must install the Java environment on your PC in advance.

Java installation

If you have Windows and want to open the file Kuomintang but you did not complete Java installation, you can run coverage as follows: first, to connect to the Java Web site, press the button to accept and continue to comply with regulations on Cookies. Then click the button Java free download to access the software installation page.

In this case, click the button to accept and start downloading free Download the installation file (for example JavaSEuXXXX. EXE file ). Once downloaded, start the program mentioned, and then press the button to immediately start the Java environment setup process.

Then click on the button to install your wish to proceed, if the announcement about the Oracle Java SE road map appears, press the button to accept confirm that you have read. From now on, the installation of the Java environment should be completed automatically. You can view the progress in the following ways green bar attached to the window displayed on the screen. Finally, press the Open button in the warning window related to the completion of the installation.

It is said that the game is now complete: the PC on the PC JNLP file you want to start and double-click it, just start other programs, like after a few seconds, if all goes well, you should see a security notice and file Implementation related.

If the file is not open, you can right-click its icon and select the item. Open…>Other/Other Applications From the suggested menu: When entering the selection panel, select the application Java(TM) Web Launcher from the list of available programs.

After ensuring that the author of the post is trustworthy, click the RUN button to confirm whether you need to open the relevant program and wait for the corresponding Java application to open. That’s it!

Note: Please note that the JNLP file, because Java applications on the Internet may contain surprises like a virus malware, and so on. Therefore, to avoid accidental damage to your data or PC, be sure to start only you know where they came from files.

If there’s a problem opening JNLP files 

Wait, are you telling me you failed you open the file KMT recommendations above techniques, even if you follow all instructions provided, it may need to “re-association” JNLP extensions to the Java execution, in order to communicate with Java. The OS opens the application of the relevant file type.

How simple: First, right-click the problem JNLP file, and then click the Properties appended to the recommendation of the context menu, open the tab General and press the button to change. This section opens with.

At this point, click on the item. Other applications … they- search for other applications on this PC is then displayed on the screen using the “File Explorer” / “Windows Explorer” panel, go to the file folder that contains the following Java executable file (in most In case, C: program file (x86) Java jrexxx_yyy box o C: program file (x86) Java jrexxx_yyy bin ). Then select the file that executes the program double-click. Finally, in the file’s properties screen, press the accept button, and then try to double-click to execute it again: guaranteed result!

How to open JNLP files on Mac

One of the strengths of programs written in Java is their cross-platform nature. In fact, these types of applications can run on any operating system previously installed in the Java environment. Thus, as Windows can see, the first thing to do is to open JNLP files on macOS will continue to install the entire Java system.

What’s wrong is very simple: again, you must first connect to the Java download page. Then click the button to accept and continue to agree to use the cookie. After clicking the button Java free download and press the button to repeat the operation accept and start your free download attached to the following screen.

Once you get the installation file (eg jre-xxx-macosx-x64.dmg ), please run it without hesitation, and then double-click the package icon in the window that appears on the screen to start the Java environment installation process.

In this case, click the button to open the write passwords from Mac in the next text box, press the Setup Wizard and follow the on-screen instructions to continue. You should do is click a button to install (if necessary, repeat the operation in the dialog box associated with the acceptance within the Oracle Java SE roadmap) and open it to complete the installation process.

At this stage, all you have to do is to find the JNLP file you want to open and right-click to select its preview. Click “Open” from the suggested menu, and then confirm whether you want to open the file by pressing “Open”. You should only do this when you open the file for the first time to “bypass” the restrictions that macOS imposes on apps for non-certified developers.

If everything is heading in the right direction, the system will display a summary screen in the application you are trying to open. If the author of the message is consistent with your expectations, please press RUN or run start immediately executable file, you’re done.

If there’s a problem opening JNLP files 

If you try to open the JNLP file according to the above instructions, absolutely nothing happens. You may need to restore the association of this type of file, thus indicating to Caozuoxitong for opening their correct procedures (in this case, the Java launcher).

It is very simple to do this. First, right-click the JNLP file any person to select the item to get information expanded from the proposed context menu opens and click the appropriate arrow through. Then, select the item from the drop-down menu, plus …, and wait for the window to open the document that will be used to select a program.

At this point, the drop-down menu at the top of the movement (originally developed by the project identification applications ) Options Mac (your name). Select the Mac disk to start from the left side of the window, using the adjacent panel, go to the folder System> Library> CoreServices then select the application Java Web Getting the right list pane. If you can not select, configure this option carefully all the applications in the drop-down menu allows .

When finished, click the button plus for all JNLP files that start with the same application, press the button to edit all …… they- follow.

Problems and errors

After trying to open a JNLP file if you are experiencing a disturbing error message? Therefore, the problem may be due to the digital signature associated with the file itself.

By default, Java application execution policies in macOS are more restrictive than those established in Windows. Therefore, some applications that do not have a valid digital signature may not work properly. Solving this shortcoming is relatively simple: in fact, it can be ensured that the digital signature is not controlled at all, so you can run any type of JNLP file without compromising security-related errors.

However, keep in mind that doing so may compromise system security because there are no valid signatures JNLP file which could pose a threat to the integrity of the data and the PC.

Do you still want to continue? Well, no problem first, log on to set the Mac icon gear attached to the bar marina. Select the project Java and wait for the configuration panel to open automatically. If you do not happen, click the button to re-open the Java Control Panel.

In this case, click the tab advanced.  Next to the item checkmark is placed a non-authentication (not recommended ) corresponding to the revocation of the certificate signed code check is performed. Was repeated using the same element, and the portion corresponding to the operation performed on the TLS certificate revocation checking. Finally, remove the checkmark from the entry to enable the exclusion list to revoke verification. And press the button to make the changes effective application y good.

Once this is done, try again to open the JNLP file through the process described above of interest to you: You should not have a problem!