Download UBER for PC, Windows, Android and Mac

Download UBER for PC, Windows, Android and Mac

Download UBER for PC, Windows, Android, and Mac now and say goodbye to boring traffic. Getting stuck in traffic after work is no way to end the day. It’s not the best one to start the day either. You might have probably seen that the number of cars on the streets is increasing thus increasing the possibility of getting stuck in between cars as well. But with Uber in your device, you can share and ride together with others lessening the running vehicles on the road.

Uber is a location-based application compatible with both Android and iOS users. It has two functions. One is for the passengers and the other is for the drivers. It is efficient and easy to use. It is an app that allows a rider to hire a driver in a faster and cheaper way.


The UBER app is convenient, low-cost, and safe. Using your smartphone or iPhone, you can hire private drivers with just a tap. The drivers pick you up wherever you are at a given time within minutes, you can track the driver you are hiring while coming to get you.


Download the app for your Android and iOS devices via BlueStacks. Go to BlueStacks and download the installer. After installing, open the app and search for Uber Click the install button and follow further instructions. Install it on your device and you can start using the app. For the entire process, refer below.

  1. Sign – up first to create an account
  2. After registration, download the UBER app via BlueStacks on your Android, iPhone, or Windows phone.
  3. If you want to see the cost of your ride, use Uber Estimate.
  4. Set up the payment method you prefer. Available methods are via credit card and linking your Paypal account. This means that you need not carry a waddle of cash with you whenever you ride using Uber. You can have a cashless and safe ride!
  5. Open the app when you need a ride, enter your pick-up location, and select the car you prefer.

Note: Remember, a passenger must be at least 18 years old to be able to ride using the app.


Be your own boss, set your own working hours, and earn your wage in the comforts of your own vehicle. Say goodbye to your 9-5 work and say hello to freedom and flexibility.

Uber is a way for drivers to be engaged and be sociable with their passengers. It develops their social and communication skills as well as they tour around the city.

Uber Requirements for Drivers

  1. At least 21 years old
  2. Owns his/her own 4-door vehicle
  3. A car not older than a 2006 model although it depends on the city you are located
  4. Valid car insurance
  5. Up to date driver’s license for at least a year
  6. No major criminal history

After applying, you will receive a detailed e-mail with further instructions on how to get on with your Uber private driver experience.


Don’t worry, Uber is as safe as it can get. Passengers can rate the drivers anonymously and drivers can rate the passengers vice – versa. This will give heads up for the passenger if the driver is in trouble and for the driver to know ahead if the passenger is a pain.

For the passengers, they will be able to see the name, license, plate number, photo, and rating of the driver who will pick them up. If you forgot something in the car, you can contact the driver to get your item back.

For the drivers, the passengers are registered in the app. They can see the name and phone number of the person requesting a pick-up. Upon accepting, the driver already has no idea who he/she will be picking up.


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