How to have unlimited money in The Sims

How to have unlimited money in The Sims

How have unlimited money in the “Sims” in . Your enthusiasm for life simulators brings you into what has quickly become one of your favorite video games: The Sims . For you, the beauty of the game lies in its unparalleled diversity and the possibility of creating new architectural and decorative solutions. But, unfortunately, slow down your creativity is your Sims to Gardner all the money you need … to immediately spend a lot of money and unlimited release your creativity will become more interesting, right?

Do you want to know how to do it? Well, if you think I can explain how to have unlimited money in “The Sims” in all of the symbols in order to be able to effect the desired your creation to be on all major platforms on the use of game: PC, PS4 and so on. I hope so relaxed in this environment in real life , no?
If you are eager to start earning money in The Sims, please take a few minutes of free time and follow the suggestions I have prepared for you. Hurry up, relax, start your favorite “The Sims” and continue reading my guide. I just hope you have a good reading and have fun!

How to have unlimited money in The Sims. What you should know is:

Before entering this tutorial how to have unlimited money in “The Sims” in our must list the necessary precondition in this regard.

First of all, it must be said that using cheating techniques in The Sims will not only have a positive impact in the game (such as enjoying all the Simoleons you want), but also a negative impact. However, you don’t need to panic, because these negative effects are only related to specific circumstances and will not indiscriminately affect every game of the series.

I refer in particular to the proposed “Sims” version of the device for the robot the y- iOS , only by changing the game and destroy the game files to “manipulate.”

In contrast, in the version of PC and console (PS4 and the One the Xbox ) Germany Sims 4 , and even encourage game creators encourage cheating, the players enjoy the game creators eager desire to get more creative freedom, because it only It may be possible to explore functions that are difficult or impossible in the game. turn up.

However, you should know that although cheating on the PC and the console does not pose any serious risk, but when the automatic use the player, it disables the possibility to unlock trophies and goals – this is a precautionary measure to prevent the stunt players Unleash famous achievements, and these achievements must be attributed to the player’s skills (not “intelligence”).

Before All in all, continue the “real cheats The Sims for PC, PS4 and Android”, remember to activate the cheat applied to save your progress . Can you ask me what I mean? Simple: When using tricks, and saving game progress will still be “marked” by cheats, so even if you disable them to restore unlocked trophies and targets, you will still not be able to get them.

If you want to restore the unlocking of trophies and achievements, you must start a new game with the newly saved game. I also want to clarify that cheating applies not only to everyone in the game, but also to everyone in the game.

Perfect, in these premises, everything is ready, you can discover how to have unlimited money in the “Sims” in . I just need to invite you to feel comfortable, open the game and follow this tutorial to have fun!

How to have unlimited money in the PC version of The Sims

If you decide to indulge in all the symbols you need in your creation, all you have to do in the PC version of The Sims 4 is to continue reading this tutorial entry.

To have more Simoleons, the first thing you have to do is to activate the call command skills , specifically for inserting the code prepared by the developer. Then open the console by simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + C. (The same combination also applies to Mac ).

In the game, please be careful to press these keys. You will now find that you have opened a IOUs , left: on the inside can write a button to complete the necessary skills and make sure your application now .
You can now enter skills to earn more money: Enter word in the open console rosebud O KaChing immediately win 1,000 simoleons . Do they seem to be very few? Then use the command motherlode to get the beautiful 50,000 simoleons .

Want to know what to do if there are not even more than 50,000 simoles? no problem! You can always write the truth test or test cheating click the button OK and then write Dinero , then you want to get much money. For example, money 1,000,000 or 1,000,000 money will give you 1,000,000 simoleons .

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the required code, and then continue to insert it until the required quantity is reached. Once you have all the funds you need, you can give up the console maquillaje and press Ctrl + Shift + C again …

How to have unlimited money in the Sims on PS4

Are you referring to the gaming platform PlayStation 4? Great, because I also have a solution so that you have all the money you want for PS4’s “The Sims 4” .

Start the game immediately from the save you want. After starting the game, you will need to execute the key combination L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 (actually all the back buttons of the controller) to open the command control . You will notice that you have correctly pressed the button, because you will almost immediately see the IOUs enter the code in the upper left.

Now, the first thing you should do is to write in the column truth test or test cheating and respond well to confirm the activation of cheating on request. Then continue with rosebud O KaChing get 1,000 simoleons . Or write motherlode to increase funds by 50,000 simoleons.

Is there not enough money in The Sims? Then use the trick to get the number you need: enter dinero , and then add as many simoleons as needed so that they can be used immediately. You understand correctly: for example, if I write one million money you will get better it 1,000,000 simoleons to get more Sims in your account!

Once you have all the funds you need, click at the same time to close the top bar L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 . At this point, everything is ready, everything is ready, you can have the money you need in The Sims 4 on PS4, I hope you can create beautiful things and have fun!

How to have unlimited money in Sims FreePlay

Do you want to play “The Sims” anywhere and share all your progress and creation with friends and online in real time? Then you probably play the Sims game for free on your Android or iOS mobile device! On the other hand, it is the most famous mobile version of this famous life simulator series. However, if you are reading these columns, then you are looking for a way to have unlimited money or at least more money in The Sims FreePlay.

Well, you should know that this version of “The Sims” is completely free, therefore, simoleon earnings based on micro-transactions (with real money player’s ability to perform activities in the game) or. What does it mean? In short, this means that cheating does not mean support for the efforts and creativity of developers, and developers, but wanted to give everyone a chance to play for free in your life simulator
Because of this, we are not talking about skills, but about “hackers” ; the official does not support its use in The Sims in any way, but the ban (which permanently excludes it from the game) has been severely affected Punishment.

You may have noticed that there are ways to get unlimited gains in The Sims FreePlay, a network for example, by downloading a modified version of the game includes APK packages. I would like to inform you immediately, similar solutions would pose a risk to your equipment, because in addition to the official version , the developer can not control these files, and may contain el malware could seriously harm your phone or tablet.

How to have unlimited money in The Sims

If your favorite Android or iOS version of The Sims is Sims Mobile, then you will also look for a way to unleash your creativity by having all the necessary Simoleons to create unique houses and furniture.

I know you, cheating with “The Sims” seems almost traditional, precisely because they can help you have fun anytime and anywhere. However, I must warn you that the mobile version of this simulated version does not officially support cheating software such as PCs and consoles.

If you want to know why, the answer is simple: The Sims Mobile is a free game, developed by developers, that everyone can play without spending a euro. This means that the work of the creator of the simulated transaction is fully supported by microtransactions to purchase risky currencies.

Resorting to unofficial solutions, for example there are some places offering unlimited Simoleon funds, or download package APK After modification, you will have the risk of infection virus on your device, or suffer the theft of personal data .

As you may have guessed, this is too dangerous to run. In short, the expression “the game is not worth it” is appropriate! Therefore, my suggestion is to continue playing the official version of “The Sims” and be fully alert to dangerous shortcuts.



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