This is Stumble Guys, the copy of Fall Guys for mobile

This is Stumble Guys, the copy of Fall Guys for mobile

The developers are clear that being on consoles and PC is not enough to have a broad player base. Titles like Fortnite , PUBG or Genshin Impact knew how to perfectly read this need, a place that Fall Guys has not yet reached , which has returned to fame but is still outside the mobile market , the most important in terms of volume of players. That void has been filled by Stumble Guys , a title that perfectly imitates the features of Mediatonic’s work.

And after a little over a year available for Android and iOs, the Kitka Games title has achieved an absolute record of 18 million simultaneous players and 32.8 million downloads, spectacular data that explains the importance of being present on these devices . And all this has generated nothing more and nothing less than 6.6 million dollars in profit, something that Epic Games would like well for its coffers.

And this resemblance is not accidental. You just have to see most of its tests, which are an identical copy with slight tweaks to adapt to the capabilities of the mobile. What’s more, the game’s biggest download peak, 1.5 million , came 4 days after Fall Guys ‘ free-to-play release . In fact, this sudden prestige has allowed the studio to work on its arrival on the computer.

Everything you need to know about Stumble Guys

Each game will bring together 32 users instead of the usual 60 of the game in which they are inspired. You can enter the queue alone or with a group of friends, although for this we will need to create a room and share the code with all of them. There will be 3 rounds in total: in the first only 16 are classified; in the second, 8; and in the last one there is only one winner left. These will not last more than 10 minutes if you reach the end, something that makes it perfect and very easy to enjoy wherever you are.

Depending on our result in the game, we will receive more or less game coins, which we can use to buy cosmetics in the store. The customization of the characters covers both their skin color, their face, their expression and even the animation of their movements .

The worst thing about the game is its controls . Not because they are bad, but because of the fact that we have to resort to touch screen analogs to move the character, something that will take us some time to get used to. The button that appears on the right is to jump (one click) or pounce (double click). And another aspect to highlight is the limited variety of maps, something that should be updated for the future if they want to keep a good part of their users.

Despite being a very obvious copy, they have been able to give it its own identity . For example, they have unique mechanics, such as capture the flag or dodge laser attacks (there are also some other copies) and the characters have many more customization options, in addition to the fact that private games have the same validity as public online ones. And the physics are totally different: you will be surprised by falling senselessly in various areas of the map.

Is Stumble Guys worth playing ?

It is a perfect option to play with friends and kill time. It doesn’t take up too much space on mobile, the games are fast and dynamic, they have a battle pass full of cosmetics and, although it doesn’t have very varied maps, the ones it does have are hilarious. For a few laughs it is outstanding, although if you are looking for more depth and regularity it may end up falling short.

If you haven’t tried Stumble Guys yet , we recommend doing so as soon as possible. All of its content is quickly blown up, but it’s guaranteed to give you a few laughs. To play it, you will simply have to download it on Android or iOS . Enjoy the mobile title experience!


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