How to change NAT PS4?


How to change NAT PS4? If you are a PlayStation 4 client, it is likely that you are using NAT configuration. This is one of the most complicated and tedious aspects when configuring our video game consoles, which is no secret to anyone. But the good news is that everything has a solution.

NAT configuration, although always causing discomfort among users, is something we must pay special attention to, especially if we want to play online games. A good configuration will ensure that we have a stable connection and use PSN without problems.

NAT type

If you come here because you are interested in more information about NAT configuration and how we can change it for better connection and use PSN without so many problems. Most likely, you are experiencing crashes, slowdowns, and annoying delays. If you encounter this situation, don’t worry, we will help you improve your connection.

About NAT configuration needs to be clarified first thing is there are three types of NAT different:
According to experts on the subject of NAT, it seems that the most attractive recommendation is Type 2, which is medium. This configuration allows us to have a stable Internet connection and is also one of the most secure configurations.

If what you want is to play online games on the PS4 is not recommended configuration type 3 NAT, because it is up to the type of errors or defects that occur. For its part, Type 1 provides an excellent Internet connection, but its security level is not high.

Steps to change NAT on PS4

The safest is the access option part of our console display from PlayStation NAT type is type 2. But if you have some troubles and want to increase your online experience, the wisest approach is to change the NAT. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Set a static IP for your PS4

The first step we must do is to establish a static IP address for our video game consoles. We will need an IP that will not be randomly modified.

Go to ” Settings
Click ” System
Click ” System Information
Write down the IP address and what the system shows you
Now you have to go to the “Settings” section and enter “Network” and then “Configure Internet Connection”. You will be asked to choose how to configure the connection. You must select ” Habit ” and then click “Manual”.

Complete the data What will the system ask you:

IP address : (the one you copied earlier)
Subnet mask: location
Gateway: This is the address of your router
DNS elementary and middle school
If they ask you questions about MUT settings, you should select “Auto”. Finally, click ” Do not use ” in the proxy server, but if you use a proxy, select the “Use” option. You already have a static IP address on your PS4

Step 2: Open the manual port

In the browser, the IP address of your router, almost always or Then enter your username and password to access the configuration.

Make sure that the UPnP option is enabled. Now go to the NAT section and continue to manually configure the connection port.

The ” server IP address ” means your PS4’s static IP. Now you must configure some ports and protocols. Here, we leave to you which ports should be placed and how should be configured on the router:
External port internal port protocol IP address

80 80 TCP IP of your PS4

443 4 TCP IP of PS443

5223 4 TCP IP of PS5223
3478 3478 TCP and UDP IP of your PS4

3479 3479 TCP and UDP IP of your PS4

3480 3480 TUDP IP of your PS4



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