Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Engage Wave 4 DLC Gets Release Date

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Engage Wave 4 DLC has been given a release date. The expansion, which adds new story content, characters, and gameplay features to the popular tactical RPG, will be available on March 24. The DLC will be the final release for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, bringing an end to the game’s post-launch content updates.

Engage Wave 4 will include four new characters, including Rhea, Balthus, Constance, and Hapi. It will also add new classes, quests, paralogues, and costumes for players to enjoy. The DLC will be available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $24.99.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been a critical and commercial success since its release in 2019. The game has received praise for its engaging story, deep tactical gameplay, and memorable characters. The Engage Wave DLC has been highly anticipated by fans, who are eager to continue their adventures in the world of Fire Emblem.

Overall, Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Engage Wave 4 DLC looks like a great addition to the game’s already impressive content. With new characters, classes, and story content to explore, players will have plenty to keep them busy as they delve deeper into the world of Fire Emblem.


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