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Please note that all foreign nationals require visa to travel to India. There is no facility for visa on arrival in India and therefore appropriate visa must be obtained before entering India by air, sea or land.

Please go through this page carefully for proper understanding of visa procedure in order to ensure that your Apply Indian Visa is complete in every respect. This will help in easy and correct submission of visa application in the first instance and avoid unnecessary delay in processing of your application. An incomplete application is liable to be rejected. The visas issued are valid w.e.f. the date of issue and hence it is advised to apply for visa closer to the travel date.


1. How to apply for regular visa

  • The High Commission of India follows Online Visa procedure and handwritten / manually typed visa applications are not accepted. To access the online form, applicants must go to the link and click on “Regular visa application”. Select “New Zealand – Wellington” as an option for the “Mission Field”.

[Note: Please use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers. Online visa form is not compatible with Safari browser. It may not work on mobile phone browsers or Apple devices].

  • Completely fill up the visa application form, without leaving any column blank.
  • Please indicate your permanent address as that of your native country.
  • Upload your photo vertically and not horizontally. Please save / submit your application and take a printout only after you have uploaded your photograph. You will have to re-fill the application form if you fail to upload your photograph. For detailed photo upload instructions, please visit
  • Once the online application is completed press ‘submit’ after which an application ID No. starting with NZLWV….will be generated, which should be noted carefully and quoted in all references in this regard made to the High Commission.
  • Thereafter, the online application form must be printed and duly signed on page 1 and page 2 (declaration) and submitted to the High Commission of India, Wellington along with two latest photographs (2” X 2”), prescribed visa fee, passport in original and the required documents for processing of visas. Procedure for submission and documents required for different types of visas are detailed below.

NOTE: Kindly provide your latest and complete contact details on the visa form. Suppression of facts and false / incomplete / inaccurate information will not only result in delay / denial of visa but may also debar the applicant from getting visa in future. Visa application may be accepted, modified or refused by the High Commission of India and its decision in the matter shall be final. The High Commission reserves the right to withhold any application submitted for an in-depth examination. Personal interviews by the Visa Officer with applicants may be required in some cases.

Validity of regular visa is effective from the date of issue and not from the date of travel. Indian Visa for US Citizens are not issued from a future date to match applicant’s itinerary.

2. Visa fees and mode of payment of regular visa:

The application fee (in NZD) for common visa categories only for New Zealand passport holders is as below:

Visa Type Tourist Entry* Business Employment Student Medical
6 months or less $156 $126 $202 $224 $126 $126
1 year $156 $187 $202 $307 $126 $187
5 years $307 $307 $383 $458 $126

* Persons of Indian origin holding foreign passport, their spouses and children must apply for Entry visa to visit India (Refer para 4.2 below for documents required)

Visa Fee for applicants holding other than New Zealand passport is available at the link:

IMPORTANT: Every visa application must be accompanied by visa checklist : Click Here To Download Visa Checklist 

Processing Time:

  • New Zealand / Samoa / Niue Passport / The Cook Islands / Vanuatu: 5 – 8 Working Days
  • Other than NZ / Samoa / Niue Passport / The Cook Islands / Vanuatu: 5 – 10 Working Days
  • Pakistan, PR China & Sri Lanka: No Time Limit

NOTE: Duration of a particular visa will be decided by the Chief Visa Officer / Visa Officer

Mode of Payment of Fees: 

  • At High Commission’s Counter – by Debit Card only. We do not accept Cash/Credit Cards/Money Orders/Credit Card/bank cheques etc.
  • By Courier/Post –
  • Online Bank Transfer Click here
  • Fees once received will not be refunded under any circumstances, even if the application is withdrawn by the applicant or services are not provided to the individual if his/her case does not qualify for that particular services

3. Common documents required for different types of regular visa:

3.1. Common documentation required for all categories of visa:

  1. Completed and signed visa application form with photo uploaded vertically.
  2. Original passport valid for at least six months from the date of travel.
  3. Two photographs (2”X2”). Photographs can be cut with scissor to bring to the required dimension if it is any larger. If you do not have two identical photographs as you uploaded online, please make sure that you are providing your latest and similar matching photographs. [For detailed photograph specification, visit]
  4. Visa fee as per the fee schedule given at the link:
  5. Additional form for non-New Zealand nationals / those holding dual nationality available at
  6. In case applicant was an Indian national before, proof of renunciation of Indian citizenship in the form of cancelled passport or Indian Citizenship Renunciation / Surrender Certificate is required.
    If the Indian passport is not officially cancelled, submit the original Indian passport for cancellation along with requisite form and fee as per the procedure given at the link / acquiring Indian passport or travelling on Indian passport after acquiring foreign citizenship is an offence under Indian Passport Act, 1967 and attracts penalties.
  1. Self-addressed registered courier envelope with tracking facility.

3.2. Additional documentation for minors (children under 18 years of age) common to all types of visas

  1. Copy of birth certificate of the minor applicant. In case the status of minor’s father is unknown, a Statutory Declaration attested by Justice of Peace is required from the mother stating the same.
  2. First and last pages of both parent’s current passports.
  3. Copies of current or cancelled Indian passports of parents of Indian origin. Children of parents of Indian origin are eligible for Entry visa which is in their own interest since Entry visa has far fewer restrictions vis-à-vis other kinds of visas.
  4. Signature of both parents on the visa application form or no objection letter (letter of consent) signed by the parent not signing on the visa application form.
  5. In case of single parent / guardian, additional documentary proof such as copy of custody orders from a court/ death certificate of the deceased parent / proof of single parent status.

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