7 things you should do before putting your TV up for sale

7 things you should do before putting your TV up for sale

In this complete guide, you will know some tips and everything you should do before putting your television on sale.

Because, why keep a television that we do not use, especially when another person could benefit from it by giving it a second life, you will earn some money and the environment will not suffer for it. And, whatever the reason, we are here to give you some advice so that you can sell your TV with the maximum guarantees. Attention @ because surely there are many things that you are not taking into account.

Think of your TV is worth selling

Virtually any television you want to sell will be able to find a new home quickly as it can still offer hours and hours of entertainment.

Research the best place to put it up for sale

7 things you should do before putting your TV up for sale

Surely the first thing that has occurred to you is to use apps to sell your TV, but believe us when we tell you that it may not be the best option to sell quickly and safely. In the event that you find a buyer, and they do not want to haggle to the extreme, you will have to take the television to the agreed point with all that that implies (and what we will talk about later). And what other alternative is there?

Provides all the information and details about the TV

One of the best tips that we can give you if you want to sell your television is to have as much information as possible about it. Do not limit yourself to indicating the price and measurements of the TV, also indicate which model it is, if you have the box and the original remote control if it is a smart TV or not, all the connections it has, the weight and practically any type of defect or special quality that it has. In short, everything you would like to know about if you had to buy a second-hand television.

But where can I find all this information? Well, on the manufacturer’s website or even in the instruction book (if you still have it). You will only have to find the model of your television and copy all the characteristics in your sale advertisement.

Put a price on it

Deciding what price to sell your TV for is probably the hardest part. If you sell a fairly common model, for your luck or misfortune, chances are that you will find other people who are also selling it. This can serve as a reference, but it will also limit the price range you can put on it.

If this is not your case and you have a very old or rare TV, we recommend that you search the internet for other people who are selling televisions with similar sizes and characteristics.

Take good pictures of the product

The photos go a long way to ensuring that anyone who is thinking of buying your television is sure of the condition and characteristics of the television and if it is priced accordingly.

One of the photography tips that we can give you is to take several pictures while the TV is on. And this why? First, because you will already be giving information to the potential buyer that the TV works and also, you will not have to deal with reflections or the flash on the unlit TV screen when you take the photo.

Another tip is to photograph the back, where all the connections are, such as the TV remote, since they are small details that can be overlooked in the product information (because yes, everyone prefers to see a photo to read a text).

Finally, the last tip to sell your TV when it comes to photography is that… Clean the TV before taking photos! The newer and more careful the TV appears in the images, the easier it will be to sell it at the price you want.

Make sure to delete personal information

Before you unplug your television to put it on sale, remember that you must log out of all the applications you have used. If you have a television from a few years ago, it will not be necessary, but if you have a modern Smart TV you surely have to.

The way to do it varies according to each television model. You may have to enter each application individually to erase the data, or there may be a global option to format the television from the settings menu.

Pack and transport the TV with care

By far the most difficult aspect of selling your television is getting it out of your home and into someone else’s. And it is that your major mistake may be to underestimate this step since a false foot or a swerve and there will be no television that is worthwhile. We don’t want to be catastrophic either but keep in mind that TVs are bulky, heavy, and very, very fragile (especially older ones).

Finally, remember that the best way to think about transporting a television is to think of it as a piece of glass because basically, it is. Do not twist it, do not put any weight on the screen, and if you can ask for help to carry it anywhere.

And here are our tips to sell your TV quickly, safely and with the guarantee of obtaining the maximum amount of money possible. We are sure that if you follow all our advice you will be able to sell any television without complications. Leave us other tips for selling televisions in the comments! The more the merrier.


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