Xiaomi walks its robotic dog CyberDog

Xiaomi walks its robotic dog CyberDog

Xiaomi wanted to compete with the Boston Dynamics robotic dog at its Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 stand . His ‘CyberDog’, which is the name of his quadruped robot, was presented for the first time last summer in China, but they wanted to give it more prominence at the Fira de Barcelona .

At the event, Xiaomi demonstrated how its CyberDog moves, which is capable of jogging, pawing, dancing and standing up on its hind legs . People who have attended the MWC have been able to see how the robot does everything that many want to teach their furry friends.

According to the Chinese company, the robotic dog is calibrated by movement motors developed by the brand itself. Thanks to this, the device is capable of reaching a rotation of 220 rpm (revolutions per minute) and a run of 11.5 km/h, that is, up to 3.2 meters per second.

  • Artificial Intelligence Interactive Lenses  .
  • Two ultra wide angle fisheye cameras. 
  • An Intel RealSense D450 module with which it is capable of capturing depth.
Regarding its autonomy, the quadrupedal robot has an unlimited 5,000 mAh battery that allows it to function for one hour.

The CyberDog is intended to become a companion to people and to be developed through open source. This robotic dog is more affordable than Spot, the one from Boston Dynamics, which costs $74,500, however, it has only 1,000 units.

Specifically, Xiaomi’s man’s best friend has a value of about 1,300 euros in exchange. According to Europa Press , it is “ aimed at developers, brand followers and robotics fans ”.

Initially, the communication agency has confirmed through ” company sources ” that Xiaomi does not intend to market it outside the Asian country. However, its presence at MWC has allowed some Westerners to see first-hand how the robot works.


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