How marketers can prepare to face the next Facebook outage

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How marketers can prepare to face the next Facebook outage

We all saw Facebook-owned social media channels Buy Facebook Followers go down on Monday, October 4. This made most social media users feel insecure. However, it also affected people in the marketing industry.

We’ve all probably stopped and thought that social media is too easy to use for marketing purposes. However, there are obvious drawbacks to this “free” solution.

What could we do to prevent this from harming our marketing activities? What can we do now? These topics are worth exploring more.

What was the impact of #facebookdown marketing campaigns?

Marketers felt insecure about the situation. We didn’t know how long Facebook’s unavailability would continue or how significant it would impact active campaigns.

Many marketers had to create monthly reports at the beginning of each month, but it was impossible to access performance data from the Business manager.

Facebook was down for 6 hours, but that was only? We’ve had issues using Instagram or Facebook for at least two days.

It was particularly evident on Instagram, where Instagram Stories are the primary format. They were displayed as though they were empty.

It affected all accounts, even those of influencers and brands. Instagram Stories and regular posts sometimes didn’t appear to users. Even if they did occur, half of them were often empty, so it didn’t make sense for users to even look at them.

It’s no surprise that this situation had a significant impact on the reach of most Instagram and Facebook profiles. See the example below.

Yes, marketers and brands can do things now to increase their online security and make future campaigns more successful.

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#1 Invest in channels other than Facebook-dependent

All Facebook services were affected by this week’s crash, which included Facebook, Instagram Messenger, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Buy facebook followers 2022

Not all social media channels are part of the Facebook ecosystem. Therefore, it’s a smart move to have at least one track that isn’t owned or controlled by Menlo Park.

There are many options, including YouTube, Twitter and TikTok, currently the most downloaded app in the US. LinkedIn and Pinterest are also popular.

You shouldn’t choose the most popular one at the moment. You should only select the ones your primary or secondary target audience uses. Remember that creating an account is not enough to make an impact.

Regular communication must be done.

For smaller brands, managing multiple social channels may not be an option. They often lack the resources or knowledge to manage additional channels.

Sadly, users will likely still be using their phones once Facebook and Instagram are down again. We’re so used to looking at our phones and constantly scrolling likely. We won’t want to leave our safe zone, which is our smartphones.

One great example is what was happening on Twitter’s official Twitter account. These guys certainly took advantage of the Facebook ecosystem going down.

Signal, the messaging app, noted increased engagement on their Twitter accounts and usage.

According to one of their tweets, millions of people used Signal on Monday, October 4. This caused bugs because of an unexpected rise in usage and interest.

#2 Diversify your key communication channels

Brands must go beyond social media communication. Today, investing in media your brand owns is a must. This week’s crash is just one example.

These channels: What is it?

Although having a website is obvious, it’s essential to invest in email and SMS marketing to reach customers better. Buy 10000 Facebook followers

These channels aren’t dead. They saw an increase in use during the Facebook crash.

How can you ensure the continuous growth of these additional channels?

Your channels can be linked together. Take, for example:

  • Facebook should include a link to your website.
  • You should include active links to your podcast or website in your company’s email footer.
  • You should include your newsletter’s active links to social media channels and websites.
  • Your website/blog should offer the possibility to sign up for your newsletter.

You can run a lead generation campaign on Facebook, where you will gather leads. But, collecting phone numbers and email addresses is essential, enabling you to do later SMS and email marketing drives.

These are easy but crucial steps to ensure your audience can easily find you. You can ensure that your audience is in constant contact with you, so they don’t miss any critical updates.

You should always have access to your data.

We’ve already mentioned that all Facebook channels, even Facebook Business Manager, were unavailable. What if you had to have data on your past performance? This data could be used to create a monthly report for clients (remember that this was the start of a new month).

We can also use an external analytics app to ensure that your data is always available and safe. You can access your information anytime, regardless of whether it is Facebook’s total unavailability (which can occur more frequently), and create a PDF report in just a few clicks. You can now analyze and report on your paid campaigns.

Is your reach slipping? Here’s what you can do.

Your organic and paid reach could have dropped due to this unexpected circumstance. The impact on your monthly results can vary depending on how long you had the blackout or whether it will continue in the future.

There are many tricks and strategies that you can employ to get your KPIs back.

Choose something that has been proven to be efficient

Publishing new content is a great time. Choosing something that has been tested and proven to work is a good idea. Buy Facebook followers cheap

This will increase your reach and engagement. You shouldn’t be testing out new solutions, or content types that you aren’t sure will work.

Knowing what content performs better than others on your profile is a great idea.

How do you check your top posts of the past months?

This is possible by using the, which can be used to analyze social media. Create an account, connect to your Instagram or Facebook profile, and head to the Analytics section.

You can dig deeper and sort your content based on the number of shares, comments, or reactions.

You should post something likely to receive high engagement

Not only do you know which posts are performing well lately, but you can also learn from your competitors’ content (yes, you can track their content performance).

You can also capitalize on these unexpected circumstances by using real-time marketing. Netflix is a great example.

Posting even one piece of content is not enough to attract users’ attention. It is essential to gain maximum engagement to help you get back on track.

Good memes are always a good idea. It shouldn’t be random. Make it relevant to your audience and business. Take your fans seriously.

You don’t have to make it complicated. Just look at this funny tweet from Three UK.

Side note: Facebook crashes

You will often need to show your client you are the right person for the job, primarily if you work in marketing or social media agencies. Although your client should understand this, they may not always agree. They will often expect you to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement they signed.

Your creativity and flexibility are essential. Your client will be grateful if you can meet the KPIs, particularly in an emergency.

You should also ensure that you always have access 100% to an analytical tool that can back up your decisions.




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