Names For Businesses: Discover The Secrets Of Naming

Names For Businesses

Choosing names for businesses is much more than playing with words . It is part of the business DNA, of its identity.

They define them at their root, and create a mental image in our brain that subconsciously communicates with us.

So if you are considering taking your business online, let me tell you the secrets of naming and how you can benefit from this discipline.

We Do Not Sell A Product, We Sell A Lifestyle

A crushing statement, right?

Do you know who its author is? Renzo Rosso himself , the 10th richest man in Italy and a billionaire owner of the large Diesel company.

And it is that, giving a light review of the words, from poetry, blogging and copywriting , any of the names for businesses generates an emotion or a sensation that is transformed into an idea . And if he doesn’t… We’re on the wrong track!

The Greeks Overtook You 2,000 Years Ago. Eing?

You do not believe it?

Well, before starting our journey down the path of names for successful businesses, I have to tell you about “Cratylus”, one of the most important dialogues of the philosopher Plato in history.

In it he debates with Socrates about language, words and knowledge.

But since I know that Greek literature is not your thing (neither mine), let me summarize the main concept in a single idea:

He who knows the names, also knows the things

Still not following me? Do not despair, the good is yet to come…

Business Names Come From Big Brands

First of all, grab your computer, mouse, and paper, and start your study of values. Don’t you know what I mean?

When starting to work on the naming of our business , it is essential to identify and analyze the names of competing brands .

A Good Name Does Not Guarantee Success, But A Bad Name Guarantees Failure.

In brainstorming lies one of the biggest secrets of naming. Only one rule is imposed. And do you know what it is?

Do not reject any name no matter how stupid it seems .

Successful business names did not come from the encyclopedia or the great treatises. They were born from a seed called creativity, and from it they grew.

But I know what you need. Today you are not inspired and you would like to know some ideas for the name of your business or brand.

Write them all down!

7 Tips To Baptize Your Business As God Intended

#1 Names that refer to a locality, country or region:  This is the case of companies like American Airlines .

#2 Avoid alphabet soups : They only lead you irremediably to anonymity, as happens with BB & T, AES, or KBR.

#3 Names that include your product or service : Do you remember companies like Telepizza, Burger King or Pizza Hut?

#4 If possible, avoid the techno syndrome : In recent years, there has been an upward trend of introducing prefixes such as «2.0, tec, VoX, etc» in all types of businesses. If it does not contribute anything to your company, do not introduce it because yes.

#5 The name as a concept : Have you noticed that Mercadona includes two words in one: market and woman ( dona , in Valencian it means woman)? Or Facebook’s game of terms?

#6 The naming must be pronounceable : Forget about “tongue swallowers” ​​and companies with so many consonant letters that they are impossible to remember. Don’t do what Napapijri and their scout apparel products do.

#7 Names for successful businesses can also be personal : There have been great brands that, only thanks to a surname or name, managed to break through in a competitive market. This is the case of McDonald’s or IKEA.

The Strange Case Of Jekyll And Hyde In Your Corporate Image

This is one of the most frequent diseases when it comes to creating brands.

Possibly  you register your domain and hire your hosting , you focus first on names for successful businesses and totally neglect your image.

In a support (email signature) you are Jekyll, but in your business cards you are Hyde.

How do you think your ideal client will be able to remember you if they find you in a different way each time?

Keep the same corporate image in all your promotional and marketing materials , and leave that personality disorder behind.

Are you going to apply these tips on names for successful businesses in your project?


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