Media Wall: the Must-have Interior Design

Good interior design, tailored to each individual’s personal space and emotions, is a proven way to evoke positive and negative emotions deeply rooted in us along with good mental health. So, the interior of your home will not only leave an impact on your guests but on yourself.

Amazing Fitted Wardrobes- the Best Wardrobe Company

At Amazing Fitted Wardrobes, we provide you with handcrafted Luxury Walk-in Wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, around-the-belt fitted wardrobes, mirror-fitted wardrobes, headboards and Media Wall. Over and above that, you can choose various colours, looks and materials.  No matter what your requirements are or what design you want, we offer according to your wishes.

Media walls: a wow factor centrepiece

Have you ever thought of a home upgrade option that will bring out a bit of luxury and a soft feel to your living room, then the media walls are the ones for you.

Media walls have become quite trendy in the past few years due to their simple yet striking design.  Be it with the free-standing unit or a built-in wall-to-wall solution; it will become the focal point of your living room and immediately capture people’s attention as they enter the room. In particular, they are much more than just mounting your tv on a bracket; they help to hide unsightly cables and components.

A media wall provides a perfect base for all your smart home technology. Whether you want your books, pieces of vinyl or your treasured object d’art on display or tucked away behind doors, media walls are equally effective. Additionally, media walls can work well both in the living room and an island kitchen.

A combo of TV and a fireplace- use your flat screen as art in a room

Fireplaces are one of the most defining parts of the media wall and are often incorporated into a media wall. And with television sets becoming more -modern, sleek and energy-efficient, people these days are comfortable placing them above the fireplace mental.

You can create a dual-purpose entertainment centre by hanging a flat screen above or on the face of a brick fireplace. It will not take up any more space than a traditional fireplace would and utilise the space in a better way.

A broad range of options to choose from

You can have either a gas or an electric fireplace. On top of that, you can choose from ideally dark colours or matte finishes to improve the contrast performance. We can transform your room into an organised oasis by making sure that the heat from your fireplace is contained properly and that you have a strong power source to suit your positioning of the tv.

Media wall- A space-efficient option

Not to mention having a fireplace below the tv can save you a lot of space. Moreover, it will make your room more inviting and relaxing. So, combining them both into one prime focus could sound like the perfect answer.

House your tech stylishly

Consider arranging your bits and pieces in a way that will foster conversation rather than having your faces glued directly to the TV.  You have endless opportunities to create a unique display around your TV or soundbar unit. From placing picture frames to sculptures and vases, the choice is entirely yours.

Media walls are a touch of class and capture the eye of people

  • Whether you are displaying it at a trade show
  • hosting an event,
  • open exhibition,
  • charity events
  • product launches
  • or a press conference

Whatever it may be, media walls have an array of benefits ranging from cosmetic to practical.

Craftsmanship Par Excellence

With Amazing Fitted Wardrobes London, we ensure a flawless installation as we are extremely passionate about our products. We source and make it our business to offer you the widest range possible to suit your needs.  If you are interested in having a media wall fitted into your property, we’d be delighted to do it for you.

In essence, our design consultants are trained, and our team has years of experience fitting either luxury walk-in wardrobes or media walls offering the most affordable prices. Our products are of the highest quality and will last a lifetime. We will ask you the right questions to ensure a design that fits your home and lifestyle.


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