Lives in Thailand artist Chalermchai Kasitpipata

Lives in Thailand artist Chalermchai Kasitpipata
Lives in Thailand artist Chalermchai Kasitpipata. And once a bright idea came to his mind to build a temple. And so that there was no pressure in the process of creativity, he began to build at his own expense. And now, not far from the city of Chieng Rai, Wat Rong Khun stands, striking with its beauty.

Once upon a time there was an artist…

Construction began in 1998. To date, a small part of the temple complex has been built, but what can already be seen will not leave anyone indifferent. Human talent can be seen in everything.

Let’s try to reveal the concept of the author. We can say that this is an old fairy tale, but in a new way. So much organically intertwined classical Buddhism with the artistic characters of our time. But first things first.

On the way to the temple, you can see many figures, as if descended from the screen from horror films. This is the Alien on the lawn of green grass, and the heads hanging on the trees. It must be assumed that this is the embodiment of the evil forces that surround us. And a person must steadfastly pass them, on the way to the Pure Faith, which the White Temple itself symbolizes.

Further there are figures of those who would like to go with you, but could not, entangled in everyday trifles and temptations. With the last of their strength, they reach for you, unable to break their bonds. But you courageously go on.

And behold, a narrow path over the abyss. Not many people were able to overcome it. This is the abyss of fallen souls. Apparently it’s not sweet at all. Many hands reach out, from there crying out to you for help. A slightly creepy sight. The artist was able to convey so much the hopelessness of the spiritual fall.

The border between the material world and the Temple of Pure Faith is a bridge. Majestic figures meet every incoming person and frighten evil spirits, preventing them from breaking into the world of Light and Purity. The bridge passes over the water surface with periodically turning on fountains. You can probably call it the Bridge of Purification.

Pure light souls, who have passed all the temptations and cleansed on the bridge, are met by the White Temple itself. All walls inside are covered with paintings. This is a cool mix of classic Buddhist scenes and fictional characters from movies and books. The painting work is not yet fully completed, but the author’s idea is clear. The struggle between Good and Evil is reflected not only in the mythological images of Buddhism, but also in the images of The Matrix, Star Wars, Predator and even Harry Potter. Here, in the intricate interweaving of paintings, you can suddenly meet the blacksmith Vakula flying on the line and Master Yodo, Neo and Spiderman. All those whom we often see in films that have become classics of cinema. Unfortunately, photography inside the temple is prohibited.

Several more structures have been built on the territory of the complex, but access to some places is still limited. It is difficult to say how everything will look after completion, but even now, it can rightly be considered one of the wonders of the world. You can notice, by the way, that everything is free here: the entrance, the toilet, and the water in the coolers. The friendly staff is always ready to help, suggest something, answer questions, but at the same time they are somehow completely invisible. Even despite the large number of tourists, here you do not feel the fuss, discomfort. This is where true peace of mind comes in. This is the whole Chalermchai Kasitpipata. A talented person is talented in everything. Only an open disinterested person can create such brilliant works of art, permeated through and through with philanthropy.

It would seem that the temple was built by a worldly person, but in holiness it can compete with some other temples. The gratuitous construction of such beauty for people only adds faith to the artist’s concept of spiritual purity. After all, the Temple was built not for commercial purposes, but to help people understand Good and Evil. After all, it is not for nothing that thousands and thousands of people from all over the world come here to get the opportunity to get in touch with such a miracle.

For many people this place is really sacred. This can be judged by the number of requests and wishes written on the thinnest pieces of foil. They are hung on a pyramid, which is almost completely filled with them. Near this pyramid is a gazebo. It could be called the Arbor of Wish Fulfillment, since in the middle of it there is a deep well with clean clear water, where visitors throw coins.

Another attraction of Wat Rong Khun is the golden toilet. Perhaps you will not find such a toilet anywhere in the world. As the classic said, everything should be beautiful in a person … The same can be said about everything at Wat Rong Khun, in terms of beauty and decoration, the toilet is not inferior to the White Temple itself.

From the territory of the temple complex, you can send a postcard with the image of the Temple to anywhere in the world for free. You only need to put the seal of Wat Rong Khun on it, which are right there on the counter. And next to it there are several glass cabinets with forgotten and lost things. What can you not find here! Starting from keys with car alarms, to such large things that it would seem impossible to forget.

If you stop your walk around the territory of the complex for a few minutes and wearily sit down on a bench, you can see colorful lizards running across the paths. They have such bright colors that the thought involuntarily creeps in, but did the artist paint them?

Next to the temple complex is the art gallery of Chalermchai Kasitpipat. Entrance there is also free, but its magnificence can compete with some museums. The works of the artist of different years are exhibited here, the proceeds from the sale of which are used to continue the construction of the temple.

You can describe Wat Rong Khun with any colorful epithets, post photos of the temple at sunrise and sunset. But none of this can convey the atmosphere of peace that reigns there. Nothing can convey the play of sunbeams flashing here and there, on thousands of mirror pieces that adorn the entire temple. This must be seen only with your own eyes. After all, it is not for nothing that people from all over the world strive to get here to admire the beauty created by the artist Chalermchai Kasitpipat.


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