Let The Victory Be Yours- Tips and Tricks To Win Every Time In Ludo

What’s with Ludo that has kept it a popular game for so many years spanning hundreds of years? Maybe its elegance and simplicity are what give it its attractiveness. Maybe it’s the way it connects people together to have quality time together. One thing is certain, though: Ludo is incredibly entertaining and addictive.

Go to your Android or Apple Store to Ludo download apps for the online version of the best board game ever, Ludo. Following the lockdown imposed by the government in the wake of Coronavirus, Ludo in India experienced a significant increase in its active user base. Regarding downloads and daily active users, it has surpassed other gaming behemoths like Candy Crush Saga and PUBG, among others.

Ludo Fact:

Ludo is of Indian origin!

Do you know how the Indian coronavirus lockdown relates to the Ajanta and Ellora caves, the Mahabharata, the Mughal ruler Akbar, and the caves?

Well, it is a big surprise that it is a game—our very own Ludo!

The beginnings of this fabled game are unknown, but the first evidence can be found in the ancient Ellora Caves in Maharashtra, where pictures of the board game were found printed on the walls.

This gives the impression that Ludo was a creation of the Indians.

Ludo- Beyond Just Game

Ludo may seem like a game of pure chance with no strategy involved, yet some people think it teaches its players several valuable lessons about life, that is:

  • You are not defined by your beginnings alone in the long run. You can still win the race if you get off to a late start.
  • Patience is a virtue and key to success.
  • Never downplay a challenger. Likewise, don’t overestimate yourself.
  • Keep in mind that every dog has a day!
  • Make a plan!
  • Preparing a backup action plan is usually a good idea because circumstances can change unexpectedly. Never let yourself become a deer in headlights.
  • Your Opponents are here to win too.
  • Stay Alert! Friends can become foes, and enemies of the enemy can become friends!

Now that you know about Ludo Fact and Ludo Life Lessons, let us give you some tips and tricks such that you win a game of Ludo every time.

Tips and Tricks To Win Every Time In Ludo

Many people think Ludo is a game of chance but believe it is more of a game of strategy than chance. There isn’t a hack code that can boost your game; however, there are some methods to achieve a six.

Here are some suggestions for playing Ludo. If you carefully plan your game, you can win practically every game.

  • Make the most of your time to reflect before making the right choice.
  • Remember always to think, reconsider, and play.
  • The more you play, the more you’ll learn about alternative options because practice makes perfect.
  • As soon as you have an opportunity, open all of your pieces.
  • Don’t just run one piece all the time; invest your numbers in all the other pieces.
  • Always remember the number that can take you to the ideal location, a secure location, or the number that will enable you to eliminate the adversary.
  • As many adversaries as you can eliminate, this can raise your chances of winning.
  • Keep the token in a safe place and only transfer it when you receive a larger number to avoid being killed. Use smaller numbers at the beginning to flee the house or on items that are already secure.
  • When choosing between killing your opponent or winning, you must choose to win.
  • If there are only one or two players, kill your opponent to give yourself a chance to play again.
  • Move the toke closest to the beginning position if your number is useless for any of your components.
  • The more intelligently you move your tokens, the less likely it is that one of your tokens will be slain by an enemy.

These tips can improve your gaming experience and significantly boost your chances of winning.

Your brain cells will be stimulated for greater performance as a result of dealing with the randomness of the dice, surprising opponent moves, and planning your token movements. Moreover, the game’s unique algorithms and programming make it even more difficult and competitive with online Ludo.

Don’t forget to have fun while you win and lose. Having fun and a good time is way too important.



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