How To Store Passwords Without Having To Remember Them!

how to store passwords

The typical problem. Our digital life is filled with websites, social networks, emails, and services that require us to be able to remember and store passwords securely . And most importantly without, without mixing them and having to remember each one.

Remember that I taught you how to create secure passwords , and that each one should be different from the rest, and thus not cause a fall in domain of all your services.

But of course, you find that you are registered in three or four social networks, your email account, the passwords of the bank, the mobile phone forum, and several websites. Not to mention ebay, amazon, and similar stores.

And when you become a digital entrepreneur, the problem is exacerbated, because we need to be registered in various services.

Do you really have to remember all these passwords by heart? And even if it teaches you techniques that would help you solve the problem, in the end we can mess it up, and have to always resort to remembering website passwords.

The Solution To Store Passwords Safely And Easily.

The problem of how to store passwords securely has existed since we started creating service accounts on the Internet.

One thing is clear.

You should not leave them written down in an agenda in your desk or office drawer. I catch you!.

Or the extreme case, I have seen things that you would not believe: Attacking ships on fire beyond Orion… I lost my grip! Seriously, I have seen things that you would not believe , such as post-it with the username and password to log in to a computer, which has access to the accounting system of a public administration, or the payroll system… and although these systems are protected , passwords are shared!

And it is also not a solution to put the passwords in a password-protected Word or Excel , as these are easily hackable.

So the simple and safe solution to save passwords is to use specific software for it . The advantages are many:

  • They securely encrypt your password database with hard-to-crack algorithms. This way, even if they catch your password file, they won’t be able to open it if they don’t know the master password.
  • You can organize your passwords into categories, and thus locate them better.
  • They incorporate strong password generators, so you can use them to have a strong and different password for each service and let the software remember it for you.
  • Many integrate with the most common browsers, so your passwords are stored securely wherever they are, and you always have them at your fingertips.

Of these programs we can find several.

You can use free software like KeePass , or commercial software, with some more advanced features like RoboForm .

My Tool To Keep Passwords Safe: Lastpass

Why do I use LastPass to save my passwords?

  • Well, basically, as its motto says, it will be the last password I will have to remember. Just one.
  • It replaces browser password managers, so it’s very easy to access sites where I’m registered, and generate new passwords for new registrations.
    • Profiles can be created to help us fill out forms easily.
    • With one click we will access the websites, without writing passwords.
    • Notes and text can be stored in the LastPass “safe” to be stored confidentially.
    • If, for example, you create a temporary account, or one that you must share, you can do so safely, without sending it by email or other non-encrypted means.
    • You have a backup of your passwords in the cloud, so if you change computers, you can recover them.
    • Passwords are encrypted on your computer. Only with your password can they be recovered.
    • Carry your passwords safely on a USB key.
    • You can protect yourself from keyloggers using a virtual on-screen keyboard, and typing with the mouse, and even use one-time passwords.
    • You can create identities. For example, at work, only have work passwords and not personal ones.

    And all this for free!

    You also have a payment option that is highly recommended, especially if you work with laptops on the street, or change your equipment a lot.

    With the Premium version you can:

    • Carry your passwords on your Smartphone, be it iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone.
    • A USB drive can be used as a second authentication factor. Use a flash drive as a key!
    • No Ads in LastPass
    • Priority Support.

    And the price is very affordable, only $12 per year, which does not even reach 8-9 euros per year. For that price you will protect your passwords in a more effective way . It really is worth it. More now that we also access our blogs or websites from our mobile or tablet.

    And by applying a better password policy, you will finally be protected from brute force and dictionary attacks .

    If you are one of those who had problems with your passwords, and this post has solved them in one go, share it on social networks!



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