How to Find the Perfect Prenatal Massage Therapist

Pregnant women often experience strained muscles, back pain, and general aches as the body grows and changes. Massages are a fantastic way to ease these pains and release the stress of pregnancy. Prenatal massage is designed specifically for pregnant women. It’s also much more comfortable than giving yourself a home massage when you’re that wide! These services are usually available through spa services at local hotels or resorts, but finding an independent prenatal massage therapist can be challenging if you don’t have access to one nearby. These professionals are usually listed under “Massage Therapists” on the yellow pages or online directories like Yelp or Google Places. Ask friends or family members for recommendations if you can’t find anyone locally.

Make Sure You’ll Be Comfortable.

If you’re looking for a prenatal massage, you’re likely going to be experiencing some aches and pains in the next few months. The last thing you want to do is feel even more uncomfortable than you already do! Make sure you feel comfortable with the person you see, both in terms of their skill level and personality. You don’t want to be stressed out or in pain the entire time — make sure you feel relaxed enough to slip into a state of bliss. It’s also important to ensure you feel safe and comfortable with the location. If you’re seeing a massage therapist in their home, ensure it’s clean and that you feel comfortable being there. If you’re going to a spa, ask what the process is for getting a prenatal massage. You may need to fill out additional paperwork or be treated in a private room.

Ask for a Sample Session

Once you’ve found a few candidates for prenatal massage therapists, call them and ask for a sample session — often for free. This can help you determine a few things: how comfortable you are with the person, how comfortable they are with you, and how skilled they are. You may not be able to determine if their massage style is right for you, but it can help you make a better decision. If you’re seeing a registered massage therapist (RMT), they will be able to give you a proper prenatal massage. If the person is not an RMT, they may be able to do some of the techniques, but they likely won’t be able to give you a full prenatal massage.

Look for a Registered Massage Therapist

When you search for prenatal massage therapy near me, you need to keep some aspects in mind. You can find out if a massage therapist is registered by checking their credentials or looking them up on Better Business Bureau. Registered massage therapists have undergone specific education and training to become professionally licensed. While anyone can put “massage therapist” on their business card, not all of them are fully trained and skilled enough to give you a safe and effective massage. Registered massage therapists must have specific education, training, and experience before practicing. This means they’ve learned about safety procedures for pregnant women, avoiding pressure on the abdomen, and relieving common pregnancy pains and aches.

Check the Environment

Where the massage is performed is just as important as who is performing it. You want to ensure you’re in a clean, sanitary, and safe environment. You may have to look beyond spas to find a clean and safe place to get a prenatal massage. While some massage therapists who practice at home may have clean and safe environments, others may not. You can check to see if the place has cleanliness certificates, a licensed engineer inspecting their equipment, or if they have been properly trained and licensed by the state. All these things can help you evaluate the safety and cleanliness of the place. Is there dust and dirt in corners that should be cleaned? Are there cracks in the walls or a strong smell that indicates a lack of proper maintenance? Are there safety bars on the stairs? These are all things you want to look for when evaluating the environment.

Check the Company

While researching massage therapists, you can also check the company. Call the company to ask about their qualifications if you’re seeing an independent massage therapist. You can ask if they are licensed, the length of their training and specialties, and if they have any insurance or bonding which can help protect you in case of an injury.

Try to Find Referrals

If you can’t find a great prenatal massage therapist in your area, you can try to find referrals from friends and family. Not only can this help you find someone guaranteed to be qualified, but it can also help you find a massage therapist close to your home or workplace. This is especially helpful if you’re getting regular prenatal massages.


Finding a prenatal massage therapist who is qualified and comfortable working with pregnant women can be challenging. Be sure to ask questions and look for specific qualifications and certifications. In addition, make sure the place is clean and safe, and the company is reputable. Prenatal massage is a great way to relieve pregnancy aches and pains while bonding with your growing baby! Finding the right prenatal massage therapist can be tricky, but it will be worth it.


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