Why Seek Help from a Skin Homeopathic Doctor?

Whether you call them homeopathic or naturopathic doctors, skin care specialists trained to identify and treat the root causes of acne and other skin conditions are increasingly sought out by patients. They offer a holistic approach to skin problems that traditional dermatologists don’t.


Rather than just treating the symptoms of oily, pimply skin with topical solutions like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, a homeopathic or naturopathic doctor will treat the underlying issues that cause it, like stress, poor diet, dehydration, and overexposure to sunlight. These alternative medicine practitioners can also offer insight into what topical ingredients trigger your breakouts or keep them from returning. Contact the best skin homeopathic doctor in Lucknow and see the difference!

Find the root cause


It’s easy to want to treat your breakouts with a quick-fix product, but if you want to see real, lasting results, you’ll need to treat the root cause of your acne. Start by tracking your breakouts: note what might trigger them, when they occur, and how long they last. It might be stress, hormones, or a vitamin deficiency – there are a lot of factors that could be contributing to your acne. Be honest with yourself about your lifestyle, too. Your acne could be related to something as simple as not drinking enough water or wearing sunscreen. That said, don’t expect a magical cure. Acne is a complicated issue that can take time to address fully. You can expect to see improvements in your skin as you work to improve your lifestyle, but acne is a long-term process like all skin issues. Be patient and persistent, and you’ll get there.

Treat your whole body, not just your skin


When you seek help from a homeopathic skin doctor, they will likely look at your skin problems as part of a larger holistic picture: your diet, stress levels, and environment could all play a role in your skin issues. A homeopathic doctor can help you identify lifestyle factors contributing to your skin problems and offer advice on how to change them. They may also suggest you change your skincare routine to focus on ingredients that work with your skin, not against it. On the other hand, a dermatologist is trained more exclusively in the medical side of skincare issues: she’ll likely prescribe topical treatments to clear your skin rather than lifestyle changes to promote clear skin. Herbalists can be very helpful for certain skin conditions, but for acne, keep in mind that a holistic approach is often required.

Don’t expect overnight results


While great skin care products can help clear your skin in a few weeks, acne is a long-term issue. That means that if you’re going to see lasting results, you’ll have to be patient and consistent. A good place to start is with a good skincare routine: you’ll want to focus on gentle, non-irritating ingredients that won’t dry your skin out. Look for products with ingredients like green tea, witch hazel, or aloe vera. In addition, you’ll want to focus on stress management and other lifestyle factors that could be contributing to your skin issues.

Get ready to try some weird stuff


Working with a homeopathic skin doctor, you may have to try some weird stuff. Homeopathic remedies are made using a process called “dilution and succussion”: they are made from plants, minerals, or animal sources that have been heavily diluted in water and then repeatedly diluted over time. The idea is that there’s no actual material in the homeopathic remedy, just energy because of dilution and succussion. If a homeopathic remedy sounds like a bit of a cop-out, that’s because it probably is. And yet, many homeopathic remedies have been proven effective in dealing with skin issues, including acne. Along with homeopathic remedies, a homeopathic skin doctor may recommend changing your diet, practicing better skincare hygiene, spending more time outdoors, and working on stress management.

How do you find a good homeopathic doctor?


Before you search for a homeopathic skin doctor, make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Are you primarily interested in prescription skincare solutions or want to try a homeopathic approach? You may have fewer options if the latter is: dermatologists are medical doctors trained in prescribing topical remedies, whereas homeopaths are not. If you’re willing to try topical homeopathic remedies – also available in over-the-counter products – you have more options. You can find homeopathic doctors in your area by searching for “homeopathic doctor” or “homeopathic dermatologist” on Google. Many homeopathic doctors also offer online skincare solutions so that you can search online.

How to find a good dermatologist?


If you’re looking for a dermatologist, you probably want to focus on prescription skincare solutions, which is their specialty. Start by looking for dermatologists who work closely with patients to find solutions that fit their needs. Look for dermatologists who use telemedicine, meaning they can consult with you online, so you can see them even if you don’t live near a major city. You may also want to look for a dermatologist specializing in skincare issues, such as acne or rosacea. You can find dermatologists in your area by searching for “dermatologists” on Google or calling your nearest medical school to ask which dermatologists they recommend.

Final Take


As you can see, there are a lot of differences between a dermatologist and a homeopathic skin doctor. If you’re dealing with acne or other long-term skin issues, it may be worth it to seek out the help of a homeopathic doctor. Though acne may take time to clear up completely, a holistic approach to skincare issues like acne can be beneficial in the long term, helping you achieve clear skin with less frequent flare-ups. A dermatologist, though they may be able to offer some helpful advice, is primarily focused on prescribing topical solutions to clear your skin quickly.



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