How to Create Articles on a Blog for Beginners Blogging

How to Create Articles on a Blog for Beginners Blogging

How to write articles on a blog for beginners – Did you know? Quality article content can invite thousands of visitors. How come? The brand awareness that generates the lead all comes from a single article content. Finding a topic to cover in your first blog post is a must. But what about for beginners? They always take the wrong steps in writing articles. In this article, let’s dive deeper into:

1. How to create articles on a blog For beginners in the blogging world

A. Choose a topic / niche first

The first step is to find a topic to cover in your blog post. One method of identifying relevant blog topics is to do keyword research. This process aims to find the search query or keywords that the target audience enters into the search engine. Doing this can help writers find content titles that people care about and check their popularity. For those of you who are beginners, we provide short tips for creating blog articles, pay attention to:

  • Research: You need to enter certain keywords into the article. Find related search terms at the bottom of the first page.
  • Join online forums: Find dedicated discussion forums using Kaskus or Twiter , then analyze topics on the site with the most posts, likes, and comments from members.
  • Scan blog comments: Take your time to look at the comments section on competitors’ blogs. Then, look for topic ideas that the reader might ask.
  • Find proven topics on Pinterest : This social network is a great place to find popular topics. 
  • Find new topics: New topics are usually less competitive than topics that have been around for years. 

B. Use Interesting Titles

The title is an important element that readers pay attention to. That’s why it’s so important to come up with a catchy title to convince visitors to click through and read your post.

A good title is something educational and curious, such as “How, and “Step by Step.” Those are some of the headlines that managed to attract visitors.

C. Make an Outline

Outlines are the basic structure of a blog post. It is designed to help writers create quality content more quickly and efficiently.

Here are some tips to consider when creating an outline:

  • Provide a brief description: make sure each title has a brief description that summarizes the purpose.
  • Use key points: Make key points from all the ideas that might be the body of the article. 
  • Keep in mind the word count: Post length can help the author determine the number of headings and subheadings needed in the outline.
  • So, make sure to determine the word count before creating an outline. The most read blog posts tend to have at least 1000-2,400 words.
  • Include some research:   Add some facts or research links to make the reader believe in the content of the article written.
  • Make sure all ideas are relevant: Make sure all the outlines that are formed have relevant ideas. This relates to the content, the number of words, the title, discussion of the problem, to the conclusion.

D. Insert image and video elements

Image elements have the power to make posts less boring and more fun and engaging.

Moreover, it breaks the monotony of words and offers a refreshing visual break for the reader.

Believe it or not, your readers won’t waste more than 2 seconds deciding whether to click on your post or not. 

Adding images to your posts is a great way to get more clicks, shares and audience engagement.

E. Draft and By Your URL

After following the steps above, your post is now ready to be published.

Also make sure:

  • Heading
  • Sub-Heading
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • Dst.
  • End with a CTA at the end of the article.

Then polish the article URL a little to make it more seo friendly. The goal is for your audience to actually click on your blog post once it’s ranked in the top search rankings.

 2. How to make money with blog posts

After the article is successfully published, then it’s time to make money through your posts.

a. Insert Affiliate URL

You can insert an affiliate URL into one of your articles.

The advertiser has a product to sell. He agrees to give you a commission from every sale if a buyer comes from your site.

It provides you with a unique link that tracks your affiliate code. That way, he knows when a buyer is using your link to make a purchase.

You can take advantage of affiliate marketing through ad networks like Shopee Affiliate, for example.

b. Content placement

Finally, you can also write articles for content placement.

Targeted content placement is the key to success, this is what makes content easy to find.

Content publicity can be through the placement of paid content, such as PR, or traditional paid advertising.

You also have to look for companies that you want to review or review their products for. Then use one article to make money.

3. Final words

 By making articles on blogs is the same as planting rice seeds that can grow and make money. So you can save this article as the best recommendation in creating quality content!


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