How to Apply for YouTube Adsense Guaranteed to be Accepted

YouTube is a video streaming platform that has a lot of creator content in it.

YouTube is a video streaming platform that has a lot of creator content in it. The content creators of course get paid from YouTube through adsense. Then what is Adsense? How to register for YouTube adsense ? Check out the following reviews:

What is YouTube Adsense

Before going to how to register for YouTube adsense, please note that YouTube adsense is a process where content creators on Youtube will make money based on the videos they upload by serving ads on the video.

The ads served will be adjusted by YouTube. The channel owner will only determine where the ads are located. An indicator of how much you earn depends on how many people watched the ad and the popularity of the video.

There are several requirements that must be met before entering into how to register for YouTube adsense. To get Adsense from YouTube , Google does not provide Adsense easily. I don’t know what the goal is, what is clear is that the channel owner must complete the following conditions:

  • Comply and comply with any rules that YouTube provides regarding monetization policies. For example, do not contain content that contains negative elements such as violence and pornography.
  • Live in a country that has a YouTube Partner program and YouTube also has an office in that country.
  • It has gone through 4000 hours of broadcast time in one year.
  • Have 1000 subscribers or more and have been linked to an adsense account from Google

After all the requirements are met there is a high probability that Adsense will be accepted. But it will not be a definite guarantee if adsense will be accepted.

How to Register for YouTube Adsense

To register for YouTube Adsense, users can do the things described below. Registration can be done through the browser or the YouTube application on the Smartphone, but it is highly recommended to use the browser version to make it more flexible.

  • Open the Google Chrome application on your Smartphone or PC.
  • Go to the official YouTube site.
  • Log in to the account to be monetized correctly.
  • Go to the profile section and click on the YouTube Studio option.
  • In the upper left corner there is information about the monetization status of the channel.
  • The status will indicate whether the channel is eligible or not.
  • Channel eligibility information can be obtained via the email associated with the channel.
  • Fill in the form data correctly provided by YouTube.
  • Wait for the results in a few days.
  • If the dollar icon on the profile channel is green, then adsense has been successfully applied for video monetization.

YouTube Monetization Benefits

Content creators are certainly happy with monetization because it can give them money from the videos they make. Not just for fun, content is created with the aim of getting a large audience for smooth monetization.

1. Additional Income

The most important thing in YouTube’s monetization goal is to generate additional income for creators. Not a few creators who make YouTube as their side business to make a living.

Even the big YouTubers have been able to live off depending on the videos uploaded every day via YouTube. An audience that has reached millions of people can make a YouTube video maker rich in no time.

This has been proven where some people are willing to give up their permanent jobs in order to be able to focus on YouTube where the money is far greater than the salary at their workplace. But this is very risky if the salary from Adsense is not too big.

2. Sharing Knowledge

YouTube monetization also opens up opportunities for the presence of new knowledge about YouTube. People who are familiar with monetization tend to redevelop their channel so that more people watch and more income can be obtained.

From there, they will indirectly gain a lot of knowledge from the YouTube environment and its community. There are many people out there who both live off YouTube relying on adsense every month.

Thanks to this, monetization is not just getting material in doing it. Creators will also get a lot of new knowledge from other people who have already been successful on YouTube.

3. Adding Insights

In addition to these things, with monetization, users can also gain more insight. Getting money that is no longer from working offline, doing work via the internet is enough.

It is therefore important to learn the ins and outs of monetization early on. Not only youtube but also from other applications that have great opportunities in the future.

This insight will be very useful for a future where everything is digital. Not only that, this insight can also be shared with others so that knowledge is more useful.

That’s a little explanation about how to register for YouTube adsense to be accepted. Hopefully with the above method, creators will be able to receive YouTube monetization more quickly.


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